Matt Damon reiterates his Jason Bourne position

News Simon Brew 6 May 2014 - 06:21
Jason Bourne is coming back...

Matt Damon confirms he'd be interested in a return to the Bourne films - providing two conditions are met...

After the huge success of The Bourne Ultimatum, there was talk for a while that Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass would be back for Bourne 4. They reunited for Green Zone, which - like the Bourne films - was for Universal (it was originally intended to be a smaller project for the pair). But after that, Greengrass dropped out of doing another Bourne, and Matt Damon followed him. The fourth Bourne film, The Bourne Legacy, would mention Jason Bourne a lot, but follow Jeremy Renner's Aaron Cross instead.

The Bourne Legacy, to put it mildly, was a bit of a mess. However, it just about did enough for Universal to order up a sequel to it, and that arrives in cinemas in August 2015. But will we ever see Matt Damon back in the series, reprising the role of Jason Bourne? "I've always been up for it if Paul Greengrass is the director", Damon has reiterated, not for the first time, to CNBC. "We've just never been able to come up with a story".

Damon added that "it felt like such a good way to end it last time. Having said that, I love that character, I'd love to see what happened to him".

This has been Damon's position for some time now, although he does sound more open to the idea of a return in this particular interview. Still: no Greengrass, no Damon. As you were...


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If there is another one, it would be nice to get a bit of clarity on exactly what the relationship between Bourne and Nicky was before Treadstone. It was the one dangling thread from the end of the original trilogy I'm still curious about. Legacy, as far as I'm concerned, didn't happen.

The latest Jason Bourne movies; The Bourne Legacy and it's upcoming sequel are becoming the equivalent of Taggart and Blake's 7. Named after a character no longer there! That's the trouble with naming something after your lead character...

The Bourne legacy introducing a new lead for me was a bit like how I felt about the highlander, "there can be only one"

... what's Legacy? :P

Why the love for Greengrass? To me the first film not directed by him is the best by far.

If he wants to see what happened to the character, why doesn't he read Eric Van Lustbader's Bourne novels? There's loads of them.

Yeah, have to admit I liked the first one best and he didn't direct that. The second one was awesome, but the third one got a bit silly I thought. Can't say I'm a massive fan of Greengrass' hand-held wobbly camera fetish either! I'm not a massive fan of Legacy either - the Bourne films were good because they were fairly low-key and realistic. The magic super-power pill of Legacy and the five-minute infection went a bit too far into science fiction for my liking.

I hated that "relationship" in the movie. There was no indication of a relationship between them in 1 or 2 and highly unlikely it would be allowed during all Bourne's brainwashing/training! But it's like the writers finished Ultimatum and realised there was one cliche box they forgot to tick - love interest - so in it went even though it didn't make any sense and didn't have any continuity. It really grated with me. Would have been better if they'd just left it at Nicky growing a conscience and deciding to help him because of that.

Reboot and film a direct adaption of the Ludlum trilogy, where Bourne is a deep cover agent created to lure out the jackal. Had much more depth than the films, which I loved! Bourne needs to be older, early 40's in the first film, mid to late on the second and late to 50 in the third. And it can be done as the films will be totally different. Who would be the best person to play Bourne in this version?

I get what you mean, but I actually liked that plot development (or retcon, if we're being honest). Because it meant that scene in Bourne Supremacy, where he had her at gunpoint, must have been all the more harrowing for her character. I liked that it shed new light on things we'd previously seen...

I agree with your ordering of the films from best to worst. It bugged me that a lot of critical response liked each successive one more and more (barring Legacy, of course.)

Someone who can age about 15 years in the span of 5, based on your casting requirements.

this is in the books and was a vital part of the plot, it humanised the character of a pre-accident Bourne and made great drama between him and Nicky.

Pete Doherty is interested

Yeah fair enough. It did fill the humanist gap left by Marie (whose character I loved) although I would have liked the relationship alluded to through perhaps the second film. In that one, you'll remember, during the discussions about bringing Bourne in between Landy and Abbot, Nicky very definitely says she wanted Bourne killed rather than brought in! I guess it's the retconning I disliked more than the relationship ...

Ooh, good point. I'd forgotten about her saying that.

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