Batman reboot moves ahead of Justice League?

News Simon Brew 13 Feb 2013 - 06:49

Warner Bros might just have pushed a Batman reboot ahead of the Justice League movie on its production slate...

Given the (unconfirmed) news that broke last week surrounding Warner Bros' planned Justice League movie, specifically that the screenplay from Will Beall had been scrapped and it was basically back to square one, few are now expecting Warner Bros to have the film ready for summer 2015. Without a script, Warner Bros can't lure in a good director, and the clock is ticking on getting such an important film for the studio into production.

The problem for Warner Bros is that if the Justice League movie is now rushed, and then doesn't work, the DC cinematic universe is in deep trouble. This is a project that's supposed to close the gap on the Marvel movies, not lengthen it, as the muddled Green Lantern seemed to do.

Batman On Film, a site whose sources have good tentacles on these matters, now reports that Warner Bros may just have moved a reboot of Batman ahead of Justice League on its schedule. Furthermore, if it can make a success out of Man Of Steel, and can get working on a full trilogy of Superman films as a result, then Warner Bros' need to press ahead with a new Batman film quickly will be relaxed. That might mean the caped crusader isn't seen on the big screen again until 2019. That said, if Man Of Steel bombs (which seems unlikely), Warner Bros may have to send for Batman sooner.

That said, the move back towards re-introducing Batman in a solo, standalone project seems a wise one, and leaving several years between the Christopher Nolan Dark Knight trilogy and a new take on the character also seems a good plan.

As for Justice League? There's a growing suspicion - and again, nothing remotely formal on this has come out of Warner Bros - that the film will be scrapped, certainly in its current form. At the very least, unless Warner Bros can pull together a strong screenplay for the project in the next few months, it's got little to no chance of arriving in the summer of 2015. We'll keep you posted...

Batman On Film.

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They need a comic writer to take over. Get Geoff Johns on the project. Use the New 52 intro story. It may not be perfect, but it does introduce everyone in a great story and has a good villain too.

I'd love Grant Morrison to have a stab at a big screen Batman story. That being said: I wish they would leave Batman alone for a couple of years. The franchise doesn't need another reboot after the teriffic Nolan trilogy.

What i would do....... See how well received MAN OF STEEL is. If successful, greenlight a sequel and use that sequel to introduce a new Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter. Make the villan of the sequel connected to DarkSeid in some way (if thats the villan chosen for JL movie). I'd like to see 'Hulk - like' rampage from Doomsday in a MOS sequel, maybe unleashed by DarkSeid. Next part is tricky...... You would need to give another DC character their 1st movie to set up the members you want to use for the JL movie. Wonderwoman could logically set up Aquaman and Green Arrow (amazonian, ecological, narrative desert island connections etc) and The Flash could set up maybe Captain Marvel and / or one of the other less known DC heros you could include. After this strategy Avengers 2 should have been and gone so aim for the JL movie the year after A2. THEN you debut a new Batman in the JL movie. This approach would allow DC and WB to see how successful Marvel's 2nd phase is. It could go either way tho. One of the Phase 2 movies could stink or they redefine tentpole action movies once again! The important thing for DC to do tho is not panic or rush anything and have faith in their own properties. Thoughts?

I think rushing to copy Marvel is a mistake.

Having made the best Batman trilogy we could've hoped for they should now try to do the same for Superman. If this is a success they can use these films to tease/reference/introduce other characters who can go off to have thier own films (Flash, Wonder Woman etc). These other films can be pretty much stand-alone but still sharing the DC Universe.

If it all works out, then after Superman3 bring them together into a JL film - or even make SM3 about a huge threat that needs the formation of a team. A twist would be to end Superman3 with Superman himself becoming the threat - this would justify the need for the other characters coming together..

I'd love them to try something new, rather than another reboot. How can another Batman improve on the latest one? Why try?

Some people seem to be wearing Avengers-tinted glasses, thinking that all these individual set-ups have to take place for a JL film to succeed. Do they really, though? X-Men was a hit without a load of separate strands, and for me personally, I only really knew of Wolverine. By today's trends, Star Wars wouldn't get made without separate Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Princess Leia films. All it needs it skill and care. The best way DC can get back on terms with Marvel is to show that they don't need to use the same template of variable-quality solo films. I realy liked the Watchman and went into that completely cold, none of them are household names, and I hadn't even read the comic book. It seems like people are lining the streets for 2015 shouting "clear the way for Avengers 2, nothing else can stand up to it".

