Title for Batman Vs Superman confirmed

News Simon Brew 21 May 2014 - 18:40

Zack Snyder's Man Of Steel follow-up will be called Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice....

The film formerly known as Batman Vs Superman now has its official title. Director Zack Snyder's follow-up to Man Of Steel will be called Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice.
Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck are leading the cast. Amongst the support are Gal Gadot, Holly Hunter, Diane Lane, Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne, Jesse Eisenberg and Jeremy Irons. This has now been official confirmed by Warner Bros.Production officially started today, and it looks like Argo's Chris Terrio has final screenwriting credit, from a screenplay by David S Goyer.

The film arrives on May 6th 2016, although it lands a week earlier in the UK. Here's the official logo too...

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Cause Rise of justice will be cliche? A bit wordy, isn't it.

It seems a bit ...weak? I understand that this is a precursor to a full Justice League film, but surely something a bit more imaginative?

3 words too long by my reckoning.

Seems a bit like "Captain America: The First Avenger" aka "You Know What Movie Comes Next". Doesn't mean that it'll be a bad film, but Batman v Superman would have worked just as good.

And this dawn thing, I don't know, Batman and dawn, I saw the pictures and he looks more like a night person :D

Perhaps this just isn't a sequel to Man of Steel. Maybe it's just a stand alone kind of like Avengers. Man of Steel was a stand alone like Iron Man, Captain America, or Thor. They'll come back for Man of Steel 2. The whatever they call Batman 1. I know they've said this is the sequel to Man of Steel but the way it's shaping up it just looks like Avengers except they're using it to launch the members of the Justice League instead of doing individual films to lead up to the big blockbuster like Marvel did with the Avengers. Thoughts?

Well, the Russians say "Поживьом, увидим" (We'll live to see), but I hope you are right, sir, I sincerely do.

I guess "Batman v Superman v Wonder Woman v Cyborg v Lex Luthor v Whoever else we decide to cram into this thing: Justice League is totally coming soon, guys" probably wouldn't have left a lot of room on the poster...

Can't we have Batman vs Superman: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes of the Dead Breaking Dawn?

Dusk of Justice? Nah...
Late Afternoon of Justice? Nah...
Dark Night of Justice! There we go!

There is literally nothing that needs to be added to "Batman vs. Superman". That says it all. Who on earth thought it needed a subtitle? Who thought "Dawn of Justice" sounded good?

Well, what could this have come from?

You forgot the "Part 2 - part 1"

Adding a second chunk of text after the colon suggests that this won't the first Batman v Superman film (see Capt America et al). Have there been any other one-off films with a colonised suffix?

It's basically a film about the night shift hand over, you know the score brief the day shift on whats been happening etc. They run a 3 shift system, but the Twilight shift story didn't get off the ground due to branding conflicts with some Emo vampires.

If you read 'Dawn of Justice' in a voice other than Matt Berry's then congratulations, you have a stronger will than I.

Yeah, I guess "Justice Rising", "Finding Justice" and "Meet the Justice" were all taken. How about "Superman/Batman - Port of Call: Justice"? "Justice Boogaloo"? "The Phantom Justice"?

Ugh. Stupid sub-title for a doomed film. Prove me wrong, idiots who made Man of Steel right after Green Lantern.

Sounds like they're planning on a franchise within a franchise, with more than one Batman Vs Superman movie...

I'm not normally one to scoff at titles, which almost always become meaningless once you've heard them a few times - I mean, The Beatles is a crap name for a band if you think about it. But that subtitle sounds a bit silly and overdone to me (a Zach Snyder film that is silly and overdone? Surely not...). I suppose they're trying to mirror Man OF Steel..?

2001: A space Odyssey (if we ignore the belated 2010 sequel); Kubrick always envisioned it as a one-off flm

Another Kubrick one off =
Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

Are they adding even more characters to this film...?

Not another new character....

Apparently, I'm a 'Guest' now.

The thing with titles is, if the band/film/whatever becomes great then the words lose all meaning and just become synonymous with the film or band. The Beatles is one example. Star Wars is another.

Is anyone else wondering why Superman is now the second-named character. Makes it sounds less MoS II and more Batman part Whatever We're Up To.

Batman v Superman: Shaun of Justice

There is a lot of talk about the name but nobody talking about what a disappointment the logo is. It is almost identical to fan made versions that I saw months ago. They could have thought a little outside of the batcave and come up with something original

I know all the omens are bad but I definitely want to see this! Crap title or not!

