Bill & Ted 3 "would cost $400m to make"

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29 Nov 2013 - 06:24
Bill & Ted

A bit of pruning's going to be required to get Bill & Ted 3 moving, Keanu Reeves has revealed...

Keanu Reeves' next film, 47 Ronin, finally makes it to cinemas this Christmas, having being delayed many times on its journey there. Had all gone to the original plan, the movie would have been released a year ago. But it didn't, and we remain hopeful that the troubled production will finally prove worthy of the wait.

Another project Reeves is involved with that's not been going too quickly is the long-awaited third Bill & Ted film. Both Reeves and Alex Winter have spoken about the movie several times over the past year or two, and Galaxy Quest's Dean Parisot is apparently in place to direct. Furthermore, Ed Solomon and Chris Matheson have been working on the screenplay.

But the screenplay might just be the current hold up, Reeves has told Access Hollywood. "It needs to be adapted because right now, it would cost $400m to make", he admitted. "There's a rift in the universe and there's all sorts of creatures", he revealed. "The script is funny and there's a story to tell there, so there are efforts being made to try and continue that journey".

Bill & Ted 3 remains in the works for the time being, then. Hopefully 2014 is the year when it finally springs to life...

Access Hollywood.

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