Rumour: standalone Superman film in 2018, Batman in 2019

News Simon Brew 20 Jun 2014 - 06:54

Ben Affleck as Batman may finally get a standalone movie in 2019...

Given that Warner Bros has committed the immediate future of its burgeoning DC movie universe to match-up films, with Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice first and Justice League second, one inevitable question is when are Batman and Superman going to get standalone movies again? After all, the pair of characters have been at the heart of some of the very best comic book movies to date. And Superman, with Henry Cavill taking on the role, was only rebooted last year.

Rumours continue to swirl regarding the state of the DC movie adaptation slate, and now Latino Review reckons it has a some answers. It had already been rumoured that 2018 would see a standalone Superman sequel, but the site's sources suggest that 2019 is when we'll next get to see a Batman film.

Furthermore, it reports that the working title for the movie is The Batman, citing the possibility that Ben Affleck - as well as taking the lead role - may direct. That seems to be speculation and nothing more at this stage, however.

The one certainty is that Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck will face off on screen in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice in 2016. That much at least we know for definite.

Latino Review.

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I am with almost everyone else when I say this has train wreck written through it like a stick of rock. BUT! I wish this franchise every success in the world. I'm sure nobody on here wants it to be bad..right?

That's true. I think for me, the biggest problem with this for me is that, for most of the cast, they are just being shoved in our faces in this film without, presumably, any proper introduction at all. While people may know who these heroes are, in the context of the film, there may not be any real time to give them proper characterization.

One of the main reasons Marvel is doing so well is that the heroes have had an entire film, or two in Iron Man's case, for themselves to introduce the audience to them before The Avengers came out. They had a chance to really establish their characters and make the audience care about them. The only real two exceptions are Black Widow and Hawkeye. However, these can be excused as Black Widow had a sustainable role in Iron Man 2, and Hawkeye, while a great character, wasn't that well known as the others, so there probably wasn't that much problem with his small cameo in Thor. I could be wrong here, but was anyone really aware of his character before Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes? Again, no disrespect to the character, but he just isn't as well known as the other superheroes.

DC on the other hand? While it's true that the heroes are more well known, I'd argue that works against them as their fans want them to be done RIGHT, but since their being shoved into Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, there may, and I could be wrong about this, not be enough time to properly flesh out their characters to make a good connection to them in the movie.

To finish up, of course I want the film to do well. I'm a big fan of these characters too and would really like to see them on film. However, with the way that DC are doing this franchise? I have to admit, my confidence isn't that high at the moment.

Ben Afleck to direct a Batman film?

Yes please :-)

The Town, Gone Baby Gone and Argo are easily 3 of my favorite films.

He is a great director, he could make something amazing with Batman.

does it have to be him acting though?

Remember when people saw Ocean's Eleven and complained they didn't know who any of the characters were because they hadn't had solo films to flesh out their characters properly?


Exactly. The way Marvel has done it IS NOT the only way this can be done.

Who should be the villain in the stand alone Bat-Man film? Brodie Bruce AKA Brody Man Noochie Noochies!

I'm hoping as well, with this film is coming later in the DC movie slate that we won't have yet another Batman origin story. Crack on with Batman under the red hood, Killing joke or Dark Knight Returns.

I actually would have loved a Turk and Virgil spin off.

Wow. The fact that pretty much every geek culture site I go to now -- whether an article is based around Affleck's Batman or not -- features people mocking him and the film he hasn't even made yet is really putting me off the internet!

That's a fair point. However, I think the difference there is that, while there is no question at all that the Marvel way isn't the only way to do things, since superheroes are more commonly known, there is an assumption by fans that their story should be told in a very clear way.

I think the main issue is that the film was marketed as being a sequel to Man of Steel, so people thought that it would focus on Superman only, so they could explore the consequences of his actions from his battle with Zod. When it was announced that Batman was involved in the film, I think people were a bit taken aback and confused by this move, but accepted it a bit later on. The problem now is that, with all of the extra characters involved, it is not longer just a Superman/Batman film and is more like a Justice League film instead. Does this make any sense? It's a bit hard to explain what I mean here.

