Will Smith linked with new sci-fi movie, Brilliance

News Simon Brew 21 Feb 2014 - 06:33
Wicky wicky wah wah....

He's not doing Independence Day 2, but Will Smith might just have a different sci-fi project lined up...

So perhaps this is why Will Smith turned Independence Day 2 down. That, or he's nurturing a secret sequel to the peerless Wild Wild West.

The Wrap has revealed that Smith is in talks for a new science fiction film by the name of Brilliance. It's based on the novel by Marcus Sakley, about a world where some people - 'brilliants' - are born with heightened cognitive abilities. Smith is lined up to play one of said people, whose brain power will apparently make him rather good at tracking down terrorists.

David Koepp is apparently at work on a script for the film, which has Julius Onah (God Particle) attached to direct. If all goes to plan, then a trilogy is possible.

More news on this one as we get it. Smith, for the minute, is working on the film Focus for Warner Bros, due in 2015.

The Wrap.

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"That, or he's nurturing a secret sequel to the peerless Wild Wild West."

Slip Trolling Away...

So a terrorist version of minority report......

Will Smithis a brilliant actor and I have and will watch all of his movies... apart from that one with Jaden in (not PoH, the recent one)..

Hey, Wild Wild West had a wicked theme song, and Kenneth Branagh hamming it up as no one else can...

... it's not great though.

A select few of humans are born with super abilities??? SO ORIGINAL!!!

Sounds nothing like Minority Report.

I, Robot- Good, Sequel Overdue
I Am Legend- Not Particularly Good
After Earth- Bad, Hilarious By Accident
Brilliance- Smith On Board Due To Optimistic Title

Will, Will, Will you should be doing ID4 2 with the mighty Goldblum!

Brilliance... unlike his last movie choice. Take the hint,leave the kid at home this time.

I predict that's an ironic title

People with heightened brain functions catching crooks, nah not same at all.....

Hey, you're right! Maybe Spielberg should sue.

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