Zack Snyder on why he included Batman in Man Of Steel sequel

News Simon Brew 3 Jul 2014 - 10:45

Zack Snyder has explained why he opted for Batman in his Man Of Steel follow-up. Plus a new image of Henry Cavill as Superman.

Production is now well underway on Zack Snyder's Man Of Steel follow-up, Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. And Snyder's given a fresh interview to USA Today, where he's been chatting about the film.

Firstly, he focuses on Henry Cavill's Superman, arguing that, "we've both created this guy, and we can push him around a little bit", adding that Cavill is more comfortable playing the role of the Man Of Steel for a second time.

But why stick Batman in there? "I was in no rush to put Batman in the movie", Snyder said, "but on the other hand it seemed to organise the way our story was unfolding to start to feather him in". It's deliberate, too, that we're not seeing a gradually introduced Batman this time around, with Snyder opting to rely on the character's mythology instead of re-establishing him. "It's cooler to see a crusty old Batman beating the snot out of guys", he added.

The most intriguing titbit relates to the title. For a long time, it was believed that the new film would be called Batman Vs Superman. But then they went with Batman V Superman instead. The reason? "To keep it from being a straight versus movie, even in the most subtle way".

The full interview is here. And Warner Bros has also released a new photo - albeit heavily Photoshopped - of Cavill as Superman. You can see that below. Is that the new Gotham City in the background too?

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So what does the V stand for then? And why does that Superman photo look straight out of Dark Knight Rises character photos/marketing? Dark background, rain, grim... Not exactly a hopeful message...

I'm actually excited about this. Regardless of anything that's gone before - it's Batman and Superman in the same film! Batman and Superman! And we haven't seen it yet so it might be good. It might be. Look - Superman's in Gotham! Now we just need the promo of Batman brooding atop the Daily Planet building...

nice photo. Makes him look stockier and older.

You know how you can tell that's Gotham and not Metropolis? Because the buildings are still standing......

I'm looking forward to it. Man Of Steel was much better (I feel) than a lot of people gave it credit for, and I think Baffleck will make a super interesting Batman.

Interesting, are they trying to make him look older? Or is it just the rain and the shadows in the picture. Wonder when this is set in comparison to Man of Steel.God that suit looks good.

On my planet the V stands for hope.

Or maybe that's the new Metropolis skyline as the builders could not be bothered to make hundreds of massive new sky scrapers just in case they all get destroyed again!

It's a time saver ;-)

Well it has Batman in it, so I am guessing that may be Superman on a trip to Gotham to find the Batman.

Superman: Well on this planet, it's a V.

How about..... Ver.....

Batman: Excuse me.

Good lord, he's looking massive. I wonder if he'll be that big on-screen.

I was so upset when some buildings got destroyed during a city-based battle between god-like aliens.

It's Gotham.

Metropolis is New York on a summer's day.
Gotham is New York on a rainy night.

I assumed it would be Wayne Enterprises and LexCorp rebuilding Metropolis and Clark Kent covering the story for the paper...

It could very well be. This is only a promo shot and I am massively speculating.

However, why would anyone want to cover a story of some buildings being built? I wouldn't buy a paper with that on the front cover. haha

I got absolutely no problem with Cavill as Superman, or Affleck as Batman, in fact I applaud them (although I would have like to have seen someone older and "crustier" play Batman, e.g. Josh Brolin). Too many people take these things too seriously. If I can find some enjoyment out of the movie, I will but if not, its not the end of the world and Ill be disappointed but then theres a whole new Batman & Justice League set of movies to start to look forward to....!

The V stands for five. It's not just a sequel to Man of Steel but the sequel to Batman & Robin that we've all been waiting for...

Well the story is a follow up to when the city was destroyed by aliens...

The V stands for five I reckon. As in Batman and Superman together will hopefully make five times the amount a stand-alone feature makes...

A follow up yes, but surely they cant set the whole story arc around them rebuilding a city?

USA Today has said this: "Dawn of Justice continues to immerse Superman on Earth by working at the Daily Planet as Clark Kent along with Lois Lane (Amy Adams) and Perry White (Laurence Fishburne). But it also takes him to new environments such as Gotham City and introduces larger threats, including Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg). The debuting heroes Superman meets will affect his perspective on Earth and on the ones he loves."

I honestly would have no issue with them not mentioning the rebuilding of the city at all. For me it's just something that had to happen if 2 super-beings ever came to blows.

Shame they didn't go for Bearded Idiot V Crazy Steve: Bonkers Betty Edition.

On box office this V mean Marvel films destruction! Between two legends fighting Marvel overshadowed!

True, I didn't think the damage was even an issue when I watched the film. Surprised the internet made such a big deal about it.

However, the good thing about Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy was that events had consequences. Therefore it might be interesting to see Lex and Bruce working together and Clark covering the story but each with secret agendas. Lex trying to turn the public against Superman, Batman trying to find out who Superman is, Superman seeking out Batman to help him find out what evil plan Lex is *really* working on...