Didn't need the subtitle as the first title is too long when you say it (too many syllables)

Either the orginal Batman V Superman would be fine or MOS: Dawn of Justice

while true, im not wondering why because the fact is --Batman is a bigger draw than Superman & i say this as someone who LOVED Man of Steel & would have been perfectly fine with a Batman free sequel.

Batman IX, Superman VIII

Yes, that's exactly the point I was making when I said 'titles become meaningless' and referencing 'The Beatles'. I still think, even taking that into consideration, that 'Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice' sounds a bit pompous and unwieldy, though (I also don't think there's any danger of this being a 'great' film.

What an enormous disappointment.

Man of Steel
Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice
The Justice League

Doesn't feel/look right at all. Man of Steel: Dawn of Justice would have been much better.

Why not just: The Justice League Prequel?

I think it's one good title, cause "v" doesn't necessarily mean "versus" it also means "and". They will be against each other for justice and they will be together for Dawn of Justice (League).

Batman vs Superman: Mehhh

Debatable. I'd say worldwide supes and bats are about equal icons (worldwide box office matters). Plus they're called superheroes after Supes after all. I feel sorry for Superman. What's the sequel to MOS called? BATMAN something something something. Can't even get top billing in his own movie. Where's the love?

Fair Point--the Superman logo IS one of THE most recognized symbols on the planet. Im basing that comment primarily on the success of the Batman moves, even though I did LOVE Man of Steel & was surprised it didnt pull in even more than it did

True, but as the first film in a reboot it's taken about double Batman Begins. And that's with significantly worse reviews.

When does it mean 'and' ?

True--it did 85 million(about 30%) more domestically, and the foreign gross was more than double BB's. I'm still shocked that it didnt crack the billion mark, but again--i loved it

If I was in the position of coming up with a title, I would have put Batman first as well. Not because of importance, but because it's alphabetical. It's the fairest way of doing it so it doesn't seem like you're picking a favourite (you could argue it still does, but at least you have an excuse..)

Oh dear :(

They're hamfisting this in such an inorganic way

Okay, first of all, The Beatles were named in tribute to Buddy Holly and the Crickets, and it also served as a play on beat, so of all band names you picked one that had several reasons for being. Second, band names aren't the same as film, television or literature titles. Band names typically only serve as a moniker, by which name you can say 'Oh yes, that band that plays xxxxxx'. You could easily swap, say, One Direction and The Beach Boys' names around, and it wouldn't resonate in the music they made to any reasonable degree, because the people involved remain the same, no matter by what name they are linked in the public eye.

But! fiction titles (and even non-fiction narratives) should evoke the story, resonate throughout the characters and the themes. There should be a reason why the story is called this, and why only this story (more or less) could be called this. I say this as a self aware title obsessive who has become more and more annoyed with Hollywood's attempts to find titles that are 'snappy' but ultimately meaningless and indistinct (like 'Brave', or 'Epic', or the meaningful but completely indistinct 'Her'). What other film could be called 'Toy Story', and carry the same relevance? What other story could be called 'Raiders of the Lost Ark'? What other story could be called 'The Godfather'? I'm an obsessive, I know, but titles are important.

But yes, this one sucks.

Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice
Batman v Superman 2 : Rise of Justice
Batman v Superman 3 : Day of Justice
Batman v Superman 4 : Age of Justice
Batman v Superman 5 : Beneath The Dark Side of The Justice
Batman v Superman 6 : Justice Into Darkness
Batman v Superman 7 : Fall of Justice
Batman v Superman 8 : Revenge of Justice
Batman v Superman 9 : Return of Justice

Batman/Superman : Justice (reboot)

Omg I am Legend is coming true. All we need now is a cure for cancer and will smith to get a puppy, and we're dooomed!!!!

Batman 5? So it's also a sequel to Batman & Robin! And Affleck takes over from Clooney. Man, that will be awesome!

What do you mean by when ? It's one "word" with two meanings

That's why this title is really good imo.

[Batman villain naming meeting]

Ok, what name do we give the guy who asks all the riddles? "The Riddler?"

GENIUS! OK, how about the woman dressed as a cat?

Justice night! With Steven Seagal :D

Phew! And here I was, fearing it would be another of those stupid simple titles, eschewing the wholly-loved column. But thank the gods DC sticks to tried and (audience) tested!

