Zack Snyder reveals the new Batmobile

News Simon Brew
12 May 2014 - 18:05

The reworking of Batman on the big screen has begun: meet the new Batmobile from Batman Vs Superman...

And let the teasing official begin. Accompanied by a message that suggests more is to come shortly - "Could be time to pull the tarp... Tomorrow?" - Zack Snyder has Tweeted an official picture of the brand new Batmobile from his upcoming Batman Vs Superman movie. Ben Affleck, the new Batman, has some impressive wheels.

Well, they're covered for the most part, although those Tumbler-esque wheels suggest that Snyder's Batman may not be straying too far from Christopher Nolan's. However, it's way too early to read too much into, basically, a picture of a car. Under a cover. Albeit a really cool car under a cover.

Expect more tomorrow, then...


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