Blood Glacier: exclusive clip

Trailer Ryan Lambie
6 Jan 2014 - 06:54

There's something grim thawing out of the ice in the indie horror, Blood Glacier. Here's an exclusive clip...

Deep in the chilly isolation of the German Alps, a group of scientists discover a gigantic chunk of ice, its interior awash with frozen blood. And as the claret begins to thaw, a disease within it begins to infect the local wildlife...

Director Marvin Kren's Blood Glacier doesn't so much as invite comparisons to John Carpenter's classic remake of The Thing as actively play around with them, with the film evoking equal parts atmosphere and a sense of deliciously nasty fun - this is, after all, the first body horror film we can think of which features a fox fused with the DNA of an insect.

Blood Glacier offers up a cool twist on the nightmare scenarios dreamt up by such writers as HP Lovecraft (in his seminal At The Mountains Of Madness) and John W Campbell (in Who Goes There?, the short story adapted into The Thing From Another World in 1951) - blood glaciers (or blood falls, as they're otherwise known) really do exist, though in reality, the red colour in the ice is due to high levels of iron oxide rather than the presence of a deadly virus. Well, that's at least true of the blood glaciers discovered so far...

Blood Glacier is out on DVD and Blu-ray on the 20th January.

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