Personally, I think DC's strength at the moment is it's TV output.

They seem to lack confidence in developing a strategy for movies.

If they copy Marvel they are seen as rip-offs, but if they tread the same path as Nolan they risk boring everyone with a samey approach.

My solution would be to just let their characters be adapted by screenwriters and directors who have a unique talent in order to come up with something different. Del Toro on JL Dark, for instance, is a great move and that should be their plan going forward.

I think they should take a deep breath, let the Man of Steel arrive and go, then see where theyre at, because quite honestly it looks like theyre in a bit of a tail spin at the moment, Marvel/Disney are killing it with their movies as well as cleaning up financially, and it seems the money men at Warners are in a panic now that the Bats triolgy is done and are driving all this, like someone said below they dont necessarily
have to have a stand alone film to introduce everyone but its imperative that theres cohesion across the franchise. Dont rush it, have faith in the characters and dont try to have the paying public over and it should be all good.

Great point. I like the idea of them trying to do for Superman what they did for Batman and maybe teasing additional characters into another 2 potential MOS sequels. Thats if there will be any, based on its success / failure of course. WB deffo shouldnt rush anything. They can concentrate on other films to keep themselves in the $$. Doesnt have to be DC titles. In fact, the DC universe is one of their potentially most lucrative franchises so its imperative they DONT rush anything just to keep up with Marvel. That ship has sailed now unfortunately so its important for DC / WB to do their own thing and create their own path.


No more batman please! We have Burtons classics and Nolans Trilogy. We do not need anymore.

Are the studios really that hell bent on making money? They know everyone loved the latest Batman saga, lets move on.

Lets concentrate on Man Of Steel first and see how it fairs.

JL Dark would be great; lot's of fairly unknown characters that could help set another side of the DCUinverse in case it's ever needed. If not, it's still an interesting dark take on the superhero film.

Oh dear God, no.

Excellent point. I'll be happy if the only recognizable face is superman's. I've been telling a slightly movie geek, yet cool jock every other way-friend about ideas for future avengers movies like heroes for hire or moon knight or vision, n he can't even wrap his head around ant man and guardians of the galaxy. "Oh they're forcing us to watch these no namers so we understand avengers 2 and 3." and I forgot he loved watchmen even more than me. (i thought they talked too much, neither it or 300 touch Sin City, to me)

A new stand alone Batman would be fine, just so long as its NOT another origin story! We really don't need another one of those films, everyone knows the origin of Batman by now. Showing the origins again was something that, IMO, really slowed down the recent Spider-man film. At some point you have to trust that the audience knows what going on. Don't waste time on telling us what we already know.

And this, folks, is why we will never see a Justice League movie... because DC Comics is too busy trying to make money. Mind you, if they do like Marvel did, and give the people WHAT THEY WANT, they'll do exactly that. (See "The Avengers" for proof of the same)

Let's not kid ourselves here. Marvel is a business just as much as Warner Bros is. They did have a primary incentive to make money, just like Warner Bros.

And yet

There really does seem to be such a love for the world and the characters behind the scene. Sure, releasing film after film will rake in lots of cash, but I do think it goes deeper than that with Marvel. When they started, Avengers was probably a far off possibility that they could only dream of, but they lay the foundations for it from the very beginning. They didn't just come along and make an Avengers movie there and then, because they knew it wouldn't work. I'm a non comic reader and I absolutely love the Avengers. Because Marvel took the time to introduce the characters in 5 previous movies, none of these movies being rushed or bad either, making when these guys come together all the more epic. In short, Marvel seem to want to do more than make money; they want to show their world on screen as best they can. Flash back 5 years would anyone have predicted that the Avengers would be the 3rd biggest movie ever? No.

There is just no feeling like that over at Warner. None at all. They were rushing out a Justice League movie without thinking about it, and it looks like it's stopped before it's even begun. Just how imagine how awesome this movie would be if they took their time on it, and really pulled out all the stops to make it epic. But you can just tell they don't want to do that. They want a piece of the Marvel cake. A movie made entirely for greedy purposes.... I'm bloody glad they're having issues with it. And yet, the greed continues. It was high time for a Superman remake. But a Batman one? Seriously? Come on. Yes, they did it with Spiderman. Yes, people seem to love the new Spiderman movie (I'm not one of them). But following Nolan so soon, especially when the angry world of the internet knows you're only doing it for the money... I pity the bloke who has to lead that!

