Ridley Scott on Prometheus and the new Blade Runner

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9 Feb 2012 - 06:54
Blade Runner

Director Ridley Scott talks Harrison Ford, the new Blade Runner movie, and hints at a Prometheus sequel…

There’s been no shortage of rumours circulating in the past few days with regards the planned new Blade Runner film, and as he does a bit of publicity for his upcoming Prometheus, director Ridley Scott has addressed them with Entertainment Weekly.

With regards revisiting Blade Runner, Scott admitted that “we’re still in discussions about whether it should be a prequel or sequel”, revealing that “I’m meeting with writers and I’ve also gone back to Hampton Fancher, and he still speaks the speak”. Fancher wrote the original draft of the first Blade Runner film, but as of yet, the new Blade Runner has no screenplay.

Addressing the online chatter that suggested Harrison Ford was in talks to appear in the new film, Scott suggested this wasn’t the case, but wouldn’t rule it out happening in the future. “I’m not sure that that’s going to be a story point, so I don’t know”, he added. “But if it were, nothing would please me more. Honestly.”

And he ended the interview on a simple, effective tease. He declared that he’d had a great time doing Prometheus, and that “I’m also thinking about what the hell I might do for a Prometheus 2.”

Prometheus arrives in June.



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