Beverly Hills Cop 4 confirmed for 2016

News Simon Brew 6 May 2014 - 06:49

It's definite: Eddie Murphy will be back for Beverly Hills Cop 4, which is due in March 2016.

Well, this one's been a long time coming. Notwithstanding the fact that it's over 20 years since the last Beverly Hills Cop movie, there's been talk about reviving the franchise several times since. Just a year or so back. The Shield's Shawn Ryan had a television spin-off pilot made, but the decision was made to press ahead with a big screen sequel instead.

As it turns out, Beverly Hills Cop 4 is finally, definitely happening. Eddie Murphy will be returning to play Axel Foley, with Jerry Bruckeimer producing. Brett Ratner was originally attached to the project as a potential director, and we believe that's still the case.

Furthermore, we now have a release date: Beverly Hills Cop 4 will arrive on March 26th 2016.

Axel Foley returns to Detroit for this particular adventure, but that's all we know so far. More as we get it...


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Lets just hope the return to Detroit also means a return to the original style we loved about the first film. None of this Wonder World fluffy-wuffy stuff ... please

So, it's called Detroit Cop 1? (facetious, I know, can't help it.)

Reviving a dead franchise 20 years too late with a washed up star and a hack director? I can't see how this can possibly go wrong

1 and 2 are both Solid Gold Classics in my book. 3 was risible though.

make it 18 rated. make it gritty. and it MIGHT be good.

Needs Judge Reinhold and John Ahston to be in it, the spark between those three made the first one, carried the second and Ashton being missing was part of the many problems with the third.

They should have just listened to me some years ago and had Beverly Hills Bad Boys. As a huge fan of Life and the earlier work of all 3 of those guys, seeing Will, Eddie, and Martin would have been awesome. Now, not so much.

Judge! Yes!

And an unstoppable wave of apathy sweeps the world!

Theres only 2 films... I refuse to accept the existence of a 3rd film!

Are you kidding me?3 was bad as,the bit at the start with the garage mechanic robbers gettin shot to the music was tip top.apart from the fact that they all just waited in line to get blasted haha

Axl foley never dies,I even called my dog after him

Uncle Dave will be spinning in his grave,I assume he must be dead by now,ackwell foley will rid Detroit of scum and vermin forever with a mix of humour and bad/excellent police work

Have a great script original of course, would be funny to see Stallone make a cameo or villain. Saying that not many people realise, Stallone was the original Axel Foley. Bring back the original cast if possible if Ratner not up for it get John Singleton involved.
1- Plenty one liners 2- A great villain 3-Great cinema photography 4- Axel Foley is promoted in rank 5- possibly bring back the original director.

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