"Batman v Superman: High Noon of Revenge", followed by the epic conclusion of "Batman v Superman: Evening of Sorrows".

That's why I happily ignored the international Captain America title. It was always just "Captain America". It's also only The Winter Solider - not some bollocks like Captain America: The Return of the first Avenger.

"I'd vote for The Black Woman!" - "Okay, Bane, from now on you're going to be the silent one in our team."

I agree with your Titles, but there is no way Warner Bros. could not have had the names "Batman and Superman" not in this movie title, it's gonna print money. Perhaps Superman V Batman: Justice Begins would have been a better compromise.

Dark Knight of Justice. That's what you mean.

Hahaha, must be why they chose Halle Berry for that lame 2004 version ;-)

"Let's create a super-strong villain who will be the BANE of Batman's existence..."

"Man, what are you - some kind of Joker?"

Two words
Avengers Assemble

lol.... hardly a great name

As opposed to Ironman vs thor vs Hulk vs Black Widow vs Hawkeye vs Nick Fury vs Captain America ?

Avengers Assemble was pure gold then lol

'The Justice League' is a working title lol

spiderman - rebooted
Fantastic Fail - rebooted
hulk - rebooted

Your point is....?

Oh, and it is Marvel who are spamming 'blockbusters' as the moment... not DC

Looks like my suggestion of 'Batman V Superman: A grumble in Gotham' was totally ignored! ;)

Avengers were created solely to compete with DC's Justice League... DC called dibs about 50 years ago

well I didn't until I read this post, but now I can't stop...

Also, I have been taking screenshots of the whining over the past few months... so when people see the movie and like it.... I can pull them up on it.

I think I've worked it out. DC just want to cram in another character: Manitou Dawn of Justice League. Perhaps this is setting up a love triangle: Superman and Batman fight it out over Dawn of Justice, like some ridiculous duel to win the fair lady's hand.

Well, I like it. I honestly care less about the title than I do about how they are going to set up the JLA in the story. Watched 'Justice League: War' with my son recently and thought parts of that could easily be incorporated into a live action story. I'm quite excited about seeing something that might take aspects of JLA origins and mix it with The Dark Knight Returns. At the end of the day, to make a universe convincing, you just create it with confidence and populate it with convincing characters that bring it to life. Just believe in it.

I think this nonsense about DC being in trouble is really scuppered by the Arrow TV show which is drawing in so many characters and strands in an interesting and engaging way. I hope The Flash will be the same.

At the end of the day, it's either going to be a complete mess of a film or if Snyder and the cast pulls it off, and I believe they can, it'll be just fun to see it all unfold for the first time on screen. Can't wait.

I am asking when the letter "v" means "and" as I can't think of any examples (maybe I'm stupid).

Hehe, I remember that scene. Prophetic indeed.

this may be a stupid question but I'm curious...
is there a difference between 'v' and 'vs'?

I don't get it, It depends on what you meant to say, there is no when or where, if you meant to say "and" it's "and" if you meant to say against then it's against, We don't know what they meant (probably both) that's why it's great!

Sorry. I'm honestly not trying to be an arse about this. But whenever I've seen "Something v something" it has meant 'versus'. I've honestly never seen it mean 'and'. For example a tag team battle would be: Bob and Joe v Steve and John. A four way battle would be: Bob v Joe v Steve v John.

No, not usually. "V" has become more common and is used in most sports. "vs" is more often seen in fights or something like boxing.

its fine for these characters to appear in the comics and cartoons together but god forbid in a film...thats just ludicrous right? :I

If they have any sense they'll get him for the trailer.

Right, that's it. Batman VERSUS Superman is a statement that they are enemies in this movie, so they had better actually FIGHT each other. A lot.

Well it was just called The Avengers in most places. Avengers Assemble was only so us Brits wouldn't get all confused with the 60's TV series. And Avengers Assemble (2 words) is not a great name but still beats Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

I hope not. Scenario 1: The hugely powerful Superman from MOS kicks the crap out of the old man with no powers dressed as a bat. Scenario 2: Batman uses Kryptonite (or some other plot device) to depower Superman and kicks the crap out of the farm boy who's only known method of fighting is flying into his opponents at speed and smashing them through buildings (see MOS). Either way someone comes across looking like a chump.

Great titles! May I add...

