Liam Neeson on Taken 2 & The Dark Knight Rises

News Simon Brew
9 Feb 2011 - 05:11

The sequel to Taken is likely to film next year, and Liam Neeson has the final say on those The Dark Knight Rises rumours…

With his latest film, Unknown, arriving in the next couple of weeks, Liam Neeson has been chatting about two projects that he's had links of various strength to.

The first is the sequel to the surprise hit, Taken, which is planned to go into production next year. The actor revealed that the script is currently being written for Taken 2, saying that this time, "he's going to get taken!"

It's unclear how serious he is about that plot point, as in the next sentence, he does say that he doesn't know much about the story, as the screenplay is being worked on. He also said that Taken 2 will be a sequel, rather than a prequel.

Neeson was also quizzed about rumours suggesting that Ra's al Ghul would be popping up in The Dark Knight Rises. These rumours don't seem to take into account the fate that befell the character at the end of Batman Begins, and Neeson has now formally ruled out any chance of him returning. He "definitely" won't be appearing in the film, which clashes, anyway, with the shoot for next year's Wrath Of The Titans.

Taken 2, though? That's definitely a goer...


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