New Batman movie shooting next April

News Simon Brew
12 Jul 2010 - 07:02
Is The Dark Knight cursed?

The Dark Knight goes before the cameras once more next April for Christopher Nolan, it’s been revealed…

As Christopher Nolan's Inception rolls out into cinemas at the end of this week, inevitably attention is turning to his next project. And while it's not yet been formally confirmed that he'll direct as far as we can see, his next film behind the camera is nonetheless certain to be his third and final Batman movie.

We already know that the film is set for release on July 20 2012, but thanks to Sir Michael Caine on the red carpet for the aforementioned Inception, we also now know that the shoot is likely to commence in April next year. Caine also told Digital Spy that he wasn't sure yet he was in the film, although again, it's pretty certain that he will be.

Expect the mystery over who the film's villain will be to be resolved in the months ahead, with The Riddler remaining the hot favourite...

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