Batman/Superman 2: Just This League of a Merry Car
Batman/Superman 3: The Dark Shite Rises
Batman/Superman 4: Krypto The Superdog Rises (into Justice)
Batman/Superman 5: The Bloody Great Kryptonian Doomsday Monster of Justice and Darkness Over Gotham and Metropolis... Rises (and Rises)
Batman/Superman 6: Vengeance, Justice, more Vengeance, and some Darkness too

In legal cases in Australia, NZ and (I thought) the UK - as in R v Wilson - you pronounce the v as 'and'. It's never made sense to me, but there it is. Also, I'm hoping that this movie turns out to be more than just a courtroom drama. But by then, who knows? The superhero movie bubble may have burst and they'll be frantically switching genres...

Those reboots all sucked?

Juliet Bravo? THE MOVIE?

The word VERSUS will look a bit silly then won't it ?!

Yes, one has an "s" in it and the other does not.

Thank you Stuart! You are correct. Although the "v" in legal cases is an abbreviation of versus and still MEANS versus in context. So court room drama or not I still can't see it meaning "and" and it being a buddy film from the get go.

I'm not saying they shouldn't be against each other at some point (the old cliche of superheroes fighting and then coming together to fight a common foe). But you said you want a LOT of Batman fighting Superman. I don't as you either have a huge mismatch or you take away the Super bit of Superman and then what's the point.

It would be a bit like calling a film ALIEN VS PREDATOR with only a little bit of Aliens fighting Predators.. Oh... hang on...

But seriously I agree about the mismatch which is why I find the title surprising as it implies a lot of fighting between them.

Hey I agree. I would have just gone for Batman and Superman. The versus is an odd choice as people will naturally pick a side (probably Batman for most). But then that means people will be less invested in one of these tentpole characters.

Yes, it does mean versus, but I was trying to help out Dan :-)

Wow. You couldn't just be happy that the movie turned out alright instead?

"Versus" doesn't mean the film has to be full of them fighting much, it might just suggest an ideological opposition between them, which seems fair to assume.

Also, I have literally never let the title of a film affect whether or not I want to see it. I want to see films that are about things that excite or interest me or that have people whose work I really admire involved with them. Couldn't really care less about a film's title, if I'm honest, nor have I ever really cared about the title of an album or the title of a book. I listen to it/read it/watch it if I'm interested in it, simple as that. And if the content is great then I like it. Don't really understand why the announcement of a title is such a big cause of contention.

Nothing you seem to be getting atm!

Cheers Stuart Wilson. It's not often used but there it is... I didn't say it will a Batman and Sup movie, I think both meanings will make sense.

Its obvious. Clark Kent and Lois Lane discover the identity of the now-retired Batman, and Bruce Wayne takes an injunction out on the Daily Planet preventing them from publishing the story as its "not in the best interests of the public" and a gag order is placed. The movie is set in a Court room whilst they "battle it out" lawfully. Not a costume in sight.

P.S. The poster is awful, but the title could have been great if they had kept EITHER Batman v Superman OR Dawn of Justice (but not both)

Yes, and they're making a huge amount of money doing it. Which is sort of the point of a big company like Marvel.

Wow...what a great idea. Let's hope they end up liking the movie though; otherwise some people might say you'd wasted your time and effort.

Yeah...Robocop...That's why they are filiming in Detroit. He and Cyborg will have a love affair. Batman will find them cuddled up on the couch watching "300" when he comes to recruit them for the Justice League. Batman will have an emotional flashback to a camping trip that he and Robin took in the mountains outside Gotham.

I can't wait to see The Guardians of the Galaxy: Dawn of The Guardians of the Galaxy

I disagree - titles and names are largely unimportant, whether its a film or product as they quickly become synonomous with the product itself. Remember when everyone raised their eyebrows at the Nintendo 'Wii' ("Ha ha, it sounds like wee!") and The Dark Knight ("It doesn't even say 'Batman' in the title!")?

Everyone slates 'The Phantom Menace', but if it had been a great film, everyone would agree that it's a great title that evokes 1920s/30s serials etc etc.

And I fully understand 'The Beatles' is a pun, but it's still, when you think about it out of context, a crap name for a band.

That's my point.
Those reboots were great - and who is to say this won't be

I would prefer quality over quantity.
I mean, Marvel are just bringing out any old crap now. I mean... who cares about Guardians of the Galaxy? No one does. 99% of the world had not even heard of them untol now.
Marvel are scraping the barrel

1) Batman and Superman alone will sell. Everyone and their dog has heard of them.
Until the movie, most people hadn't heard of Iron Man, Black Widow,, Hawkeye etc. They were no where near as famous at Batman of Superman.

