Tim Burton picks his next project

News Simon Brew 3 Apr 2013 - 06:17
Tim Burton: always interesting, but no longer great?

Amy Adams and Christoph Waltz look set to join Tim Burton's new film, Big Eyes. Details here...

Hot off the back of the Oscar-nominated Frankenweenie, arguably his best film in some time, director Tim Burton has seemingly picked his next project. It's one that's been in the works for quite a while, and it's set to be a biopic of the painter Margaret Keane.

Keane's distinctive art, recognisable in particular for her pictures of big-eyed children, was hugely successful in the 1950s and 1960s, yet her husband took credit for much of her work. That was to the point where Keane filed a lawsuit against her husband.

Her story has been worked into a screenplay by Alexander and Larry Karaszewski, who penned the wonderful Ed Wood (which remains arguably Burton's finest hour). And it seems that the cast is falling into place, too. It's being reported that the role of Margaret Keane has gone to Amy Adams, with her husband being played by double Oscar winner Christoph Waltz. The Weintsteins are providing the financial backing.

Can we have a fiver now on Adams at least getting an Oscar nomination for this one? It sounds like the kind of role that might even land her a golden statue, if all goes to plan.

More on the film, which is going under the title Big Eyes, as we hear it.


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Finally something a little more original than another remake/adaptation !

I nearly fell off my chair reading this.

A Tim Burton film, and no mention of Depp or Bonham Carter for lead roles?!

About fecking time!

Didn't see Frankenweenie, then? You should.

His more original work is always far, far better than his adaptations.

I agree ! For me his best movie is still Edward Scissorhands !

I love Amy Adams. And she has quite a range as an actress.

A picture about Margaret Keane, whose work is famous enough and (seemingly innocuously) creepy enough both to resonate for Burton and connect with a sizeable audience may be just the ticket.

For me, it has to be Mars Attacks!

Or Planet of the Apes.*


This is good news. Burton needs to get back to the stuff that made him famous!

Good point. Ruined the corpse bride.... Ruined it more that is.




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