Alcon offers Harrison Ford Blade Runner 2 - by press release

News Simon Brew 16 May 2014 - 07:53

Alcon Entertainment confirms the new Blade Runner movie will be a sequel - and invites Harrison Ford to join the project...

Well, this is a new one. It's no secret that Alcon Entertainment is working on a new Blade Runner film, which it has original director Ridley Scott involved in. However, it was unclear - and it remains unclear - as to whether Harrison Ford will feature in the new movie. But that hasn't stopped Alcon Entertainment releasing a press release whereby it basically asks Harrison Ford very nicely to take part.

According to The Wrap, the release said that "we believe that [writers] Hampton Fancher and Michael Green have crafted with Ridley Scott an extraordinary sequel to one of the greatest films of all time... We would be honored, and we are hopeful, that Harrison will be part of our project".

Those words are attributed to Alcon's CEOs Andrew Kosove and Broderick Johnson in the statement.

You might note too that they explicitly call the new Blade Runner project a "sequel" - not a prequel, as had been suggested. Naturally, no further details are available on the film yet though.

More news on it as we get it...

The Wrap.

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I've never met Harrison Ford. I don't know him personally or know anyone that does, but I bet you a tenner this isn't the way to get him in your film.

Can't wait for the Sean Young shenanigans!

Isn't Ford "too old" now, going by certain versions of the original...?

Gods above, hear our plea. Let this project die before it gets to production. I'm not saying don't do another Blade Runner film, but don't make it a sequel, and don't put Ford and Young in it.

Well, I take that as "We have talked to him about it and we are waiting for his answer". But it is a rather forceful way of pressing...
That said, is it really necessary to make a sequel? It was a nicely closed story.
And which version of the original movie would the sequel be starting from?
Too difficult, just do something new altogether...

I woder if negotiations have gone belly up and this seems like some sort of ploy by Alcon in the hope that it will make the fanbase put pressure on Ford to join. Ive got a feeling theyve just shot themselves in the foot!

w/e, I love them!

I don't get it.

Hampton Fancher was, along with Scott, the guy who wanted and made Deckard a replicant, yes?

So how can Ford be in it?

Is he a Nexus 7, a replicant who lives into his 60's and ages accordingly?

Oh how stupid! Leave it alone you bastiches!

I think a constant barrage of increasingly irritating text messages would do it, starting with, "hai Herry, got ur numba off nother dude workin in filmz, lol... pls be in nxt Blde Runer?? :-D"

When wzz the laass time you were offrrrd a movie role via prsss release?

That would work. Also, maybe some vague and passive-aggressive Facebook status updates: "Can't believe H said no!!" "wow, some people!" etc

I have a Nexus 4 and a Nexus 7. Love them both.


How long does Deckard live to in the 3 sequel books?

Harrison Ford was not the reason for the film's (belated) success - and a 'sequel' does not need him in the slightest.
Now, if we're talking Rutger Hauer.... *there's* someone you need.

How to get Harrison Ford's attention is simple.Smack him over the head with a mallet and stick him in the boot of your car. I've just been watching Goodfella's, so I have. "Funny how?"

Sean Young was lovely, but also nutty as a fruitcake.

She crazy man.

That's the female way .We will leave it to them, shall we?

George Lucas should direct this. Ewok replicants headed by Jar Jar Binks in a leather trenchcoat. It would be epic.

Waiting for the day my Nexus 5 says, "I want more life, f*cker/father"

Just say no. No Bladerunner 2. Ridley: just quit this stupid idea. What is this? A burnt-earth policy on all your great sci-fi films? Just NO ffs. Get a grip man and just look at what you're doing.

Well that was one prediction BR got wrong. You're Nexus is dreaming if it thinks it will get four years. Two if it's lucky.

Have they tried offering money? Big bags of money?

That picture really bothers me, to my mind the only thing that explains both facial expressions is a firm grip...

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