Zack Snyder reveals first shot of Ben Affleck's Batman

News Simon Brew 13 May 2014 - 17:17

UPDATE: Someone has taken the trouble to give us a colour version of the Ben Affleck Batsuit...

It's full steam ahead on Zack Snyder's Batman Vs Superman movie now, and as he did yesterday, the director has taken to his Twitter account for a sizeable reveal. And this time, we don't just get to see the Batmobile, we also get to see the brand new Batsuit. Let's go out on a limb and suggest that's Ben Affleck standing in it too. Primarily because it is.

Production is starting in earnest on the new film now, ahead of its release in cinemas in May 2016. And so, ladies and gentlemen, meet Batman...

UPDATE: Here's the colour version. However, it seems this isn't official, rather the work of an impressive non-Warner Bros Adobe wrangler...


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Seems almost like the batman from The Dark Knight Returns

Why do superheroes have suits with the abs moulded into them? Is it a vanity thing? Does it strike fear into villains to see a crime fighter with a washboard stomach? I bet it's a bugger to clean - all those nooks and crannies that you need to get blood and skull matter out of.


Will be interested to see how the internet will hate on this - 'he's too blackkkkaaahggh^%(%('

He was da bomb in Phantoms, yo.

Is that a face to the left in the smoke? Looks a bit Jokery maybe? Or maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me

Because comics typically show characters with skin tight outfits, showing off their muscles. With the movies, they are wearing armor, so to be more like the comics, they mold the armor to look like muscles. It makes them more like the comics. That's my guess.

In fact I'm certain there's something there

He should definitely look more like the Adam West Batman.

Ben Affleck, keep the suit but punch Snyder in the nose and take over directing this movie!

Yes, something like the wheel of the Batmobile.

Looking like a beast! That's really cool love it!

Have they replaced the Batmobile with the Master Chiefs helmet?


It's the back wheel of the car but it definitely looks like the face of a demented clown

I have nothing against the concept of the movie, I find the casting of Ben Affleck to be intriguing and I like that photo. But I want another director, because I can't stand Snyder's visual style.

Is it me or do the ears seem a bit small? Can't see a bat emblem on his chest either......still it is mostly in the dark so here's hoping it looks better in the movie

its the rear wheel casing, like a wrap around fender to protect the tire

Did he just paint his upper body black? Because I see no bat symbol and I see no gloves.

Looks like a black version of his Daredevil costume.

Daredevil's cowl has small ears...

Just saying...

"I only work in black, or sometimes very dark grey" If Ben Affleck flops we've always got the Lego batman ;)

I'm not saying they should be massive but maybe another half inch would help?

That's what she said......

Yeah you guys are right, damn my tricky eyes

I'm no adonis, so I know I shouldn't be saying this but does that suit not make him look a little bit....Fatman?

The split in the windshield makes it look like a 2 seater. Have they announced a Robin for this film yet ??

The batmobile in the 1989 film and batman returns had a split windshield with 2 seats and no robin, the tumbler and the bat in the dark knight trilogy both had 2 seats and no robin, my car has 4 seats and I don't have a robin!

I'm diggin the Dark Knight Returns look. The small ears and the big Bat symbol across the entire chest look good. Can't wait to see more.

Ok, that's looks pretty freaking sweet. Loving the Dark Knight Returns inspired cowl, and the overall hulking figure. Definitely right out of the comics.

I thought of Miller's Batsuit too...

Just be glad it doesn't have nipples.

I think they are going for a "Dark Knight Returns" look with an older less in shape Batman. That or Affleck needs to hit the gym.

Batfleck and the Affmobile. Miller's suit, could it be gray and blue? Could it possibly be gray and blue?????

I think we can assume the gloves are a given. Plus the Bat symbol is there, you just have to look closely. It's literally almost covering all of the upper chest.

Seriously, how many people watched Jay & Silent Bob Strikes Back? If all the people who comment that line after an Affleck related piece of news watched the movie it should have made...1 billion dollars.

you need to get a Robin...or 3 Robins.

The wheels on the bus go zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.........

Yep, there it is.

newsarama has a better resolution pic. It's the Dark Knight logo. Which bugs me considering it's a SUPERMAN sequel and in Dark Knight Returns, Superman was completely misinterpreted as being this establsihment 'gubmint' stooge.

Apologies, didn't realise it wasn't appropriate after appearing in a mysterious pose surrounded by smoke with a face apparently in that smoke.

I will ensure to make a Matt Damon joke next time.

And I saw Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back at the cinema (had to travel though, even though I live in a big city)

I'm not saying you should apologise, but I remember watching that film...I was one of 5 people in that audience.

At the age of 17, I was all over anything Kevin Smith related. It was a dead cinema, though


I hope this means geeks and dorks can get excited about this. Nerds on the other hand... You just can't please nerds. Not even for a minute. So if you like this but hate Snyder, you're ok. But if you don't like this pic...........,..,,,,,...........,,,,,,,.debating whether I should use this again....,,,eh whatever.


What can I say I like it! I hope the film comes together nicely I actually really liked MoS

It's the back wheel ;) does look like a face though lol

Why? They could have watched it on telly, illegal download etc.

Why is the bat emblem not black? It's too iconic to throw away like this.

Caption reads: Damn! Someone's stolen my tyre! (and that's canon too)

It's similar to the Dark Knight Returns batman which has little nubby ears as opposed to the taller thin ones.

