First trailer for Disney's Big Hero 6

Trailer Simon Brew 22 May 2014 - 17:00

Walt Disney Animation Studios takes on Marvel's Big Hero 6 for its next movie - and here's the first trailer...

On a run of form that's seen it firmly reseize the initiative from its increasing number of rivals, Walt Disney Animation Studios is taking a somewhat different turn for its next project. Fresh off the back of Frozen's planet-stomping success, its next film is Big Hero 6, based on the little-known Marvel property of the same name.

The film is directed by Don Hall and Chris Williams (who were directors on Winnie The Pooh and Bolt respectively), and it's set to land in November in the US, and February in the UK. What's more, the first trailer for the film has now landed, and so to get a flavour of what's in store, just have a gander at the video below...

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Nice visual humour, this is going to be massive.

I know absolutely nothing about the story, but I think it "looks" good, and it's nice to see them going with some modern (yet not too far fetched) technology like touchscreen laptops, personal fabrication machines (3D printers) and home robotics.

Both Bolt and Winnie the Pooh were so-so movies - my kids loved them at least. I'm looking forward to the next trailer.

God, that music at the start sounds sooooo Avengers theme tune/signature tune!

A fat character sort of squeezing into a suit and then it not working - I've seen that before in the teaser trailer for The Incredibles! Also call me a guesser/someone who's not had their ear to the ground enough but is this going to be a musical?!?

A Marvel musical? I sure hope not.
Also, I don't think he's overweight. He looks inflated, not obese.

I laughed

Will definitely see in the cinema, main character is too cute not to.

Really enjoyed this.

Yeah, I see a lot of Pixar influence in this one. The sounds of the white robot are EXTREMELY similar to those of Luxo Jr. He’s even chasing a ball around the room. Every time I watch this trailer, I hear Luxo Jr.

Releasing the film in the UK 4 months after the US really promotes piracy, 4 months in this day and age is a LONG wait!

This already got me chuckling and the mini marshmallow man is adorable. Should be something well worth seeing.

That was just adorable.

That already looks 100 times better than Wreck It Ralph!

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