Is Armie Hammer the next big screen Batman?

News Simon Brew 9 Oct 2012 - 07:28

Could Armie Hammer be back in the running to play Batman, in the planned Justice League movie?

Once upon a time, Armie Hammer was cast as Batman. He was set to play the character in the once-mooted film of Justice League, that was being put together by Mad Max helmer George Miller. The film got some way down the road, too, and was well into pre-production, before events conspired against it.

The film had been set to start shooting in early 2008, but the strike called by the Writers Guild Of America around the time added one obstacle, as did the decision to relocate shooting from Australia to Canada. A formal announcement of the film's cancellation never came, but it ended up being quietly dropped from the Warner Bros roster.

By then, Armie Hammer had been fitted for his Batman suit. He was an unknown at the time, though, as opposed to now. His appearances in The Social Network and Mirror Mirror have raised his profile, and he's the co-lead of next year's Disney blockbuster, The Lone Ranger, alongside Johnny Depp.

And, as it turns out, he might yet have another shot at being Batman. Moviehole is reporting that Hammer is "back on WB's radar" to play the role, as the studio looks to put together a Justice League movie once again. Furthermore, the site's source confirms that whoever ends up playing Batman in the Justice League film may be different to who wears the suit in the next round of standalone movies.

Obviously, the usual pinch of salt is worth taking, given that much of the project is still at the rumour stage. But we'll keep you posted as we hear more...


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Do JLA by all means (it will be awful, cause the characters will just not work together on the big screen and they haven't been set up like the Avengers). New Batman movies? Lets give it 10 years.

Why cast someone to be Batman for the Justice League but not for the Batman films? it just doesn't make sense, can you imagine if Marvel did something similar with Iron Man? would be incredibly stupid and The Avengers would have suffered as a result. I agree with quiffproquo though, it's still not going to work!

Why cast someone to be Batman for the Justice League but not for the Batman films? it just doesn't make sense, can you imagine if Marvel did something similar with Iron Man? would be incredibly stupid and The Avengers would have suffered as a result. I agree with quiffproquo though, it's still not going to work!

Nolan's Batman films could easily be bettered by a team with the talents of Paul Dini and Bruce Timm from The Animated Series.

hear! hear!

Oh yes.... No one knows Batman better than these two....
NOthing has come close to bringing the comic alive, maybe with the exception of Arkham Asylum/ City in the gaming world...
Isn't Arnie HAmmer a little the wrong side of thirty to play Bruce?

I like Arnie Hammer, but I don't see him as Batman.

Casting rumours for a film that hasn't even been announced? Hmmm...

Really can't see this JLA movie being any good, just seems like they are rushing it into production to rival the Avengers! chances are the actors involved will be badly picked and the super-hero characters used won't even live up to the pretty decent proto-JLA seen in Smallville.

Agreed, @quiffproquo, the DC characters won't work. Even back in the 60's I always preferred the Marvel comic characters because they WERE characters. Few of them were opminpotent, they all had various weaknesses and failings yet still managed to come through in the end. The DC characters - in my humble opinion - were TOO "super" to provide anything but a safe-bet for survival & victory. Perhaps, also, they were too "squeaky-clean" to be believable as real characters. Only Batman managed to submerge his "squeaky-clean" image beneath an increasingly psychopathic persona thanks to some brilliant and intense writing by his more recent comic authors ("more recent" by my standards being from about 1978 onwards). For me, apart from the Bat, the best and most original DC character was Green Lantern - and then they ruined him with a preposterously bad and ineptly made film! I really WISH Stan Lee had devised Green Lantern, and Joss Whedon had made the movie - WOW! That could be one of the best ten movies never made... If Armie Hammer is the next Batman, his age won't worry me, providing he gives a nicely psychotic performance.

I dunno, I think that it could, COULD, work given the right amount of care. But DC couldn't simply pull an Avengers, I think it'd have to be Batman pulling the strings behind it all, getting them together. As for weakness' I agree, which is why they need to base them as realistic as possible: Superman is constantly fearful of persecution and harming people so never reaches full strength and only flys, uses heat vision adn sometimes other's. Wonder Woman could be agressive towards the male members and become an instant hit with constantly making them feel inferior and being most powerful. Flash could be unstable, ticking off mainly Green Lantern and even throw in an element of cowardice(Always running away). Green Lantern... yeah, his film screwed him up badly, so use John Stewart and make him the wisest and hang back slightly being more of a planner. Oh and Batman? He's Batman.

See, I look at Hammer and I just dont see Bruce Wayne. He's too young, too 'One Tree Hill' or something... he's like an actor Smallville would have cast for the role if they were allowed to use the character.
Still, Keaton was considered wrong for the part too and look how great tha turned out...

It sounds weird, but I guess it would allow them to keep the Batman franchise 'realistic' whilst allowing Justice League to be more over the top...

The thing is, DC's strength is in their willingness to tackle philosophical issues- for example Superman's real weakness being holding back from fear of becoming essentially a god/totalitarian ruler/harming people. But these issues will not be bought to the forefront of a big budget movie I think... Nolan's Batman may well be the only exception.

I'm a big fan of his baking soda toothpaste but not really sure he'd be a good Batman.

Too young, not world-weary enough. Seems clear WB are trying to appeal to the Twilight generation, which is puzzling considering how popular Nolan/Bale Batman was. Like inventing the wheel then when everyone says how great it is, making it square.

He's still unknown as far as I'm concerned. I've never heard of him, let alone seen him in anything.

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