2) Dawn of Justice is kind of what is going on

You might. But I can assure you WB would love to have the number of comic book movies crossing 700 million that Marvel/Disney does. WB only make comic book movies to make money. And in five years time I bet they'll start scraping.
I admit I didn't really know much about Guardians of the Galaxy and I'm a comic book geek. But it doesn't matter if people go and see it. Iron Man and Thor were C-list at best before the movies. Those films made more than Batman Begins. And EVERYONE knows Batman.
Winter Soldier opened bigger than Spidey 2. It's no longer about how established the characters are in the general public's minds. The times have changed.
Also I rate the Marvel movies. DC has some great Batman films and a few good Superman movies. MOS was OK but flawed (IMO). DC have had more misses in quality than Marvel I think.

You don't need point 2. Batman and Superman will sell. The naff sounding "Dawn of Justice" is not needed.

Good to see original concepts coming back... rather than the Marvel rip-offs.

1) Billionaire playboy philanthropist with lots of gadgets (and in the comics an English butler)........yep, none other that .....Iron Man???!?!?!
Not Batman... my bad.
2) A super skilled man who is quick and nimble and lethal with a bow..... yep is it....Hawkeye? wtf?
Not Green Arrow... riiiiiiight
3) Ancient pagan mythology come to life as one powerful godlike being with a magic item..... yep, it's......er....Thor?
Not Wonder Woman....wtf?
4) Intelligent guy in a wheelchair who teaches 'freaks' and 'mutants'......yep.....hang on, what do you mean Xavier? I meant The Chief..... you know, off Doom Patrol

Blimey... just because Marvel called 'dibs' on the movies.... doesn't mean DC should not make any.
I'd rather see Green Arrow or Wonder Woman any day

There is that.... but the film won't be about Batman and Supes beating each other up. They will form the Justice League

You must be the first person ever to notice that a lot of comic book characters are quite similar. I guess you love Zorro then since he's even older than Batman and inspired him!

Well with a "Versus" in the title it will probably be both.

Here's my take. After the events in Man of Steel, Batman doesn't trust the alien Kal-El. He has never gone against such foes. He makes gadgets to deal with it. Effectively coming out of retirement.

Lex Luthor is doing the same thing and tries to strike a deal with Wayne Enterprises. Maybe building anti-superman weapons for the military...maybe finding an alien artifact or whatnot that could bring dooooooom to us all, ...which brings Superman into the fray.
Superman and Batman get wires crosses - or are manipulated by Luthor - and square off. Initially Superman gets the upper hand, but using gadgets Batman overcomes him. Eventually, they team up to take down the Big Bad.

Oh, and an Amazon Demi-god turns up called Diana and crates a love triangle with Lois and Superman.

Firstly, I was talking specifically about the title "Dawn of Justice" being similar to "Avengers Assemble". This article is about the title.

Secondly, they ARE copying Marvel in terms of film. Not that that's a bad thing.

I mean I loved Avengers. Hulk, Iron Man, Thor...all those were great. Even better they are making a cine universe with them in. Watch Iron Man, Bruce Banner cameo's at the end. I like all that. But how far are they going to go?
I wish they'd do a Hulk 2 where Ross becomes Red Hulk... or have Pepper become Rescue at some point. Getting bored with Loki being a pillock yet again (so is the actor). They have great bad guys.... though most seem to be in X-Men or Spiderman. Still, they have great bad guys (ignoring MODOK)

As for DC.
Batman doesn't even need a reboot. Iron Man quit...he's still back. Batman quit...heck. he's done that all ready. Can come back. Buy back Wayne Enterprises.... buy back the mansion...yada yada. Easy enough to do.
I'd like to see Green Lantern (noooooooo reboot), Flash, Green Arrow, Cyborg...oh yeah, heck...even Shazam (Captain Marvel...lol the irony). Hmmmmmm....Aquaman ....
But even DC are scraping the barrel about now.
Hence they have wasted titles on the vertigo comics that can't be used in a cine universe :(
Both DC and Marvel should stick to what they have lol

Agreed there. Luckily DC/Warner have four things that Marvel/Dis have not got...
1) Batman
2) Superman
3) Wonder Woman wearing very little
4) Did I mention Wonder Woman?

