Cyborg cast for Batman Vs Superman movie

News Simon Brew 25 Apr 2014 - 07:24

Ray Fisher is to join the cast of Zack Snyder's Batman Vs Superman movie, as Cyborg...

As if any further hints were needed that the Justice League movie project was getting closer and closer, a new face has been added to the line up for Zack Snyder's Batman Vs Superman movie. That face belongs to Ray Fisher, who is joining the new movie as Cyborg.

The Man Of Steel follow-up, in addition to Batman and Superman, already has Gal Gadot cast as Wonder Woman. Other DC heroes are expected to join the line-up too. And Cyborg, as with many of them, isn't likely to be a major part in the new film, but the appearance of the character is set to sow the seeds for future films.

Fisher had also tested for Star Wars: Episode VII, but we suspect his role as Cyborg may keep him busy for some time to come. Batman Vs Superman, meanwhile, is still set for release on May 6th 2016.


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So... that's, like... DC's answer to Deathlok?

I keep imagining the first day of the shoot and they call for Superman on the set and all the team sort looking at each other 'I thought you were supposed to call Cavill?' 'No way man I was working on casting Alfred'.... And Cavill is just at home with his home made Supes costume waiting by the phone....

I have faith in Snyder, but I just can't imagine how they will make this film any good considering how much they are throwing into it?

It's a brave move though from DC. Where as Marvel had solo films THEN an Avengers film, Marvel are having what seems to be a Justice League film and THEN having solo films?

So it's basically Justice League Assemble...

I expect the next set of movies after this will be a standalone Superman 3, Batman 2 (with Ben Affleck), possibly a Wonder Woman then they will all get together for a Justice League movie. It worked for Marvel, and DC cant let that kind of success go by without copying it.

Great, as if this film wasn't already bloated. DC/Warner either have no faith in Superman (by having to add a roster of other characters to "his" sequel) or have no faith in characters other than Superman (by having to squeeze them into another character's film). I wouldn't be too worried about this guy being too busy for other work - chances are, he'll be on the screen for about five minutes in this increasingly bizarre mash-up of a movie. Anyone have any idea yet what it's even likely to be about? At this point it sounds like a six year old's version of a super hero team-up ("and then there's Batman, and Wonder Woman, and then Cyborg, and then Buzz and Woody, and then my dog ......" - you get the general idea).

Losing all interest in this movie. I really enjoyed MoS, but throwing the entire justice league into the MoS sequel just sounds suspect to me.. Marvel built a universe before they assembled the Avengers, that way you were invested in the characters before the movie, and no backstory was needed.. This just seems like a studio playing catch-up and being too impatient to do it properly.

So DC are throwing loads of characters into one movie to make a 2 hour trailer for a Justice League movie. That didn't work for Marvel with Iron Man 2, it didn't work for Sony with The Amazing Spiderman 2 and it won't work for DC with Batman vs. Superman.

Cyborg?! This is getting ridiculous. Who next? 'Crazy Quilt' as another villain?
The casting of Heath Ledger taught me not to judge a film before its release...but it's getting increasingly hard to see this as anything other than a mess. The title sells the film - all you need are Batman and Superman, and I've always thought Cyborg was a pretty lame character.
It might be ok if the others are show in post-credits scenes, or have minimal presence, but it all smacks - as someone has said below - of DC/Warner being too impatient to build their universe properly and are rushing out a justice League film via the back door.

You people do realise that superheros make appearances in each others comics or am i missing the point? stop moaning its getting old now!


"Batman 2"? Which version are we counting as 1? So far there have been five film Batmans (Batmen? and if so, do they play cricket?)

I'm counting "Superman vs Batman" as Cavills Superman 2 and Afflecks Batman 1 all rolled into one :)

And I believe Batmen do play cricket, as long as the ball isn't hit over head height as we all know Batman cant look up (or is that dogs, I forget....?)

Yes, but some of those crossovers and tie-ins can appear bloated, and what works in comics sometimes doesn't work in films. Spider-man 3 was a bloated mess largely because of having too many characters to focus on - I haven't seen the Amazing Spider-man 2, but it's a worry that there are too many characters in that.
No-one can really tell what it's going to be like until release - the moaning is just because it doesn't *sound* good. Obviously, if Cyborg et al turn out to be minor characters/cameos then it will probably be ok - it's just a little irritating that DC seem to be using one of their main properties as a way of rushing out a Justice League film, and possibly wasting Superman as a result.
No-one would argue that a Justice League film could be bigger, or just as big as Avengers...if only they'd take time to build it up. Superman vs Batman could be awesome, and they don't need any other characters that will detract from that.

Another Batman film would be 'Batman 1' surely? 'Batman vs Superman' can't be *both* 'Superman 2' and a 'Batman 1'...

Also, I'm not sure DC's po-faced, uber-serious, bleached-look Universe works very well for any heroes outside Batman. Superman tried hard, but was pretty average...

For all we know, Cyborg and Wonder Woman might just be cameos, to introduce them briefly as side characters with follow up movies to come in the future. Just because the roles have been cast, doesnt mean they will be fully fledged characters in SvB - they might only be as fleeting as, say, Captain America was in Thor 2 and the emphasis might still be on Superman/Batman/Luthor.

P.S. To this day, I cannot think or say the name Luthor without hearing Ned Beatty say it from the original Superman: "Mister Luthoooor" :)

Yeah, they probably will be cameos, and it's best to not jump to conclusions. I guess I'm just moaning as - despite being much more of a Marvel fan over the years - I like Superman as a character, yet DC/Warner always seem to mess it up - the last 2 films have been distinctly average! Plus I don't reckon they have the patience to build a universe like Marvel did.

It's interesting how the name 'Luthor' has been pronounced 'Loo-thorr' in the films, but (mostly) it was 'Loo-thurr' in Smallville.

(Actually, I've reconsidered: it wasn't interesting at all...)

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