Are these new viral videos for The Dark Knight Rises?

Viral Video Simon Brew
2 Jun 2011 - 07:00

Three new mysterious videos appear online that might just be the latest stage in the viral campaign for The Dark Knight Rises…

Right, then, let's pop a disclaimer up first. These three videos we're about to show you may just be the work of a talented fan. But then, they may also be the latest chapter in the viral marketing campaign for The Dark Knight Rises.

They've all popped up on a new YouTube channel called TheFireRises, and one of them also features a brief weblink, which we've not been able to pause long enough to see, but apparently takes you off to a Facebook page with a picture of Nixon as played by Matthew Modine.

Take a look at these, see what you make of them (the rumours at the moment suggest that they're fake, but we're not taking anything for granted here), and the YouTube channel can be found here.

Read all that's known about The Dark Knight Rises here.

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