This made me actually lough out loud. :D

He doesn't even look like a human being anymore... I mean, Henry Cavill. Not Superman.

I really, really, really, really want Bat-fleck to call Wonder Woman 'Finger Cuffs' at some point in this movie! Just once will do. PLEEEEEASE.

Yeah I was thinking next time should be in Nebraska.

It's nice to see that Superman is actually in this! The poor fella has had little mention since Batman was anounced........and every other DC character!

The internet made a big deal alright. Some people still don't wanna watch BVS. I sure do!

Personally my issue was not with the damage itself, which is understandable even if it puts Superman in grey area with the whole 'Not killing people' thing. My issue with it was that they peaked too soon. Once the 1st building comes down there's no where to go really and once the 10th goes down half an hour later it's just boring. They should have just had loads of damage and then ended on a 1 big building falling down.

The damage was not the issue for me (although it doesn't take long for it to become repetitive). The problem for me was Superman didn't give a damn. Fair enough he's fighting for his life in Metropolis and is distracted. I can buy that, although I would have preferred at least one scene where he looks worried by the destruction or tries to move the fight away. What bothered me was Superman himself started smashing up Smallville his hometown. Zod goes near his mom, Supes flies him head first into a gas station which blows up. It's a farming community. It's surrounded by empty fields.

Well that's a nice bright, cheery image. "It's not an S, where I'm from it's a symbol of hope". I think all that grey, the muted colours and the rain really bring out the hope.
In all seriousness. I'm a massive comic book geek. It's impossible not to be excited by this film.

It's a fair point.

However what I got from the film, is that it was not Superman. For me it was about him literally being this 'man of steel'.

He was still coming to terms with who he was, his new powers (flying) and having to deal with someone like him trying to take over human kind. He had/has not learnt who he truly is (Superman).

I think (and hope!) we will see more of the Superman we are used to in this next film where he will put people first before anything else.

I think I agree. They very deliberately avoided using the word Superman in that film. And no wonder. Because he didn't feel like Superman........yet (I hope). It's just a bit grim that as Zod came to Earth looking for Superman and the codex, Earth so far would be better off without him (apart from the few dudes on the oil rig). I'm hoping he's a bit more "super" in the new one

It delivered what I wanted - Superman 2 + Matrix 3.

Josh Brolin is already Jonah Hex - he can't be Batman as well.
I quite like to have seen James Purefoy as the bat though - but I guess he just wasn't expensive enough


"Batman why are you in this movie?"
"Because I'm Batman!"
HISHE fans will know.

Is it just me or does Superman look buffed up in comparison to Man of Steel. He looks as big as Batman.

Remember, we are 'geeks'.

We have wanted to see Superman and Batman in one film for YEARS.

But now the idea has been presented and it IS going to happen, we're complaining.

We're geeks, its what we do ;-)

(Personally, I cannot f**king wait!)

This is why sometimes I find Snyder frustrating, he does realise that the 'V' even by itself still means the same thing?!

Mad man. This is all very TDKR style but hey ho, let battle commence, of some kind.

Oh, is there something written on the vent thing behind him?

Suspect this will be a stealth rom com. They meet. They HATE each other. One does something to undermine the other. Then events conspire to make them team up. "Hey... I think I misunderstood you." They have fun together. It's love, for sure. WAIT! That thing that was done earlier is revealed... can one forgive the other in time to resolve the crisis and reunite our star-crossed lovers? "Why can't I quit Super you?"

Too true. I'm getting back in my coffin after gotg. I'll be busy enough with 2015's movies. THEN the waiting begins anew.

What the cabbage am I talking about? Some kind of vampire that feeds on blockbusters?

I'm still worried about whats going to happen to Wonder Woman

LOL, so he thinks "V" means something subtly different than "VS" and because it's just "V" it does not imply versus.??! What a numpty.

Terrible photo btw. Supes in colour, the rest in B/W. Cape flapping behind him despite no wind. And he's not got a drop of water on him despite all that rain.

Superman: You wear a lame bat symbol on your chest?
Batman: It's not lame. Your 'S' is dumb.
Superman: Yeah but I can turn it into a magic giant cellophane shape and throw it at you. Like.... *this* !!!

"Batman Vs Superman" is now "Batman V Superman"? But I havent seen the prequels "Batman I Superman", "Batman II Superman", "Batman III Superman", or "Batman IV Superman" first!

"I am Legend" did it first!

They probably didn't want it called BvsS but BvS

V for Victory

God yeah imagine Josh Brolin playing another comic book character, that would be crazy! cough >thanos< cough!

Zack Snyder on why he included Batman in Man Of Steel sequel : "Warner Bros looked at the gross of The Avengers and told me I had to"

ah but thats Marvel not DC - two completely different realities until Batman fights the Xmen - or teams up with Cap anyway

perhaps Bats is to teach Superman that "with great power comes great responsibility"


[cough]Human Torch/Captain America[cough]

It is a very strange choice of first photo. Why rush out something so clearly photoshopped?

basicly what Mr. Snyder is saying here is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ boooooom booooom booooom

Call me crazy but I don't think anyone is going to be worrying about Jonah Hex continuity in the DC movie universe. It bombed and he's not a very popular character anyway.