Damn.... I'd rather pics of that than the Batsuit lol

Oh, it will def be a bit of both.
Batman will see the events of Man of Steel and go "WTF!?!?!??!"". Build some gadgets and we all know the rest.
Then team up and say "hang on...lol...we forgot about Lex"

We all know how it goes

They have to fight really

Zorro was brilliant. Batman is a classic case of the 'original' being inspired by an older character.
But this is a day and age of expensive films that dominate the market.
If DC/Warner were going to make a film about Black Canary and Green Arrow..... poeple would think it is a rip-off... despite those characters being first.
((I know Black Canary is hardly like Black Widow, but if she appeared with Green Arrow... people would think they are similar))

Wonder Woman wearing very little? Okay...

As far as I know, everyone still laughs at 'Wii', but not just for the name. And I don't remember any consternation at The Dark Knight, especially since it's a very effective title, not just referencing the long recognised moniker for the titular character but as a definition of the internal confllict - how often is Harvey Dent referred to as the White Knight within that film? Leaving the final reference to Batman as the Dark Knight a reinforcement of the theme of the film.

I'm not entirely sure how you quantify 'The Beatles' as a crap name for a band, since it's been established it works on several levels. You may not think much of it, but it certainly carries meaning.

In any case, as I've already said, titles are different to names, and should carry more meaning. A name is just needed to help you recognise the product so you know with what you're dealing; a title should be so much more. A film, or television series, or a novel is a piece of art, and the importance of its aesthetics doesn't just extend to the title, it begins with the title.

Poo Title: Poo Subtitle

It smells of wrongness already. I hope Affleck does well with his part at least, the rest I have zero enthusiasm for with this creative team (bar Snyder who would probably make an awesome superman movie if left to do it without Goya and Nolan wiping their dour bums on his shooting script).

So your cunning plan is to berate people for *assuming* they'll hate the movie they haven't seen yet because you are *assuming* you and they will like the movie that you haven't seen yet either. Well done - you gotta love "Confirmation Bias". Kinda reminds me of that awesome speech from psychic Criswell in Plan 9: "Future events such as these....will effect YOU in the FUTURE....after all, that is were you'll spend the rest of your life".

You are a very strange man Jonathan but at least you have a hobby I guess.

Yeah because putting 'Vs' in it will put this film in the company of so many classic films. Is Paul WS Anderson or Uwe Boll directing?

Anderson only had ONE film with Vs in the title..... Boll had none

You miss my point with your neurological literalism Jonathan.

"Yeah yeah 'The Black Woman' so we can target that lucrative Urban market" ... "The Urban market?" ... "Yeah you know: 'Urban' ...the racist generalisation we all use to define the black people demographic and pretend it's not as racist as saying 'black people' because us marketing men know soul too. Shall we get The Black Woman to dance and rap because they like that sort of thing??" ....Yeah yeah you are on FIRE today - get that man some cocaine"

Yeah it'll probably be called "We're embarrassed by our films comic book origins: eat our dour and badly written stools you sycophants"

Did our other replies get deleted? :/

Congratulations, you have knocked down your strawman - give yourself a cookie and a pat on the back. Must have been a tough opponent.

1) People ARE hating this movie, just take a quick scroll down this very page to see the criticism. You must be very new to Den of Geek as you clearly are unaware of any of this.
2) Confirmation Bias? I am not assuming the movie is good, nor I am telling people that it will be. Merely pointing out that we have seen all this before. People hated Bale...Ledger....Hardy. See a pattern?
3) Yet when these people came back from the cinema they loved Bale....Ledger...Hardy. If these whiners come back and like the movie...I will not let them forget it.

So what you have done, is built a strawman in the form of you confirmation bias line... and set up a fallacy involving me confirming the movie is good, and getting people to like it...at least that's what I assume you were getting at. At no point is confirmation bias actually used in this.
And you knocked down that nasty strawman....yay

And yes I am strange. I read comic books and spent a lot of time on the PC. I suggest you google confirmation bias and learn what it means.
And yes, I do have a hobby - I am a writer

Fair enough.
But thank frack Boll is NOT directing.... sheesh :)

Wow, I bet you're an awesome writer.

Aaaaaaand you assume wrong (again!). Paint my point in colours I did not use all you like J-Man, an almost wilfully ignorant response there despite it being quite clear. I know, I know, your ego has to put up it's "LA LA LA I CAN'T HEAR YOU BECAUSE I'M TOO BUSY BEING RIGHT" shields due to cognitive dissonance, trust me I used to fall prey to it too, but that is a mugs game - hypocrisy usually lacks a critical lens aimed at the self.... It's the only way the bastion of Self can sustain irrationality and illogic, is it not?

