Blended trailer, starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore

Trailer Simon Brew 18 Dec 2013 - 06:51

The Wedding Singer team of Frank Coraci, Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore reunite for Blended. Here's the first trailer...

Appreciating that some enjoyed Grown Ups 2, That's My Boy and Jack And Jill, we should declare from the outset that we found all three really quite piss poor. We've generally enjoyed Adam Sandler movies more than most, but he's on a pitiful run of lazy movies for our money.

Might Blended turn things around? It reunites him for the third time with Drew Barrymore, which is a start, and The Wedding Singer director Frank Coraci is calling the shots. That might help too.

This first trailer for the film doesn't seem to be doing it too many favours, in truth, but we'll see how things turn out in May 2014 when the film hits cinemas. It does have Terry Crews and Joel McHale in it, so that's something. Here's the trailer...

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Oh god. So once again Adam Sandler get's paid a fortune to produce another glorified advert knee deep in whoreish product placement and fart jokes which involves going on a jolly with his friends. Plus i have every reason to suspect that this one might be ethically shaky when it comes to racial stereotypes. I also fully expect there to be a scene involving an animals bodily functions!.

is it wrong I seen 'Adam Sandler movie' then caught the title and thought is read 'Bellend'?

So, there are no poor people in "Africe" and eveyone lives happily. Yeah, right.

Poor Adam Sandler. No one likes his dramatic stuff, he doesn't have any other comedy gears to shift into and he gets pelters for doing the same thing now that we loved 20 years ago. I think he should try horror or action cos sumthin gotta give.

Oh no not again...

I think cerebral art films could be his niche. Hehehe.

Do we really need to be reminded of reality in film all the time? In an Adam Sandler film no less?

Kill it, kill it with fire.

Can't wait for 'Half In The Bag' to tear this one a new a-hole.

This looks like sh1t

um, no... he should try RETIREMENT!


Punch Drunk Love is still one of the only Sandler films I enjoy, and that's pretty close to arthouse...

This website really should stop covering movies like this - personally, I don't mind and think it could be a fun light hearted feel good movie like 50 First Dates (or it could be a steaming pile, who knows), but the snobs on here who think they're cool despite visiting a website with "geek" in the title will rip it to shreds and cant see beyond their own vision of what they think is a "good" movie.

when he puts his mind to it, he can make a pretty decent movie, but when he doesn't, a stinky pile of gopher barf is better than what he churns out.

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