Matt Damon reiterates his Jason Bourne position

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6 May 2014 - 06:21
Jason Bourne is coming back...

Matt Damon confirms he'd be interested in a return to the Bourne films - providing two conditions are met...

After the huge success of The Bourne Ultimatum, there was talk for a while that Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass would be back for Bourne 4. They reunited for Green Zone, which - like the Bourne films - was for Universal (it was originally intended to be a smaller project for the pair). But after that, Greengrass dropped out of doing another Bourne, and Matt Damon followed him. The fourth Bourne film, The Bourne Legacy, would mention Jason Bourne a lot, but follow Jeremy Renner's Aaron Cross instead.

The Bourne Legacy, to put it mildly, was a bit of a mess. However, it just about did enough for Universal to order up a sequel to it, and that arrives in cinemas in August 2015. But will we ever see Matt Damon back in the series, reprising the role of Jason Bourne? "I've always been up for it if Paul Greengrass is the director", Damon has reiterated, not for the first time, to CNBC. "We've just never been able to come up with a story".

Damon added that "it felt like such a good way to end it last time. Having said that, I love that character, I'd love to see what happened to him".

This has been Damon's position for some time now, although he does sound more open to the idea of a return in this particular interview. Still: no Greengrass, no Damon. As you were...


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