Bill Condon to direct Disney's new Beauty And The Beast film

News Simon Brew 5 Jun 2014 - 06:45

On the back of Maleficent's success, Disney is pressing ahead with a live action Beauty And The Beast. Bill Condon is to direct.

No surprises here, not least because this is a rumour that first surfaced a month or two back. But it seems that Disney is now definitely pressing ahead with a live action take on Beauty And The Beast. Furthermore, it's recruiting Bill Condon to direct.

Condon, who has the final two Twilight films, Dreamgirls and Gods And Monsters on his CV, is set to work from a screenplay by Evan Spiliotopoulos. And given the huge box office numbers enjoyed by Disney's latest live action fairytale take, Maleficent, it's unsurprising that it's pressing ahead with Beauty And The Beast.

It joins a queue of such projects in the works at Disney. Kenneth Branagh is already in post-production on next year's Cinderella movie, whilst there are plans for live action Cruella de Vil and The Jungle Book films.

Beauty And The Beast does potentially have competition from another take on the story that's in development. Warner Bros is working on a version with Guillermo del Toro involved, which is set to star Emma Watson. We've not had news on that project for a little while though.

Here's our feature on how Disney is remaking its animated films in live action, which has a bit more on its slate of projects.


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Am I the only one who read that as 'Bill Condom'

Seems a shame that in the wake of Frozen putting Disney back on top their next step is to purge all sense of creativity and imagination from the studio and just cynically raid their back catalogue. Wasn't too bothered about live action adaptations of Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella as they were never films I cared about that much, but Beauty & the Beast was a big part of my childhood and is an almost unimprovable film. Can't think what they hope to achieve by remaking it.



Either way, he's got this covered.

Didn't know that WB was doing a Beauty and the Beast movie with Guillermo del Toro. If so it will top this Disney adaption for me.

The del Toro/Ron Perlman connection is interesting, since the latter was in the TV show as the beast back in the day. Hopefully he won't be snogging Emma Watson, however...

I hope this will reflect his work in Gods and Monsters rather than the Twilight films he did...

Bill Condom!

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