Batman Vs Superman shoot news, Matthew Goode linked

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30 Jan 2014 - 06:37

Henry Cavill is in Michigan already at work on the Man Of Steel sequel, whilst Matthew Goode is linked to the movie...

It seems as though principal photography has now formally begun on Zack Snyder's Man Of Steel follow-up, which we currently know as Batman Vs Superman. That, or it's about to. There's been no official announcement, but Henry Cavill is currently in Michigan, where he's been frequenting the local hostelries and chatting to people about what he's up to. Turns out he's there to film the Man Of Steel follow-up, and he's been telling people that filming has indeed begun on the movie.

At the very least, we suspect the Cavill is in Michigan to continue his training for the film. Until the official word comes in, we suspect it's best to class Batman Vs Superman as still in pre-production.

Fan accounts report that Cavill is sporting facial hair again at the moment, and also that he's been saying that he's going to be shooting for ten months. Ten months would be a very, very, very long time for a single feature film, and if true, might it hint that something else was being filmed at the same time, maybe back to back? That's us playing internet speculation games of course, and in truth, we're not very good at them. It could just be that that includes extensive pre-production. Heck, we're better at eating biscuits and moaning about the weather than guessing about this stuff.

One more piece of Batman Vs Superman news. Comic Book Movie is reporting that Matthew Goode has met with Warner Bros about a possible role in the movie. Goode, who was linked with the role of Batman before Ben Affleck nabbed it, and before that was one of the candidates for Superman, has apparently met about a thus-far undisclosed role in the film. We'll get to see if there's any substance to the report in the months ahead.

More on Batman Vs Superman as we hear it.

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