Update on the Big Man Japan remake

News Glen Chapman 14 May 2013 - 06:35

The 2007 mockumentary comedy kaiju movie Big Man Japan is set for the remake treatment.

Here's an interesting remake, although one that we struggle to see actually getting made. Matt Manfredi and Phil Hay (Clash Of The Titans and R.I.P.D) have been hired to pen the remake of 2007's Big Man Japan (Dai-Nippon).

The original was released in 2007 and is a bizarre and wonderful faux documentary comedy kaiju movie about an ordinary man who is treated as an outcast despite him frequently having to turn into a gigantic hero to save Japan from a series of monsters.

Here's what the writers had to say in a recent interview with Collider: "We're doing an adaptation of a Japanese movie for Neil Moritz called Big Man Japan – well, the movie was called Big Man Japan; this will probably be called Big Man United States".

They added that "it's a great, crazy movie about a guy who is blown up to [huge] size via electricity to fight off monsters […] The Kaiju that constantly attack Japan. It's a mockumentary about this kind of underrappreciated guy and you follow him around Japan. It's a great, crazy, really fun movie".

If done well the remake could be a lot of fun, but it getting greenlit will perhaps rely on the success of R.I.P.D, Pacific Rim and Godzilla. In the meantime, be sure to check out Big Man Japan, it's a wonderful piece of work.


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believe it or not...seen this...thought "very weird" but interesting, whether the remake if it's made will work remains to be seen

Love it why remake it!!!!

Big Man United States is a terrible title. surely they should call it 'Meurica Man' or something...

This has to be a joke, surely. Big Man United States? No, seriously, they must be trolling.

I saw one trailer for BMJ, looked amazing, and then I forgot the title and couldn't find it! Thank you so much for the intel, DoG, I can finally track it down now!

They need to rewrite most of it. BMJ is pure genius, but it's humour is so wry and sarcastic that it's almost painful to watch, especially the dead embarrassing last 15 minutes. I love it to pieces, but this is a movie not even most Japan-lovers can endure, not to say the average Western audience.

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