Holly Hunter and more join cast of Batman Vs Superman

News Simon Brew 3 Apr 2014 - 18:17

Holly Hunter, Callan Mulvey and Tao Okamoto join the cast of Batman Vs Superman...

Zack Snyder's upcoming sequel to Man Of Steel, that we currently know as Batman Vs Superman, is set to start main photography in the next few weeks. And as such, Warner Bros has now confirmed some new additions to the cast.

The highest profile is Holly Hunter, who will join the existing cast that already includes Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Jesse Eisenberg and Jeremy Irons.

The other new additions? They'd be Callan Mulvey (last seen in 300: Rise Of An Empire) and The Wolverine's Tao Okamoto. No details of their respective roles have been revealed, outside of the fact that they are all newly created for the film. Here are pictures of them all though...

Warner Bros' statement includes the following comments from Snyder on the new casting:

"Holly has always been one of my favorite actresses; she has immense talent and is always captivating on screen. I had an opportunity to meet her a while back and knew instantly that I had to work with her, so as we began writing the script I made sure to create a role specifically for her".

He added that “I just had the good fortune to work with Callan on 300: Rise Of An Empire and was very impressed with his incredible talent. He’s a fantastic actor and I’m looking forward to having the chance to work with him again. And, quite simply, Tao is a striking presence whose beauty is aptly rivaled by her amazing abilities as an actress. I’m really excited to have her joining us on this adventure".

Batman Vs Superman - or whatever it ends up being called, will be released in May 2016.

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Holly Hunter is brilliant and should be in any film ever made.

300 incredible wolverines

That;s not Callan Mulvey...thats Sullivan Stapleton...sorry guys!

That's Sullivan Stapleton not Callan Mulvey.

I was in love with HH for years after Broadcast News.

what is that movie she was naked in?

I could watch Tao any day, captivating, and those eyes!
Glad she's in another western movie!

Fixed - thank you!

Whoa! A casting announcement for Batman vs. Superman that people aren't angry at?! Granted, the roles are all new but still; I thought being angry at casting related to this movie was mandatory.

Great trio of female actresses... Diane Lane, Amy Adams and now Holly Hunter... like it....

I'm not surprised Stapleton stuck in you minds, his "British" accent is a bit wonky in 300!

Anyone else see MMH in the guy?

I clicked this link, read the story, then remembered it doesn't matter. Zack Snyder put a great cast together for man of steel and it was still rubbish.

Have they even finished writing this?

Nah, some will still get p'od...I really don't care if they do, to be honest. I liked MOS, and this is some pretty solid casting.

Loved her in THE WOLVERINE. I wonder who she'll play in this film?

Right?! Man of Steel was a good movie and so far the casting has been pretty excellent.

mr cuban heres 300 mill to make that movie!

Probably Catwoman by the looks of characters in this movie.. Ha

K great that'll cover my fees, now let's get this kick-starter kick-started! Come on people double or no- double or triple, you wanna make this film or what don't answer that just send me your cash!

It'll be great to finally see it all come together, and then if I don't like it I'll say so, but honestly I'll probably like it. People have to point out flaws for me to see them, cuz I ain't lookin for em.

SNAP! Zatanna perhaps?

ZING! Happily watch her in that outfit!

Exactly. The people expecting to hate the movie will most likely end up hating the movie because they've already closed their mind to that.


Man I'd love a Zatanna movie. It'll probably never happen, but I can dream. Actually she'll more likely make an appearance in the Constantine TV show...

TV sounds more likely. Better than nothing, and in DC's case, better than big screen. They seem to have TV down pat. I'll eventually binge watch Arrow. I'm starting with Flash though, or I'll else binge watch to death

A brand new character, like the article said.

I was being facetious, thanks for being smart though.

Wasn't "being smart" lol. I meant no disrespect

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