I'm really trying to be reasonable here Jonathan but I'm beginning to think you are probably quite unpleasant to be around at dinner parties, and I should know because I'm a total know-it-all C*nt.

P.S. Reading comics, spending time on a PC, and wearing eccentric clothing does not make you in the slightest bit strange or unique.

Twilight of justice?

I just couldn't go there. :-)

To be fair, the foreign market has been growing steadily over the last decade.

Double post--i thought it got lost, so deleted

V is the abbreviation of the word versus which means in opposition to, like in a duel or competition. It has no other meaning or connotation.

Well now I'm just picturing Matt Berry as an Adam West- style Batman. And I ain't hating it.

"Now, batman is all about striking fear into the heart of the criminal underworld. What do you suppose he would do for a partner?"

"I've got it, he'd get himself a kid, dress him like a minstrel/scaramouche and name him robin"

"I love it!!!"

Neurotic literalism? Nitpicking a nitpicking complaint. . .my supervillain name is Meta-Man


That's a very American English title, doesn't make any sense. They struggle with titles as most americans have a low vocabulary. With this and Affleck im fearing the worst. Who's idea was it to leak that stupid sad batman pic too.

With this title, I'm going to be very disappointed if the film doesn't turn out to be a heart-rending courtroom drama in the manner of Kramer v Kramer, in which estranged lovers Superman and Batman battle for custody of their two young children (obviously Superman would have to be the one giving birth - he can do it because he's Superman, though I guess you could just say that Batman has a gadget for male pregnancy).

This is neither news nor surprising, nor any sort of 'fail' on DC's part, merely a statement of the obvious.

Not to mention the scarlet pimpernal lol

You are aware all these comic properties were drummed up on the fly and on the cheap to sell newsprint to young children and get them to buy novelties?

You take your imaginary rilvalries a bit seriously. Conan was less bitter arguing for his god and that character believed his god was real lol.

Its not actually necessary to be a crusading zealot over the four colour funnies.

Eh, maybe if they do a Trinity film after this and then lead on to a Justice League film... That would be a good way to go about it?

Won't someone please think of the poor suffering megacorporations!

And some people don't realise krypto the superdog came before hanna barbera's dynomutt. There's really no respect for lineage anymore.

Just think how jilted robin hood or jason and the argonauts or king arthur and his round table knights or Ulysses or beowulf or tarzan or all those colourful folk from the edda or the golem, how very jilted they must all be! And think of the legions of predecessors forgotten entirely due to a perpetually fickle public.

It truly is a cruel cruel world.

I wish WB/DC tried a bit harder in all aspects instead of just obviously panicking in the Avengers shadow.

I fret more about the writer and director who take such easily engaging archetypes and botch them so badly than I do about any title. Goyer, like Nolan seem to feel shame and scorn about comics and there is nowhere really to begin with Snyder's directing "sensibilities".

Superman snapped Zod's neck as I'm told that was "the only way" to stop him. But you are saying both Batman and Lex will be able to take down Superman with a few gadgets. If that's true you could argue Superman was a bit rash in killing the last member of his species. But hey at least now that he's killed someone he knows it's bad.

You are correct. But that's not really the point. I like lots of films, books and albums that I think have crap titles. This could be the best film ever made when it comes out-but it would still have a crap title IMO.

"P.S. Reading comics, spending time on a PC, and wearing eccentric clothing does not make you in the slightest bit strange or unique."
That was my point lol

"I'm really trying to be reasonable here Jonathan but I'm beginning to think you are probably quite unpleasant to be around at dinner parties, and I should know because I'm a total know-it-all C*nt."
You have now gone from Strawman to an Ad Hominem fallacy.

Overall, this is merely a rant and not really doing anything.

"Also, I have been taking screenshots of the whining over the past few months... so when people see the movie and like it.... I can pull them up on it."

That was my original comment. At which point did I use confirmation bias?
I used heavy sarcasm... and you put up a strawman and attacked a that instead of what I said. I do suggest you think the next bit through.

lol. Tell me about it

I understand this fully - I only wish most the Marvel fanboys would understand it to.... rather than whine 24/7 over a non issue.
It sounds like.
"Only Marvel are allowed movies... so DC... don't rain on our parade."

