Zack Snyder gives Batman Vs Superman update

News Simon Brew 4 Mar 2014 - 06:35

The Batsuit, the mythology and following on from Man Of Steel: Zack Snyder has been chatting about Batman Vs Superman...

We still suspect director Zack Snyder's Man Of Steel sequel won't be called Batman Vs Superman, but it remains the best title we've got for the project at the moment, so we're going to go with it.

Chatting with the Los Angeles Times, Snyder has given an update on the project, confirming that "we're getting ready to start shooting in a month or so". So what's he up to at the moment on the film? "We were just testing the suits", he said. "The new Batsuit and the Superman suit. It wasn't even with the actors, right? It was just to see them standing there, and they were standing next to each other and I was like 'guys, someone take a picture! This has never happened before"".

Teasing that the new film "literally takes the Man Of Steel and Batman universes and explodes them", Snyder addressed the issue of some of the criticisms that have been aimed at the project. "We know the material", he said. "Unfortunately, the fans don't know the material. So we're casting according to what's happening in the script, and we're hoping that leads to enough orginality, enough perspective on what we're doing that you get something fresh and exciting".

"I understand the canon", he asserted. "I'm not crazy, I know what these characters need from a mythological standpoint".

Currently scheduled for release on May 6th 2016,  we'll have more on Batman Vs Superman as we hear it. We'd imagine the first picture of the Batsuit can't be too far away...

The Los Angeles Times.

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He'd better not Gilliamize it...

Reading this I suddenly realised I actually feel sorry for Zack Snyder. He's found himself in an impossible position here, at least until the film comes out. On the one hand there's quite a few fans out there (and I'm one of them) that thought Man of Steel was less than great and missed the point of the character. However most of those problems did feel very much like the hand of Christopher Nolan so who knows what Snyder will come up with now he has a chance to deliver his own take.

On t'other hand an awful lot of people liked Man of Steel precisely *because* of those elements and are now worrying that Snyder will go away from them! Plus, of course, everyone has that lingering doubt when it comes to WB and DC properties that they haven't really hit their stride yet and seem to be going for something very ambitious with BvS. No matter which way he goes he's going to get criticised at least until we can actually see something on screen. I wouldn't be at all surprised if they get a teaser trailer out this year or, at the very least, show something at SDCC just to start reassuring the commentating masses.

I absolutely love MoS, and I definitely feel the elements I love are more down to Snyder than Nolan. I don't actually believe Nolan had much involvement creatively, and I'm glad he's not involved with the next one, personally. Hiring someone like Snyder - an out-and-out geek with a great visual eye and real sense of excitement for what he does - to grab the Superman movies by the balls was a genius move. Just my opinion.

Regardless of folk's opinions on his work, he clearly cares about the project greatly. I reckon he'll nail it.

I only saw Man of Steel for the first time this week and I think it would have been nice to give Superman another solo film (albeit packed with hints of what's to come) before ramming Batman, Wonder Woman and whoever else into the mix.

The Marvel Universe building up to the Avengers worked a treat because Marvel took their time to build things up and tease new stuff over several years, WB still seem to be going for the quick buck panic button.

Then again, Batfleck could be the best thing ever...but I doubt it.

I'd prefer he did that than Snyder it.

For the love of cinema who is going to save us from the Zack Snyders of this world?

Zack Snyder gets a lot of grief, personally I think he makes decent enough films (and I'm a bit of a comic book nerd). His only film I never really enjoyed was Sucker Punch despite giving it more than once chance to change my opinion.

Terry Gilliam?

Oh, how I wish the Man of Steel universe would explode...

I don't understand the issues with mos. I personally think it was a good film. Also don't like that people complain about superman killing zod. It put him in a lose lose situation and will surely develop his agony over killing zod in coming films. Mayybe to the point he refuses to kill next time with bad consequences.

Heroes cannot be all good with villains being all bad. They just need a higher volume of good or bad to make them more relateable. A babyface superman will not work in this day and age. He needs ro me more relevant and I think mos started to do that.

Would love to c doomsday in next superman solo as that could be interesting.
Holding out hope for this bvs but just hope they dont try to do too much in one film.

Yeah I liked it too. Mass destruction, big deal.

Hey Donatello, nice name.

The whole idea smacks of desperation. MOS was critically slated by fans despite its box office success, and there is a desperation to please those fans with part two. It seems Batman, Wonderwoman etc. are a scattergun approach, as if those who dislike Supes will at least like Bats, or perhaps it will attract Bat fans to make up the shortfall of Supes fans after the last one.

No. If he cared about it that much then he would have done a full trilogy of standalone Superman films.

I liked it too but in the same way i like most alien invasion disaster movies. I did not like it as a Superman movie one bit.

See, I loved Sucker Punch. I understood what he was trying to show us. I also loved Man of Steel, even with it's plot holes and excessive destruction. Watchmen was good, but it seemed to drag on for me.

He better not muck it up like Watchmen...but he probably will

He did say "literally".

Someone offers you the chance to make the first movie to have Batman and Superman in it. You don't say "sorry I'd like to make 2 more Superman movies first". In fact, you probably don't say anything much because you're grin is so wide it takes up 90% of the space on your face. Like with Watchmen, if this movie is going to get get made, and it would anyway, I'm glad it's by someone who loves the source material.

My guess regarding the final name is: Justice League! Why should they make so much fuzz about it and change the release date to 2016? It's simple logic.
A few years ago it was rumored, that Warner Bros. wanted to do a Justice League movie first, followed by standalone movies. Instead they rebooted the biggest property first. Now with Batman, Wonder Woman and all the other rumored characters in the mix it's all very clear.

Just my 2 cents. And you heard it here first.

Slated by fans of what? The Superman comics? Comic book movies? Superman movies? Geeks in general?

How do you know that?! Do you work at WB? NO we don't anything about this movie!!

Thanks. Not sure if you're being ironic or not.

What's the picture for?

I've banged on about this a few times on DoG so won't bore you with it again but on the killing zod thing: I don't have a problem with it in and of itself. My issue is the film doesn't really earn that moment. Because they pulled Superman's moral centre out of the film with the changes to Pa Kent it never comes across as this horrible decision.

In fact it's kinda worse than that as Supes doesn't really show a whole hell of a lot of concern for innocent bystanders anywhere else in the movie. He takes the Smallville fight from an isolated farm to the middle of town, carves the ship Zod's flying in half over Metropolis with no thought as to where the bits are going to end up, sends every other Kryptonian back to the Phantom Zone and happily smashes Zod through multiple skyscrapers over a wide area of the city. Suddenly being so concerned over 4 people just because Zod was going to directly kill them in front of him didn't really ring true and just felt like a moment from a different film to me.

That said I can understand why people like the film as well. As always with these things there's no right or wrong view, just personal opinions. And even though I really didn't enjoy MoS at all I still want to see the next film be great and kickstart the DC universe so they can get away from the big two and on to some of the less popular characters!

Nah not ironic, it just reminded me of "Superstar!" When Will Ferrell goes "hey bartholomew, nice name"... didn't really expect anyone to remember that. You can tell what movies i watched as a kid by my comments.

Ah, cheers - makes sense now :)

Nice to hear someone else say they love that film. There's no other live-action film like it.

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