Horrible Histories team to make Shakespeare film

News Simon Brew
13 May 2013 - 10:13

William Shakespeare + Horrible Histories + Monty Python + historical inaccuracy = Bill, due in cinemas in 2014...

One of the current triumphs of the BBC is the Horrible Histories show, based in turn on the terrific books that have made some of the most significant events in history brilliantly accessible to a younger audience.

The six key cast of Horrible Histories - Mathew Baynton, Simon Farnaby, Martha Howe-Douglas, Jim Howick, Laurence Rickard and Ben Willbond - have got a brand new job on their hands, too. They're set to unite for a new project from BBC Films, which is basically, for want of a better way of putting it, a William Shakespeare origin story.

Based on a script by Laurence Rickard and Ben Willbond, Bill - as the movie is called - is a comedy adventure that's set to reveal how Shakespeare went from being "a hopeless lute player" to someone who proved "the quill is mightier than the sword" (we're quoting the official press announcement, by the way).

Gleefully taking liberties with history, "just as Shakespeare did", the six core cast will play multiple roles, Monty Python style, and already this looks like a whole lot of fun.

The fifth and final series of Horrible Histories, incidentally, will start at the end of this month. Bill is likely to be in cinemas in 2014.

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