Love this! Can't wait.

ears too small looks like catwoman

Look for "Dark Knight Returns" on Google Images.

Where did my comment/picture go? :(

No love for Teenage Mutant Ninja Batman, DoG?

Burton, Schumacher, Nolan, now Snyder. You're doing it wrong.

You know, Dougall, sometimes when you THINK you're buying a black Batsuit, it's actually very very very very very very very very very very dark blue!

Could they do the whole film in b&w please? Looks very 1920s TV series :)

Is it me, or does he look a little....erm...fat?

Sorry for my ignorance(and yes I have seen lots of modern batman movies and the TV 1960s Show ) , but where is the bat emblem , I can't see it. What sis it ,as it the bat logo on his belt.????

Word bitch. Phantoms like a muvvafucker yo!

Actually, Daredevil's cowl has horns.

Bulking will always include fat. He'll probably bulk some more n then rip.

Can't tell from this picture but I hope the costume is black and grey, as opposed to just black.

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my eyes are having a joygasm, faith restored!!!!!!!!!!!!

No need to guess; you've nailed it. I thought everyone knew supes wear Spandex?

Tell you what, the chin looks..... Good!!!

Cannot wait!

You're all fickle bitches. It'll take a lot more than this pic to convince me this isn't going to be a shambles.

I was trying to be nice. haha

batman looks like he has been told off by his parents........too soon?

In my humble opinion...yes. Dear God, YES. That right there is everything I wanted for a movie Batman, a huge guy that could quite obviously mess you up, wearing body armour covered by a fabric overlay. Nolan's suit, whilst decent in its own way, was too segmented (is that a word?) for my liking. Plus Affleck looks bloody enormous, even allowing for the padding.
I don't mind if it's black, but literally the only thing they could do to improve this is grey with a black symbol. As it stands, consider me sated.


This has been floating around the sold

now this, I would go see.

Utterly mint.

Never buy Batsuits in a normal shop, they'll shaft you every time.

I... I... ***

No, it has horns. And sometimes Bats has small ears, usually when it's cold outside or if he's been swimming.

I have no faith in Snyder after what he did to Superman... but that suit makes me very, very, very happy.

THAT looks fat to you? Holy crap, I wish I had this figure. Those are some bulging muscles.

Looks like a cool evolution from the tumbler. Living the suit, as much as we can see of it anyway!

Initial thoughts, it is really great to finally see the 'proper' batman suit without armour plating, and finally in the classic grey instead of black. It's also great to see him slightly haunched with a bit of a belly, like the 'real' middle-aged Batman. The only problem is they seem to have decided to put in fake muscles and of course fake abs. This was not necessary and spoils the effect somewhat. If it weren't for that, it would be perfect.

So batman has body armour with abs so that he looks more like the comic book version of himself? Can anyone else see the flaw in that logic?

The 'Sad Batman' meme now doing the rounds is pretty funny, though.
Particularly the one with him forlornly pushing a swing in the rain.

Looks awesommmmme!

But guys this is a disaster waiting to happen,the whole ben affleck-batman gig is just wrong,all hail Christian bale...

Haha I have that problem with socks :)

Really exciting balance between the comic book and Nolan universe look. Works for me. Just hope Affleck does the part justice. Seems to be taking it seriously. He looks absolutely massive in the costume. The man must be smashing some weights in!

This film might be......quite good!!!

Looks bleak and depressing. Yay. So glad they're taking Batman in a different direction.


That's a woman's job.

And if the ears were any bigger, they would be "too big", right?

Looks good, but blimey he appears constipated.

Width is more important.

Who is the creepy little guy in the hat sanding behind him?

This is pure DKR - it looks fantastic!

and now the colour version makes it awsome

jog on Nolan, this is what Batman is supposed to look like! :D

Photoshop has got a lot to answer for....!

I loaded up the picture in some image processing software, and just increased the light and it shows so much more detail. Very exciting! Although I'm not too happy about the abundance of fake muscles and was hoping for just a smooth suit which would be covered mostly by a large cape but I guess you cant have everything!

Blimey - looks like him and Cavill are going to have a moob-off!

I thought the same!!

Sounds like damage control on announcing Ben Affleck as Batman has been quelled a little with this pic (I honestly wanted to see when it came out before I made any noise). But I hope this doesn't mean they're going all-out The Dark Knight Returns. I like both Superman and Batman but seeing them fight because Supes is a government stooge would be a little, too... Frank Miller-ish. And post DKR, I'm really not a fan of FM's style.

PS. Anyone else see the phantom face behind Batman? Where the back wheel of the Batmobile is... really can't un-see the creepy laughing face.

Now with this photo Snyder is hoping to get people screaming "WOOOAH! COOOL!" , "CHECK IT OUT! I'M TOTALLY PSYCHED DUDE!", "SO BADASS MAN!", "IT'S GONNA TOTALLY KICK-ASS, BRO!".

And apparently his plan has worked judging by the reaction on the internet.

Well I say F- this movie, F- Zack Snyder, F- Ben Aflac, and F- Snyder's god Frank Miller and his over-bearing influence on comics, and F- DC's cash-cow Batman too!

Adam West needs to make a cameo appearance.

Suit looks good, very Frank Miller, but in the The Dark Knight Returns the Batmobile was a tank, more akin to the Tumbler, this whip looks more Schumacher or Burtonesque. Do not want.

Is this the scene where Batman takes his car into a garage for an MOT and is told the news of how much it will cost?

My thoughts exactly, good image enhancement btw


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