New writer reworking Bourne Legacy sequel

News Simon Brew 9 May 2014 - 07:16

Bourne 5 is due in cinemas next summer - but the script for Jeremy Renner's next adventure still needs work...

Universal has set a release date of August 2015 for the fifth chapter in its Bourne franchise, with this one set to be the second to focus on Jeremy Renner's character of Aaron Cross. There will be no Matt Damon and no Jason Bourne again.

Given how disappointing The Bourne Legacy was, it's not much of a surprise that things are being shaken up. Tony Gilroy isn't returning to direct, with Justin Lin - yesterday linked with a Lethal Weapon reboot - calling the shots this time around.

And now we hear that a new writer has come on board the project to rework the screenplay. Andrew Baldwin, who has previously worked on the lost in development hell Logan's Run remake, has been hired. He'll set to work building on the draft from Anthony Peckham.

We suspect that time is not on Baldwin's side, as Universal will need Bourne 5 before the cameras within a few months. We'll keep you posted as we hear more...


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It seems they don't want to make the same mistake as The Bourne Legacy and deliver a woeful, unwatchable film. So it's good that there's re-writes.

I really do hope it is better than Legacy, I only remember about 3 things happening in the entire film, it was so empty. I know someone for whom it was their first bourne movie when they saw it and it was so bad I couldn't convince them to watch the original trilogy!

"Within a few months"? That's being optimistic for a large-scale production like this. Twenty chems here says the movie gets pushed back to 2016 (waiting also for Matt Damon to put a number on the dumptrucks of gold he wants parked in his porch).

It won't take much to top Legacy. One of the worst films I've ever seen

Justin Lin sure is popular with Hollywood companies right now, isn't he? Terminator reboot director until he dropped out, Fast and the Furious director and now Bourne.

I think I'll stick my head over the top of the trench and say I didn't mind Legacy. I enjoyed the locations - Remote Snowy Place and the Philippines - but SPOILERS the climax was underwhelming, since it primarily consisted of our hero slowly falling asleep.

A helpful hint - go back and watch Identity and take note of the fact it was low budget, gritty, intriguing, realistic and relied on story and character. Even the locations were low-key and better for it. We didn't get a gratuitous Eiffel Tower shot just to show they were in Paris. Leave the magic unstoppable superpower stuff to Marvel and take Bourne back to basics - people and power plays. That's what made the original films so good in the first place.

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