Tell that to the Marvel fans who think they worship something original

He killed the last member of his species?
After Zod tried to massacre an entire planet's population... and then, after this hope was dashed... and with no goal left in the world.... tried to wipe out a faimly. He wouldn't ahve stopped there.
He was telling Superman - kill me...as I simply will not stop killing.

Meanwhile, Batman kills Two-Face and no one cares.

Well, it is now anyway.

I think you'll find it's called 'satire'. You could perhaps make a case for 'lampooning' even.

Yeah I've seen the film. You don't have to tell me what happens. But it wasn't a documentary. There is only one real reason Superman kills Zod. Someone sat down and wrote a script that ends with Superman snapping Zod's neck. It could have ended with Zod being banished back into the phantom zone. Or literally any other ending. But Snyder obviously wanted a film that ended with a neck snap.
And people do care about Batman. It's just no-one is allowed to say anything negative about that film without massive uproar.

Haha indeed! That being said i have a soft spot for his film 'Rampage' in all it's morally dubious glory. it's sort of like if Michael Bay re-made Gus Van Sant's 'Elephant'.

Well it was a fully intended choice of words Meta-Man but you're more than welcome to pick my nits any time!

ad hominem

when you attack your opponent's character or personal traits in an attempt to undermine their argument.

Ad hominem attacks can take the form of overtly attacking somebody, or more subtly casting doubt on their character or personal attributes as a way to discredit their argument. The result of an ad hom attack can be to undermine someone's case without actually having to engage with it.

Example: After Sally presents an eloquent and compelling case for a more equitable taxation system, Sam asks the audience whether we should believe anything from a woman who isn't married, was once arrested, and smells a bit weird.

Always was.
It is what happens when instead of actually attacking the topic, you attack the personal traits of the person - Ad Hominem fallacy.
When you do this, you then resorted to further sarcasm and failed again.
What you are left with is known as 'butthurt'
I do suggest some cream

The uproar is from Marvel fans and Anti-DC complainers.
The very fact that people may actually like the movies is beyond these people.

For instance, people have massive uproar against Goyer.... despite the Batman and Blade trilogies. He wrote for both Marvel and DC (like Kirby did).
Yet that is ignored by what appears to be... anti-DC lobbyists

Not seen that one lol
But did find Posal very bizarre indeed. Quite funny.

Why are you fixated on this anti-DC thing. I'm not. I love Superman. That is why watching him snap someone's neck bothered me. If I didn't love Superman I wouldn't care.

Why are you fixated on this anti-DC thing? I am not. I love Superman. Which is why it bothered me to see him snap someone's neck. If I didn't love Superman and hadn't grown up with him as an icon I wouldn't care.

By the way I enjoyed MOS. I thought it was a good sci-fi film. I just wish it had been a slightly better superhero film.
And trust me if Batman v Superman is amazing I will be a very happy comic book geek and MOS's pro's and cons won't matter one bit.

I'm not saying you are, I'm saying for the most part people are. I am not fixated on it, not in comparison to the overwhelming multitude of people who trash DC.

I love Superman in film and comic, and I do understand how and why people reacted, but I found it was done well.
A massive build up to the one thing he didn't want to do.

For me, I just get fed up with just about everyone bashing DC whenever they do anything lame - and oh, I KNOW they have made some pigs ears.

Yet Marvel gets away with it and the fan boys lap it up. Slavering at the mouth like Pavlov's dogs whenever they see a trailer.
1) Jarvis is reduced to AI? - fine...... Jimmy Olsen female - whine
2) Having a bloody cartoon Racoon fighting alongside a tree in GotU - fine...Martian Manhunter deemed a silly name - whine
3) Reboot F4, Hulk - fine.... reboot Batman, Superman - whine

Hulk being a rage monster - yet is in total control to one punch Thor just for laughs.
Not having Spiderman part of the MCU

In fact, it seems only Spiderman suffers from the Marvel fanrage..... but it is not part of the Disney/MCU....

I see a pattern here

my friend, I have to say, there is something rich in your taking issue with fanboys whining.

you have so much passion, if only there was a bigger cause to focus it on, some better windmill to tilt against.

My "Passion" is only a drop in the water in comparison of all the negativity from you lot

The passion from the naysayers drowns me out

Garth Marenghi's Justice League (of Justice)

That's the same reason I will never think of "The Avengers" by its UK title of "Avengers Assemble"

I thought it was: Guardians vs the Galaxy: Dawn of The Guardians of the Galaxy

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