Gal Gadot signs up for three films as Wonder Woman

News Simon Brew 23 Jan 2014 - 06:04

Gal Gadot will debut as Wonder Woman in Batman Vs Superman. But she's signed up for two further films...

Before Christmas, it was revealed that Gal Gadot had signed up for the role of Wonder Woman in Zack Snyder's now-delayed Batman Vs Superman movie. The general speculation is that Wonder Woman will have a small role at best in that movie, and that it'll set the scene for a larger role subsequent to it.

That news appears to have been leant some credence by Gadot now admitting that she's signed a three film contract to appear in the role. A bit of nimble guesswork would point towards those films being Batman Vs Superman, Justice League and a standalone Wonder Woman movie. That said, the party poopers in us would suggest too that this is a pretty standard insurance policy of sorts by movie studios, to sign acting talent up for a number of films, whether they use them or not.

We'll see her first in the Wonder Woman role on May 6th 2016, when Batman Vs Superman arrives in cinemas.


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PS Polite request: if you're thinking about using the comments below to discuss whether or not you and Gal Gadot are likely to end up together, whether you fancy her, or whether she fancies you, please don't. You're not, you might, and she doesn't. Thanking you.

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Not gonna lie, the P.S. Slightly bums me out. I always enjoy someone sitting next to me during all films leaning over to helpfully remind me 'That actress would never be attracted to you' lol

Wow, the studio is really confident on this one.

Only 3? Mark Ruffalo signed on for 6 films before the Avengers.

Love the P.S.

I have faith in Snyder, he's only let me down once (Sucker Punch).

But I just cannot see this woman as Wonder Woman.

Firstly, we've yet to see if she can actually act. The Fast and Furious films are great fun, but there's not much acting going on! Apart from maybe The Rocks eyebrow.

Secondly, she does not really fit that amazonian warrior princess physique Wonder Woman is synonymous for.

Fingers crossed, I really want it to work!

I've never heard of her but she does look pretty wonderful. It'll be interesting to see how they get the three superheroes together in Batman Vs Superman.

The PS thing works both ways. After watching The Man of Steel, my wife politely enquired about Henry Cavill's physique and rather bluntly asked, "So why don't you look like that?"

Never seen her in anything other than Fast and Furious and I found her character a bit annoying in that, truth be told. No idea how she's supposed to lead a couple of blockbusters.
Too early to jump to conclusions yet, though.
P.S - Love the P.S.

I hate to say it but I am losing faith in this whole thing, i really hope it works out

yeah DC hasn't had the Downey Jr issue yet

Like many people, I was disappointed that The Rock's eyebrow hasn't been nominated for any of the major awards. It's all political.

Not fussed about Gal Gadot...Linda Carter is Wonder Woman, still looks fantastic and while there is air in my lungs there remains a chance....

Actors regularly bulk up etc for film roles.

I know, and like I said I hope it works. I wasn't slagging her off.

I mean when I think of Wonder Woman, she was not the first female actress that sprung to mind is what I was saying.

Plus, she's only 5'8. So, like I say, not quite the right physique for Wonder Woman. Let's hope she grows 5-6" eh!

No matter how much she trains, she will still be lacking in the chesticular area. Cgi boobs it is then!

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