Is Armie Hammer the next big screen Batman?

News Simon Brew
9 Oct 2012 - 07:28

Could Armie Hammer be back in the running to play Batman, in the planned Justice League movie?

Once upon a time, Armie Hammer was cast as Batman. He was set to play the character in the once-mooted film of Justice League, that was being put together by Mad Max helmer George Miller. The film got some way down the road, too, and was well into pre-production, before events conspired against it.

The film had been set to start shooting in early 2008, but the strike called by the Writers Guild Of America around the time added one obstacle, as did the decision to relocate shooting from Australia to Canada. A formal announcement of the film's cancellation never came, but it ended up being quietly dropped from the Warner Bros roster.

By then, Armie Hammer had been fitted for his Batman suit. He was an unknown at the time, though, as opposed to now. His appearances in The Social Network and Mirror Mirror have raised his profile, and he's the co-lead of next year's Disney blockbuster, The Lone Ranger, alongside Johnny Depp.

And, as it turns out, he might yet have another shot at being Batman. Moviehole is reporting that Hammer is "back on WB's radar" to play the role, as the studio looks to put together a Justice League movie once again. Furthermore, the site's source confirms that whoever ends up playing Batman in the Justice League film may be different to who wears the suit in the next round of standalone movies.

Obviously, the usual pinch of salt is worth taking, given that much of the project is still at the rumour stage. But we'll keep you posted as we hear more...


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