The Dark Knight Rises round-up

News Simon Brew
27 Mar 2012 - 07:21

The latest news regarding Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises, all in one handy place...

A few little bits and bobs are doing the rounds regarding The Dark Knight Rises, so in time honoured fashioned, we figured we’d bring them all together in one place.

Firstly, a bunch of cinema promotional stand art has leaked online, which gives us a peek at Batman looking surly, and Bane waving his fist. This is the official standee art, as we believe it’s known, with further art for Bane and Catwoman also doing the rounds.

Meanwhile, chatting to the BBC, Gary Oldman has recalled the moment where he thought he’d lost the top secret The Dark Knight Rises script. “I was in panic for 20 minutes. I thought, ‘where the hell have I put it? It had my name on it. They would have killed me”.

Turns out, he’d stuck it under the mattress in his hotel room. We were going to look there next, but we were interrupted by the concierge service, and had to peg it out the window. Ahem.

He did reinforce the levels of secrecy involved in the project, saying that when Christopher Nolan gives the script out, “it doesn’t have the ending. Characters sometimes change, or their names change, and you have to go to the studio to read it”.

A quick one, next. There’s no sign yet of an official The Dark Knight Rises videogame (after the abandoned The Dark Knight tie-in, it’s understandable that cards may be being played closer to chests than normal). However, Gameloft, the mobile game publisher, has snapped up the licence for the film, and will be putting something together to play on mobiles and tablets.

Finally, the original co-creator of the character of Bane, Graham Nolan, has been interviewed over at Cinewebradio, where he’s chatted about his thoughts on how Christopher Nolan has treated the character.

“I like what I see so far. I understand the need to change certain things for a movie. The Batman costume of film is not that of the comics either. It’s more important to get the character right”, he said.

He’s not been involved with the film at all, nor has Christopher Nolan been in touch, but he’s far more hopeful this time around than he was with Joel Schumacher’s Batman & Robin. “To this day neither Chuck [Dixon] nor I have seen the movie. It's so monumentally bad, I won't waste my time. And the character in there is not the Bane we created.”

More on The Dark Knight Rises as we get it.


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