Trailer for Brick Mansions, starring Paul Walker

Trailer Simon Brew 13 Feb 2014 - 06:36

One of the final films of the late Paul Walker heads to US cinemas in April. Here's the trailer for Brick Mansions...

At the time of his tragic death last November, Paul Walker had two more films that he'd worked on heading for release. Fast & Furious 7 has, of course, been delayed while Universal reworks the film around the scenes he shot before he passed away. And then there's Brick Mansions, a remake of the film District B13, where Walker stars alongside David Belle and RZA.

Brick Mansions lands in US cinemas on April 25th (it's yet to get a UK release date), and the first trailer for it has now been released.

Camille Delamarre - who edited Lockout, Taken 2 and Transporter 3 - has directed this one. And here's that trailer...

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Whilst I am usually opposed to the US remaking foreign films for the Neanderthals that can not read subtitles... I am interested in seeing this one, some of stunts look like they top the original. Worth checking out even if its just to honor Paul Walker.

That bit with the chains looked like it was meant to be in 3D.

I agree to honour the memory of Paul Walker I would like to see this. I do have to admit though the original films were fantastic, so they will take some beating!

who knows if this film is any good, but damn that's one nice piece of editing...

*rewatches* it's based on Banlieu13? I AM THERE.

so this is a remake? can anybody tell me what the original is called so i can track it down? thanks

District 13 (Banlieu 13)

Loved the original. This looks like all kinds of fun - count me in!

I dare say most people would have called this crap and cliched if PW wasn't dead.

The UK release date is 2nd May

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