Please don't remake batman. Nolan gave us a trilogy to remember and rehashing Batman again would ruin that. Stick to making MOS a decent franchise/Trilogy and leave Batman in all it's glory.

The problem is that DC are trying to ape the success of the Marvel movies without realising that when "The Avengers" was put into production it had been in the pipeline for a number of years.

Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Captain America and Thor had all been made as standalone films but with a view to setting up an ensemble movie at some point in the future (hence all the post credit cut scenes). Sadly Green Lantern, the recent Batman trilogy and Man Of Steel were never planned with that in mind and so any attempt to make a Justice League film using these heroes in their present form is doomed to failure )and any attempt to re-boot Batman after the Nolan films is likely to be met with incredulity from fans).

Also, considering that Wonder Woman and The Flash have yet to make their big screen debut, DC can't rely on just the "big 2" of Superman and Batman to carry a film about a "team" of heroes.

If the folks at Warner Bros were smart they would steer clear of trying to copy Marvel's blueprint. In fact, they would be wise to do the complete opposite of what Marvel did. They should start with a Justice League movie. They could start with these guys already knowing of each other which would speed things up and put you right into the action. Then they can branch off to solo films or team up movies like "Flash and Green Lantern Do This" or "Superman and Wonder Woman do that". If they're going to do a Batman reboot it better #1 NOT BE AN ORIGIN STORY and #2 HAVE AT LEAST 2 OTHER DC HEROES IN IT. Warner Bros needs to get it together.

They can't get a script right now I have to wait several years...Ohhhhhhhh The Disappointment

Honestly People a Batman Reboot is inevitable anyways...and its way off in 2019 with justice league in 2021.Which these are probably still rumours....I think they honestly still have time to get a good script and everything by 2015.I just feel like they're rushing it

Great point.

This isn't a surprise. Obviously the only DC character that WB has any idea on how to handle (courtesy of Christopher Nolan) is Batman. Superman, in spite of WB's misfires on the character, is still universally recognize and continues to be a potential big box office draw (Singer's Superman Returns still made money in spite of both the fans and critics lackluster reaction to it.

Botton line: WB has no clue whatsoever on what to do with their DC Universe catalogue. Its potentially rivals even Star Wars but unfortunately WB cannot see it. It will always be just Batman and Superman for them until they get their heads out of their butts and make a commitment towards it. Maybe they should sale it to Disney.

you cant just say no to batman movies people still wanna see movies based on batman but one more related to the comics cause each batman series has had its on twist to the comics burtons one good film was classic but the rest were either average or sucked nolans was the only succesfull take on batman so why not reboot it for the second time

i think a Batman set in the 1930s is the way to go.

ITS SO EASY!!! HOW ARE THEY STRUGGLING IN THIS??? They should just continue with the Chris Nolan’s batman just with different actor other than Bale (an older guy because Bale portrays young Batman).LIKE IN THE COMICS! Let Joseph Levitt try and be Knightwing (considering that TDKR ended that way), and then defend Gotham but struggles which forces Batman to return which sets it up for another batman film. Batman movies can be 5 to 10 years after TDKR. A few actors can change, maybe an older alfred, and screw catwoman and in this movie Batman is smarter with more experience, can develop his own weapons that way he won’t need Fox no more. LIKE IN THE COMICS! More educated in his sciences, and more of a detective as always.LIKE IN THE COMICS! After the Knightwing film, Kightwing can come out in the Man of Steel’s third installment and maybe be the reason why Batman and Superman meet, LIKE IN THE COMICS! SEE NOT HARD AT ALL!!!!


Nolan had his own take on the character. That's not somehow the official one. Second, this wouldn't be a remake. Do you consider Nolan's films to be a remake? Burton's were first. Nolan's films were highly pretentious. We need to get the fun back, and a reboot is needed to achieve that. Batman will never end.

The latest one was pretentious.

People are tired of the realistic, serious tone.

Forget Batman! We HAVE Batman, even if its the Nolan version. If you want to do a movie before JLA, do WONDER WOMAN! This is the obvious and logical move to make.

Warner bros doesnt need to make a JL movie to compete with the avengers. Batman is their bread and butter and compete against marvel. They need to start working on the next Batman and dare i say it be better than Nolan's if they really want to crush the avenger's. 2020 is way to long for the next Batman movie to come out.

