Bourne 5 pushed back a year

News Simon Brew 19 Jun 2014 - 06:02

The follow-up to The Bourne Legacy has been pushed back from 2015 to 2016.

Studios are in the midst of jiggling their schedules at the moment, it seems, and Universal Pictures is no different. It's announced that it's pushing back the release of the fifth Bourne movie from August 2015 to July 15th 2016.

Moving the film into a prime July slot might just be a vote of confidence for the project, mind. The film is set to be the second in the series to focus on the character of Aaron Cross, as played by Jeremy Renner in The Bourne Legacy. We'd be amazed if Matt Damon reprised the role of Jason Bourne in the film. Hopefully, then, they won't bang on about him so much this time around.

Justin Lin is earmarked to direct the film, and the new date puts it head to head with Fox's Ice Age 5. The battle of the, er, fivequels then. We just made up a bad word....

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I think it's an almost certain that the fifth Bourne will be named The Bourne Betrayal even if it doesn't have anything to do with the book of the same name.

The delay is to give Jeremy Renner adequate time to acquire some charisma.

Or for Universal to actually read the books instaid of only the title.

Did any of them have anything to do with the books? I think one more go and then reboot. Actually it wouldn't be a reboot as a faithful adaption of the book would be nothing like the existing franchise, would love to see Bourne put his wits against Carlos the Jackal. Maybe cast Antonio Bandaras as the Jackal? Who for Bourne? In the book he is in his forties, Jackman, Gerard Butler, gosling would be approaching 40 by time Bourne 5 and production of the new film is out of the way

That is definatley not the reason. The delay is not long enough for that to be the reason.

The distinct lack of comments on this page is a direct correlation of the interest in the film.

Only The Bourne Identity had story elements from the book. But still, not too many. On the other hand, I found the book a slow read. No where as thrilling as the movie, so maybe it was necessary. On the other hand, those Bond movies also use the book titles and that's that.

How many hands do you have?!

blah blah books better than the films blah blah

I call my feet hands too.

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