Rachel Weisz linked with The Bourne Legacy

News Simon Brew
11 May 2011 - 06:44

Jeremy Renner may have found his co-star for the upcoming The Bourne Legacy, as Rachel Weisz enters talks. And that means you can scrub her off your James Bond casting list, too…

Universal is continuing to press ahead on its upcoming Jason Bourne film that happens not to have Jason Bourne in it, The Bourne Legacy. Thus far, we know that the project takes place in the world of Bourne, and that it'll focus on another subject of a secret government scheme. And instead of Matt Damon being put through the wringer, it's Jeremy Renner who's being lined up for the lead role.

And according to Deadline, the latest addition to the cast may just be Rachel Weisz. Deadline reports that she's in "deep talks" for the role, although what part she's being lined up for is unclear. She's also in talks to appear in Sam Raimi's next project, Oz: The Great And The Powerful, but the schedules may be such that she can't do both projects.

What this should put to bed is the ongoing rumour of her involvement in the next James Bond film. Before Bond 23 was postponed last year, Weisz had been strongly linked with playing a villain in the new 007 adventure. And while in recent times, since the production spluttered back into life, her involvement has been denied, some rumours have persisted. This should extinguish them.

The Bourne Legacy is set to shoot this September, under the watchful eye of director Tony Gilroy. The film is then earmarked for release late next summer.


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