Batman Vs Superman: cast to "start work right away"

News Simon Brew 27 Jan 2014 - 06:50

The release date of Batman Vs Superman may be delayed, but it seems as though production itself isn't after all...

When Warner Bros announced that the release date of Zack Snyder's Batman Vs Superman had been put back to May 2016 (a ten month delay from the original July 2015 release plan), the assumption was that this was in part down to rumours of Ben Affleck sustaining an injury. Said injury, if you believe the report, was set to hold up the commencement of photography. But, as it turns out, that may not be the case.

The film is still definitely not arriving until May 2016, yet it seems as though it's nonetheless full steam ahead. It's being reported that the physical production itself is not being delayed, and "the man players have been summoned to start work right away".

The knock-on from this is that Affleck is apparently having to shelve plans, at least for the minute, to direct the pilot episode of Fox's upcoming show, The Middle Men. He's been attached to it for some time, having nurtured it since 2009. Fox now has to pick whether it wants to wait for Affleck, or bring in someone new.

As for Batman Vs Superman, it looks as if the start of filming proper isn't far away. We might yet get to see that new Batsuit soon that the likes of Kevin Smith and Jennifer Garner have been nattering about...


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I would like to touch him

I don't know how the hell this is gonna turn out great... they've been in pre-production for about six months, only had a FIRST DRAFT of the script as late as last month, and yet they're starting principle photography already?

Is this thing rushed or is this thing RUSHED...?

So what/who are man players? That just sounds so wrong.

They delayed the release. I'm pretty sure that wouldn't qualify as 'rushed'.

When are they just going to announce they're filming Justice League back to back?


It's obvious to everyone (except DC fanboys) why they have delayed it.

Because they have NO idea where they're going with this film?

Nope, because NO ONE wants to release the same year as avengers 2 an get theyr asses whupped at the B.O., even the almighty Avatar 2 got shifted (when it should be the other way around Avatar IS the highest grossing film of all time i cant imagine it shifting it because of the "lowly" avengers, then again without the 3D gimmick i dont know how they plan to sucker in people for another round of bad scifi)

Well they've been summoned, and their work starts right away... I'm not sticking around for that

"I want to see Batman vs Superman and Avatar 2 but Avengers 2 is out this year so I'll see that instead. You know, that one movie I watch per year.".

Not really. The big studios like to release their big tent pole films in a narrow window of summer months. Even a slight delay in production means they are likely to miss their preferred window in the year. Christmas 2015 is pretty crowded So what do they do? Wait and release it at one of their preferred times next summer.

Every time something new about this film comes out, it looks worse. And I'm like 80% certain that if this one comes out wrong, there will be no Wonder Woman because it will qualified as lack of interest in the character instead of a bad movie.
I want this to be good so badly, but I fear it looks as if it is not going to live up to expectations. Unless expectations keep going down and then we are all wonderfully surprised. That seems a viable option.

Spoken like a true marvel-ite....
Insipid and whiny. Very typical of the 12 year olds that live for this nonsense. It will be nice when the Justice League shows the world what real iconic heroes are. Shame cause I REAALY dug Thor and the first Avengers. It's morons like Ms. Enrique' that really ruins it....

It's probably to give Gil Galad (wait, that's the elf king - whatever her name is) plenty of time to bulk up for Wonder Woman. Or at least it would be if the film makers have some common sense.

I don't really have any faith in this. They'll make money because of fanboys anyway but it bothers me that this whole film was born to only create money. The fact that they only got a first draft a month-ish ago shows they're not that fussed about the story.

If you let what random people on the internet think ruin your enjoyment of something you are going to live a very miserable life.

I can't understand why people are so concerned about this movie. Obviously Man of Steel was a very divisive movie, BUT -- isn't that a part of a great movie? To cause debate and discussion among movie-goers? I'd rather have a movie that kept me talking about it in a discussion format, then have one where it was seen and forgotten.
Secondly, I'm pretty sure a lot of news surrounding this movie is being put out to confuse fans because the studios want to keep the meat of their story a secret. I've always been of the mind that if it's not an official statement from the studio, its nothing but conjecture. And, even these anonymous leakers could be putting out information filtered to them to out leaks and still to confuse the fans.
I'd say relax until the studio actually comes out with their plot synopsis. You get lower blood pressure that way. :)

Ben affleck is batman movie ruined. enough said.

This leaves the reason for the delay to two reasons.
1. They decided to shoot MOS2 and JL back to back
2. They chickened out and decided not to release it in the same year as The Avengers II and the new Star Wars film.

My guess is the latter

They might wanna replace Gol Guldur (wait, that's the scary place) with someone more nerd pleasing.

Avatar, huh? Meow, dude.

I'm watching marvel and dc, but if I can only get a babysitter for one.... It's gonna be Squirrel Girl. Sorry, Ms Quinn. I'm letting your crazy butt around my kids.

Um they're pushing it back to May 2016 - that's in 2 1/2 years! Do you want them to wait until all the actors are in the 50's?

The release date has been pushed back not the start of filming...

It's funny you mention "fanboys" when you're nothing but a biased Marvel fanboy. Sit down you tool.

You're an ignorant Marvel fanboy. Avatar needs extra time for the CGI most likely. I don't know if you're dense or retarded, but it takes a lot of work to make a movie underwater.

I still don't see the actual point of this movie. At all. Why not a standalone MOS sequel? It smacks of them not being confident enough in MOS and unable to address the many criticisms therefore resorting to changing the format instead.

I love that you said that. I actually don't like Marvel (except Iron Man... he's pretty awesome) and think The Avengers is one of the most overrated films ever made.
You may refer to me as a TDK Trilogy fanboy, if you wish sir.

But it wouldn't have been competing with those two. It would have been realised two months after Avengers 2 and 5 months before Star Wars. And it would have been one of the big hitters any way. I think the real reason is that they're rewriting the script.

To be fair, surely all films that come out of Hollywood - and many more - are born only to create money.

Why would no one want to release a film in the same 'year' as Avengers 2?

They were not scheduled to be released in the same month even, so it would have made no difference.

People are not going to only choose to see ONE film a year are they?

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