Battlestar Galactica movie comes back to life

News Simon Brew 8 Apr 2014 - 06:57
Battlestar Galactica

A fresh attempt begins, it seems, to get the Battlestar Galactica movie made...

The story so far on the Battlestar Galactica movie. A few years ago, it was revealed that director Bryan Singer was involved in the project. Singer's version would have been based, it seems, around the original TV show rather than the acclaimed Ronald D Moore reboot. And then Singer got the X-Men job again, and since then, very little has been heard of the project. Given that Singer is all but certain to direct X-Men: Apocalypse once he's done with X-Men: Days Of Future Past, that would see his schedule full through to mid-2016.

But it seems that Battlestar Galactica is now going to press ahead anyway, as apparently Universal is injecting new life into the project. As such, the studio has hired Jack Paglen to pen a screenplay for the film. Paglen has penned Transcendence, which arrives in cinemas later this month (he's also working on Prometheus 2), and he'll be working with the original series producer Glen Larson. Larson is producing this movie take too, having created Battlestar Galactica in the first place (he still holds the film rights to the show too, we understand).

It looks still that the more recent version of BSG is going to be ignored, as Variety reports that the film will be "a complete reimagining of the story". Variety doesn't mentioned whether Singer is involved or not, but it seems unlikely now.

More news on this one as we hear it...


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Why would they ignore the recent version? I thought it wasn't just one of the best Sci-Fi shows of recent memory, but one of the best of any genre.
There was so much going on - character development, a huge story, philosophical exploration of humanity and creation - it just blew me away.
Maybe that depth wouldn't work on the big screen?

I love the original series and love the recent series - see no need for this move... but hey, that's lazy Hollywood for you.

A re-imagined reboot, or re-booted reimagining?
God, I can't wait!!!

as long as it's nothing like that blood & chrome series or caprica then i'm there, so say we all

Ha! I had wiped those from my memory entirely. If there was ever an example of how to sully the memory of a great show, they were it.

I agree that this is very much unneeded, though ignoring the original and new series seems to be a good way of approaching it. So I'm open minded about it, especially as new BSG, even as great as it was, could be overly convoluted at times, and the ending was quite frankly rubbish.

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