Zack Snyder reveals the new Batmobile

News Simon Brew 12 May 2014 - 18:05

The reworking of Batman on the big screen has begun: meet the new Batmobile from Batman Vs Superman...

And let the teasing official begin. Accompanied by a message that suggests more is to come shortly - "Could be time to pull the tarp... Tomorrow?" - Zack Snyder has Tweeted an official picture of the brand new Batmobile from his upcoming Batman Vs Superman movie. Ben Affleck, the new Batman, has some impressive wheels.

Well, they're covered for the most part, although those Tumbler-esque wheels suggest that Snyder's Batman may not be straying too far from Christopher Nolan's. However, it's way too early to read too much into, basically, a picture of a car. Under a cover. Albeit a really cool car under a cover.

Expect more tomorrow, then...


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So we're back to the Schumacher days...

Got to be big enough to fit Afflecks head..

So it's a car and not a tank this time?

So they've stuck the bizarre back end fin from the schumacher Batmobile onto the Tumbler?

It's a cross between the tumbler Batmobile and the 1989 film version... That'll do nicely.

It looks too low to be a tank or the tumbler

This just reminds me that it's happening and I don't want it to be :(

I'm actually glad to see we might get a Batmobile that actually looks like a Batmobile. I'm hoping for a different approach to these films, where everything doesn't have to be bogged down by making it "more grounded".

Looks like a great backside, but please no fins! I really hope it's like the Batmobile in the upcoming Arkham Knight game.

How can he possibly see where hes going with a giant cloth over the car?!? Damn you Snyder you ruined everything!!!!!!!!!!!!

After Man of Steel I think there was enough grounded. ;-)

Ha! Wordplay

In other news, Gal Gadot has just tweeted a picture of Wonder Woman's jet....

Looks like it's too low in the middle to have a roof - that'll be handy for fitting the action figures into the toy version.

Cynical? Me?

looks like nolens tumbler's rear and the bulk of burtons batmoble mated and this is the result.. i bet the cockpit is set to the rear of the vehical like keatons

It he just going to ride around without a roof? Its like he wants Supes to drop out of the sky and squash him into the ground...

I'm still bitter about WW not getting her own film. I will probably remain so until I get a trailer in all honesty.

Nissan Deltawing!!

ba ha ha ha ha! comment of the hour! :v this comment bring me smile.

lol brilliant

I don't see what you did there. Which is good.

If it doesn't have a disco ball in the front, I ain't watching.

reckon this film's going to be meh...

The problem would appear to be that DC/Warner decided their universe would be the more grounded approach of Batman Begins. We might be seeing that rebooted in this film with a new approach to Batman, but if it has to mesh with the hyper-realistic, bleached, po-faced approach of MoS then 'grounded' is exactly what you're going to get.

That said, the look of that Batmobile fills me with confidence - up until now it's been speculation about casting and the approach - this seems to be something concrete, and thank goodness it doesn't look like Joel Schumacher's giant shoe...

Utilising the best of both is always a good thing.

It looks vaguely Batmobile (tm) shaped. So far so good.

You Sir, win.

So, Snyder gave the Batmobile a cape....That's definitely a different take on it to say the least...

or maybe try something original?

Looks like the one from the recent "Son of Batman" Animated Movie

"argh...the thing doesn't fit into the batmobile"
Simpson's quote of the day

You sir have won the internet.

Maybe it's just me but it looks like a trike, which would be something different. Looking forward to the full revel.

Would personally prefer to see Bats riding a motor-bike, a black version of the bike from Akira or something.

I think the Red Bull X2010 concept wouldn't be too shabby as a BatMobile either :)

If it's a cross between the two, rather than just using The Tumbler or the 1989 design, then it is original...

I'll just drop this off here ...

I like the look of the Bat Mobile, and the look of Batman. But I hated Man of Steel so intensely that I cannot work up any enthusiasm. Loved 300, Loved Watchmen. Neither of those make up for the absolute 'guff' that was Man of Steel. I'm truly scared for Batman's next outing.

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