If Affleck's going to be acting, too...he'll be pushing late forties - so it'd need to be a grittier Batman like Dark Knight returns. Hell, wait a few more years and make Batman Beyond...:)

Now that we have had 7 Batman films, I think we can all safely assume we won't be getting another origins re-telling.

Snyder has already said this is an older/aging batman so I am hoping we see him in his twilight years and get as you say, a Dark Knight Returns type of film.

Fingers crossed anyway!

Sheer commas.

You are the king of commas.

Apparently the internet also has lots of porn, that should make you start to like it again...

He's getting better in his old age.

Was great in The Town and Argo.

I try! Now BOW TO THE KING! ... On the other hand, don't really want to rule over people, so forget I said that :P!

I'm with you.

As much as I am looking forward to Batman Vs Superman, I wanted a stand alone Superman sequel first.

Not only to see how he deals with the aftermath of Killing the last of his kind, but also how he goes about becoming Clarke Kent.

I wanted to see him become this new 'Clarke Kent' persona at the Daily Planet before having to take on Batman.

I just wanted Superman to meet Lex Luthor and have the film set around that classic arch enemies idea.

I am very intrigued by how Lex Luthor will be represented by Jesse Eisenberg.

I hope the standalone movies have only 1 villain per movie. Hollywood must learn this lesson! We do not want multiple villains in our sequels!!!

don't let it bother you dude. I'm sure Affleck doesn't give a toss!

I am hopefull in regards to Batflect, the man has improved his acting, he is a kick ass director nowas well. Daredevil is in the past, as long as supes v bats is good role on The Batman

I can't help but feel they've left it a little late in the game this way. By 2019 Affleck will be 46 - hardly 'old' by any standards, but in the comics that was around the time Batman retired and then returned 10 years later in The Dark Knight Returns. I understand of course this will be an interpretation of the Batman story, but I think it may have been wiser to cast another actor in his early 30's.
Still who am I to judge? Guess we'll have to wait and see...

There's a lot of negativity towards this project but I'm looking forward to it. No one needs Batman set up again so having him a seasoned crime fighter with a rogues gallery already established is going to be refreshing, leaving only Lex (and Wonder Woman / Aquaman) needing any real introduction. It also means a standalone Batman film isn't tied to any story thread already established in his universe. Any of his foes can be on the loose / locked up without having to go through the tedium of another origin story for each. The film can focus on the Bat which is something no one has done since Batman Begins.

Don't forget, this could still be a superman/batman film. The other characters might only have a cameo role. Maybe a cut scene at the end with them all alluding to the Justice League. And Batman really doesn't need another origins. He's probably the most well established superhero ever.

That's definitely a possibility, although I'm not sure if it's that likely right now, given all the press about the other characters. I'm not saying it's not true, but I'm not 100% sure that it will be what happens right now. However, saying that, there IS still two years till the film comes out, and many things may change, so I won't be worrying that much about it just yet.

But he'll be one of the 2 main guys in BVS, and surely a big part of JL. None of the other Batmans did that before OR after their solo adventures.


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I know but he will always be Holden McNeal to me and therefore always seem like a tool

Someone wake me when all this all happens.

It's spelt YEA

Reboot titles have now gotten so lazy as to simply remove or attach "The"

Don't use words like that on child friendly sites. Please take your weak, childish humour elsewhere you Pathetic male.


"...speculation and nothing more at this stage, however"
So why does every site re-post whatever Latino Review come up with? What makes their speculations special?

Words like what? Porn? They use that word on the radio, as to which children are exposed to long before they get on the internet.

I thought it was sharp and witty.

Well done JTM

Just wait for "Batman 2018" and "The Real Batman", followed eventually by "Batmanlover_69".

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