The Dark Knight Rises round-up

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14 Feb 2012 - 07:18
The Dark Knight Rises

Tom Hardy on the voice of Bane, Gary Oldman on an important scene in The Dark Knight Rises, and a van with some new promotional artwork…

There's a mild spoiler here, potentially. We're only saying that to be on the safe side, as no plot is given away.

With the film in heavy post-production, it’s perhaps inevitable that news surrounding The Dark Knight Rises has been a little thin on the ground of late. Still, there have been a few people chattering about the project, so we’ve rounded up the latest here.

Firstly, the issue of Bane’s mumbling has come up again, and Tom Hardy briefly talked about it to MTV. And as you might expect, he doesn’t seem particularly troubled by it. “Not at all”, he said. “ I trust Christopher Nolan implicitly. I’m not worried at all about people understanding him mumbling away.

Over at Collider, meanwhile, Gary Oldman has been paying tribute to his The Dark Knight Rises co-star, Sir Michael Caine, whilst dropping a hint as to a potentially key scene in the film.

“There’s an emotional scene coming up in the next Batman, which I am obviously, absolutely sworn to secrecy about… They would kill me”, he said.

He added that “Watching Michael Caine work, as Alfred, was a great lesson for me.  Just focus, concentration. He has this emotional scene. I’m kidding you not. It was tears and the whole thing. And it’s Take 1. He got it. Take 2. Got it. Take 3. Got it. He’s just on the money. Every single time. It’s just extraordinary…”

Finally, the New York Toy Fair has been taking place, and inevitably, there’s no shortage of new Batman toys about to hit the market.

And to promote them? The truck, that you can see pictured. On it, you might just notice Batman’s new flying vehicle, known as The Bat…

More on The Dark Knight Rises as we get it.

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