Michael Caine on The Dark Knight Rises ending

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6 Dec 2012 - 06:23
The Dark Knight Rises

How ambiguous in the ending to The Dark Knight Rises? Sir Michael Caine shares his thoughts...

Warning: the story contains spoilers for the ending of The Dark Knight Rises. We figured you might have guessed that already, but no harm in us playing on the safe side anyway!

Just after the cinema release of The Dark Knight Rises, there quickly seemed to be two schools of thought as to how to take the film's ending. Was it as it was seen, that Bruce Wayne/Batman escaped from the big mushroom cloud explosion, and ended up at a cafe with Anne Hathaway's Selina Kyle, as Michael Caine's Alfred looked on? Or was that final scene Alfred's dream sequence of how it all played out, and Bruce Wayne had indeed perished.

There were certainly good arguments on both sides of the divide, but Sir Michael Caine, talking to Hero Complex, is very much on the side of it being real. He told the site that "They were there. They were real. There was no imagination. They were real and he was with Anne, the cat lady, and I was happy ever after for him as I told him during the picture".

That might just put the argument to bed once and for all, then. The full piece at Hero Complex can be found here.

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