Batman 3: Christopher Nolan confirmed, start date hinted

News Simon Brew
30 Sep 2010 - 04:50

It’s definite: Christopher Nolan will direct the next Batman film. And actor Michael Caine reckons the cameras will start rolling next spring…

It's been a long time coming, but Christopher Nolan has finally confirmed that his next project will, indeed, be directing his third Batman movie. The film, which is still going by the working title of Batman 3, will see Christian Bale return to the lead role, and Nolan - who has been overseeing the production thus far - will presumably make this his final trip to Gotham City. Pity the person who has to follow him.

The project is still mired in a degree of mystery, mind. There's still no confirmation of the main villain, even though rampant speculation suggests The Riddler will be stepping centre stage. And casting, clearly, is still a little way away. Nolan revealed to Empire that he's still tinkering with getting the script right.

So, when will the film shoot? Well, according to Michael Caine, who was talking on The Chris Moyles Show yesterday, it will "probably start in May of next year". And will he be in it? "I assume I'm there. In the movie business, you never believe anything, you assume."

The target release date for the film remains July 20th 2012. And as we find out more, we'll let you know!


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