The Dark Knight Rises extended cut coming to Blu-ray?

News Glen Chapman 7 Sep 2012 - 08:14

Rumours are emerging that a longer cut of The Dark Knight Rises will be available when it's released in the run up to Christmas....

Spoilers for The Dark Knight Rises ahead.

You may remember a few weeks back we passed on some information that emerged from an interview with Lindy Hemmings, the costume designer for The Dark Knight Rises, where she revealed that there was some footage filmed that would have filled out Bane's backstory that ultimately didn't make it into the final film. You can read the previous news piece here.

It's now being rumoured that the Blu-ray and DVD release of The Dark Knight Rises will include an extended cut, which will include over 30 minutes of additional footage. Said footage will apparently focus on Bane's backstory and add in more screentime for Ra's Al Ghul. So, more Tom Hardy and Liam Neeson, which can be no bad thing.

The inclusion of such scenes would, however, undoubtedly affect the narrative flow of the film. Still, it would be interesting to see how this rumoured cut differs from the theatrical one – if indeed it exists at all. It might suggest that Christopher Nolan didn't have first cut first time around (which seems unlikely), or that, with those back stories mentioned above pushing the duration to well over three hours, something simply had to give.

That said, he may still have an extended take on The Dark Knight Rises Nolan wants to put out there. We suspect we won't have long to wait to find out whether or not this one is true...

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This could potentially be the most exhausted bluray in my collection already... I'm already planning a 3x3 watch of the films over 1 weekend... This might bump it up to 4x3. PLEASE Let this be true, after the disappointment of the UK Avengers Bluray release, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Let this be true... perhaps an extended and theatrical cut on 1 disk... *perhaps wishing for too much*

Seems little more than speculation to me, but does fit in the with the idea that the film was edited down to the maximum time it could be for IMAX... I think I read somewhere 2hr 45 was the maximum it could be for projection purposes (weight limitation)...... However from reading the shooting script I can't imagine where 30 minutes is going to come from though... the scenes mentioned add up to little more than a few minutes at most

Disappointment with Avengers?!? What the frick??

Lack of bonus features on the UK release dude... and the 'promise' that they'll put them on in a future release. SOOOO Basically "buy this film now, we'll charge you for the bonus features and probably extended cut further down the line".
Cheers... thanks for that.

Just hope the Imax scenes are included as it was with the Dark knight It was so dissapointing they weren't in the Mission Impossible 4 Ghost Protocol blu ray disc

Yes it annoys me too. This whole regional coding and America gets one version and the Uk gets less / months later is really starting to get silly, expensive and pointless now most people have fast broadband. Last week in HMV I saw adverts for coming releases and newly released disks..The Pirates band of Misfits, Hunger Games, Cabin in the Woods and a few others. All of them I had downloaded from the internet and seen weeks before they were due to be released here. Out of all of them, I would say only Cabin in the Woods is one I might have bought. In the UK most people with a fast connection and computer knowledge would just download them, rather than wait for weeks longer, or pay for them new. I have refused to buy anything on Blueray etc that I had on DvD as I cant see the point of paying for it twice, especially if its more or less a straight DVD Port. I would by special editions and boxed sets etc...but cant afford most stuff these days. If it comes out in America with extra footage etc, but not here, just download it and then maybe they will get the message....

It was long enough already! What on earth can an extended cut add!!

It won't happen, Nolan's too boring for something fun like deleted scenes to ever get into his movies.

TDKR – The biggest disappointment of 2012.

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