The difference between Marvel and DC movie output is that Marvel is run by it's Creative Committee, made up of experienced comic book writers, who live and breathe the characters and who create the overall structure of the universe and influence the screenwriters. DC on the other hand is run by movie suits who take hardly any notice of the creative talent who actually make the characters popular in the first place. That's the weakness that they have. They lack the vision for the story and the universe. It's why I think they're better off having 'auteur' types take on their icons at this moment until they can get their act together.

That is so true. Until the recent run of Avengers films Iron Man and Thor were fairly minor Marvel heroes (Cap, Spidey, X-Men, Hulk and FF being the main ones) yet they managed to pull it off.

Sadly the memory of the Green Lantern movie will not help the WB/DC cause.

If it's going to happen it needs to begin with Man of Steel. If it's both a critical and box office success, I think they should then re-establish the Batman franchise and model it after Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. Then the Superman sequel could be a story that includes Wonder Woman with a Batman cameo at the end.

Then WB could do a 3-part story that begins with the Superman sequel and then continues with World's Finest and concludes with Trinity. Trinity could cameo both GL and Flash.

MOS - 2013
New Batman movie - 2016
Superman sequel (w/story involving WW, Batman cameo - 2017
World's Finest (featuring Supes & Bats, cameo by WW) - 2018 or 2019

Trinity (featuring Supes, Bats & WW, cameos by GL & Flash) - 2020
Batman sequel (stand alone) - 2020

no you are, last i saw it made billions of dollars. Do wonder woman or flash. thats what they should focus on.

Why not make the "Man of Steel" sequel a Superman/Batman team up? Then in the 3rd film, they could introduce Wonder Woman. Those are the big 3 of DC.

Just because Nolan gave us a decent trilogy is no reason to say no more Batman movies. Look at the James Bond movies.

I agree 200% with this, just because a franchise is being rebooted, doesn't mean it has to be an origin story.

This is hardly rocket science. You give the members of the JLA their own movies first, then you do the team-up movie. Warner are just making this difficult on themselves when it's so straight-forward. Man of Steel, Flash, Wonder-Woman, Green Lantern reboot, Batman reboot, Justice League. You do one or two a year, JLA in three years time. Problem solved. You're welcome, Warner. You're welcome.

I think they should just stick Nolan's batman in the justice league, cause you can tell by the ending of the dark knight rises that it originally was going to be more batman movies because the ending did seem to leave it open for a sequel or a spin off robin movie. I think that Nolan after he finished the script realized that he didn't want to do another batman movie so he just made the tag line ''the legend ends'' on the poster to imply that this was the last batman movie for him. so I think that they should cast Christian Bell as batman in the justice league movie and make a batman reboot in 2020.

and if they do decide to make a batman reboot what would the tone be for the movie? would it be campy like the Adam west tv show of 1966 of like the Joel schumaker batman of the middle 90's. or would it be dark and serious like the tim burton or christopher nolan batman. these is why I think they should put a hold on a batman reboot till the 2020's.

1: I'd watch "Han Solo: The Motion Picture"
2: Agreed. I'd like for Man of Steel to be awesome, then make MoS two, and at the end, have Supes almost defeated, then WHAMO! Batplane launches a missile and peels away. That's it. Just a two-second cameo to introduce Batman and a JL Universe...

Nice, but I'd go with this personally:

MOS- 2013

MOS II- 2016 w/ Batman Cameo

New Batman- 2018: I'd go with an Arkham Asylum style Batman; in my opinion Arkham is the perfect combination of Comic Mythos and Nolan-like grittiness. Cameo by a minor JL character... I'd love to see Green Arrow but I don't think deviating from classic JL members is a good idea.

Superman-Batman 2020: Similar plot to Public Enemies, have Luthor sicking Supervillains on the pair... this could introduce other major Heroes... i.e. WW, Flash, GL, MM, Aquaman.

Justice League: 2024- Give the JL movie some time to be done right. It must be a spectacle; with perfect villains and plot. Maybe include all of Bats' contingency plans for the heroes... of course, that's been done before.

DC does not need to reboot Batman until after the Justice League movie. They need to focus on Superman II before the JL movie. At the end of Superman II they should have The new Bruce Wayne/Batman in the cave in front of his multimonitors where you see Batman in costume minus his cowl tracking, superman, flash, green lantern, Wonder Woman, and aqua man. This will serve as an introduction to those characters for the JL movie. If it is successful, then they can Do individual movies.

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