Batman Vs Superman delayed to 2016

News Simon Brew 18 Jan 2014 - 19:16

It's official: the Batman Vs Superman movie has been put back 10 months to summer 2016...

Rumours have sprung up over the past day or two of an injury to Ben Affleck, that was threatening to put back production on Zack Snyder's thus far not officially titled Batman Vs Superman.

Well, we're still unclear regarding the truth of any injury to Affleck, but we do now know officially that Batman Vs Superman has been put back to 2016. It's moved from its original July 17th 2015 date to May 6th 2016. The official statement from Warner Bros declared that this is to allow "the filmmakers time to realize fully their vision, given the complex visual nature of the story. The decision was made following the shift of the start of production to second quarter of this year".

It's the latest blockbuster to move away from the once crowded summer 2015 battleground - the likes of Pirates Of The Caribbean 5 and Independence Day 2 have long since scooted to 2016 - although Warner Bros has moved another of its films into that July 2015 date. Joe Wright's Peter Pan movie, Pan, will now be out on July 17th 2015.

More news on Batman Vs Superman as we hear it. It's new release date, as it happens, puts it head to head with a thus-far unrevealed Marvel movie. That should be fun...

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Probably for the best. Not only were they going up against the 800 pound gorilla of the Superhero world but if the casting rumours are true there'd inevitably be comparisons. Take your time and get it right. The trick will be making sure they don't get stuck with any negative press from people seeing this as proof that the film is 'in trouble'.

Of course it's about... oh, now that Marvel could pull the best scheduling joke in the world by announcing Iron Man 4 for 2016 ;-)

And to work out their marketing of a "Justice League film...that isn't quite a Justice League film, because we've been calling it a Superman sequel." and then to work out how to announce "The real Justice League film that will only be slightly more Justice League-y than the Superman sequel".

And then they'll need to work out how their entire film universe and timing is going to work. I've got a feeling this is going to be a hard, hard few years for Warner Bros.

So what do the actors do in the meantime?

Best move honestly, it would be hard to put three big superheroes (Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman on screen for the first time). Now will we patiently watch and see if Marvel/Disney and Fox move away from May 2016. I can already hear their screams at Warner going "Why the hell did you do that, Warner!"


Draw lots to see who gets to play Aquaman.

And while they are at it they might try picking up a comic book or two and finding out what the hell kind of stories they are supposed to be telling.

playing chicken with a release date, let's see who flinches

Imagine the jet full of money they'd have to give Downey Jr to do Iron Man 4.

I believe they're going to be calling this one Man of Steel and his superfriends vs Batman.
Because to be fair Batman is a bigger title name than Superman at this point.

I know we have a lot of fun with "Batfleck" and the fact that this film is sounding like too many characters too soon. But what if it's an adaptation of Mark Waid's JLA:Tower of Babel (previously adapted as the animated Justice League: Doom).
That would be an awesome way of :
a) shaking up the universe and establishing a whole bunch of characters, their weaknesses and backstory.
b) showing that DC is not copying Marvel and is going it's own way about it
c) legitimately showing Batman as a bad ass who cannot be trusted, creating tension and drama.

Marvel have no need for concern... at all. If they managed to get Iron Man 4 or another big name in that slot, it'd be game, set and match.

The further they push it back, they happier I become. I'd rather see the Afflack Duck than Affleck.

They could be making 2 films at once to save on production costs

Patrick Duffy!!!!

Probably for the best. When's the next Star Wars coming out?

Probably for the best. When's the next Star Wars film coming out?

The thing is, they don't actually need to do another Iron Man film. It'll guarantee them loads of cash, but they're more likely to draw in new audiences and new attention by taking on something different - similar to what they're doing with Guardians of the Galaxy.

I think, for 2016, they're probably gonna go for Doctor Strange or Hulk. I think their first 2016 release is coming out the same day as Batman vs Superman, so if I was Kevin Feige, I'd go for Hulk and leave Doctor Strange for the second 2016 film.

I don't know why... but I'm thinking that this is all Meg's fault :-p

Hardly, considering Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman are the 3 most well known and recognizable heroes ever created. Marvels most well known characters are owned by Sony

I bet the next step will be to rename the film into something with "Justice League" in it.

I can say with quite high certainty that Marvel will be moving their date. Let's face it, unless the movie Marvel releases on May 6th, 2016 is an Iron Man 4 or Avengers 3 , they will be absolutely destroyed in the box office by Batman vs Superman . They're not stupid.

The only two titles that can possibly go up against Batman vs Superman on May 6th 2016 are Iron Man 4 or Avengers 3,
neither of which are likely to come out in 2016.

Anyone else like me and will probably go and see both films on release day (if possible)? I'll try to see them on the same day either way if they do get release at the same time.

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