Can the headline be changed to 'Zack Snyder on why he included Batman...Wonder Woman...Aquaman...and probably The what should have been the Man of Steel sequel' short dollar signs in WB execs' eyes! Plain and simple!

Ok, Batman kicks superman's ass in the comics... so Batman holds the belt. I think superman should be in Batman's movie.

I suppose when he says 'cool', he means 'because that will make for a better movie'?
You see, when Snyder decided to include the unrelenting, overlong destruction in Man of Steel, it may have looked 'cool', but I'd be hard-pressed to congratulate him for that decision...

LOL Simple as that. No need to pretend otherwise

I thought he included Batman because the studio is
1.- not confident another solo Superman movie could make a lot of money and
2.- they are desperate to have a DC movie universe to rival Marvel's.

*Starts typing*
*realizes commenting about incorrect fact would be useless*
*goes for some doritos and a dr pepper instead.*

Superman is supposed to be bigger than Batman.


^^ is the main reason why he's not super, man. He's a very naughty boy.

Thanks but I really look more like Heimda- oh you mean Thor fighting in desolate places, gotcha. Don't forget Ang Lee's Hulk, plenty of des-ert-struction.

V for Vigorous Marketing Campaign.

Pretty much.

Is this Batman v superman you are thinking of or Lethal Weapon?

Also Sub title change to "Dong of Justice" if this happens.

Which incorrect fact are we talking about? Bats kicks Supes' ass in The Dark Knight Returns.

I was initially not happy about wasting the DKR storyline on this film, then I read some more about it and it didn't sound too bad. After reading this I'm back to not happy again.

How many time do I have to say Zack? To make it seem less of a "straight" VS movie, remove the V swap names and have Superman Batman: Dawn of Justice. I see your point DoG, the guy need as boss... not to BE the boss.

Of course, it's Gotham. It's dark and it's raining. It's always sunny in Metropolis.

The Dark Knight Returns is not technically canon; it's set in the future and it's pre-new 52 anyway. Superman breaks Batman's back in the Injustice line of comics, but that doesn't mean much either. Yes Batman has beaten Superman a few times in the comics. But I'm not sure he has in the new 52 universe. So I would say Batman does not "hold the belt". Anyway, the movies are a different universe; does the Snyder Superman universe even have Kryptonite?

2* - I don't understand why Eisenberg & Affleck were cast though.

If wanting an older, grumpy Batman then Clooney would have been perfect this time around ;)

[cough]Affleck=DareDeveil/George Reeves as Superman/Batman[cough]

A crusty Batman, how about Clooney? He could reflect on Batman & Robin for inspiration for why he went into hiding.

Manganiello would have been my choice for the role. Struggling to think of a Affleck film I've enjoyed.

You can tell it's Gotham as it is raining lol

Manganiello was my first choice for Batman as soon as word got out of a new Batman as he would make an awesome Batman, but clearly they're going for an older wiser "crustier" Batman so it wouldn't quite fit (although arguably Affleck doesn't fit that criteria either so go figure!)

Gotham is actually Chicago

You may have a point - "New York Times journalist William Safire described Gotham City as "New York below 14th Street, from SoHo to Greenwich Village, the Bowery, Little
Italy, Chinatown, and the sinister areas around the base of the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges." Batman artist Neal Adams sees the 1940s mobster history of Chicago as the basis for Gotham, while writer/artist Frank Miller has stated that Metropolis is New York in the daytime and Gotham City is New York at night..."

We'll if they're going the marvel route of trying to make things 'more realistic',surely they wouldn't base two places at the same place.Plus I'd say the artist (n others including earlier artists),would know more about where it's based as opposed to a journalist n a more recent writer/artist/whatever Miller was to batman

Gotham is Gotham. Artists and film makers take inspiration from various different places when bringing it to life. No interpretation is right or wrong.

Cavill's Superman looks a bit aged as well since last appearance.

V for Vendetta


Dong Of Justice may be the best subtitle ever made. Also, Lethal Weapon IS a rom com... how have I never realised this before?

So looks like they're continuing with the far from cheerful Superman from MOS. A Christopher Reeve Superman this is not. Moody and dark is fine for Batman but not Superman imo.

Dude it's the very origin of Bromance.

Different comic universes? SFW :)

[cough] Larry 'Buster' Crabbe as Flash Gordon/Buck Rogers [cough]

Amen. After all, I managed to watch Superman Returns and the world didn't come to a crashing end. I think we'll be just fine regardless of how this movie turns out.

He should have been honest and just said "Because I'm a man-whore for Frank Miller".

Presumably Batman's got a secret stash of Kryptonite, otherwise he is going to be squished like an ant. All very silly given you have a living god (who clearly loves a bit of rough and tumble) vs. a vigilante in a rubber suit, still I will probably end up watching it!

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