Batman Vs Superman: new writer, Joaquin Phoenix for villain?

News Simon Brew 19 Dec 2013 - 06:47

The screenwriter of Argo is hired for Batman Vs Superman, and Joaquin Phoenix is apparenty earmarked to play the villain...

Two bits of news to do with Zack Snyder's upcoming Batman Vs Superman movie here. Firstly, it's being reported that Warner Bros is recruiting Chris Terrio to come and do some rewrite work on the project. Terrio won an Oscar earlier this year for his script for Ben Affleck's Argo, and he's going to be doing some work on David S Goyer's Batman Vs Superman screenplay ahead of the film going into formal production next year. We suspect Mr Affleck may have had an influence there.

There's also a major casting rumour doing the rounds, which suggests that Joaquin Phoenix is on the film's radar. And not just for any old role either: Phoenix looks like the choice for Batman Vs Superman's villain, and although the role hasn't been named, it's expected to be that of Lex Luthor.

Variety, which broke the news, cautions that Phoenix isn't a certainty to accept, given that he's turned down big budget movies in the past. Once we know more though, we'll pass the news your way.

Batman Vs Superman arrives in cinemas on July 17th 2015.

The Hollywood Reporter.

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Chris Terrio? Then there's hope yet.

I am liking this.

I'm torn on this. Having a good writer come in and cut out of the crap of Goyer's script is a great move by the studio. Goyer's not that great of a writer and Man of Steel showed that.
However, shouldn't a script be finished by now? Aren't they filming this movie early next year? Aren't sets being built already? If the script isn't ready yet I am concerned about whether the movie is getting rushed into production so DC can try to match Marvel's success while the superhero genre is still popular.

Guess that means Bryan Cranston's out of the running for Lex then? I was super pumped when I heard his name pop up!
Not so much Joaqin Phoenix (although I do respect him as an actor).

I agree with Michael. A great move by the studio. Goyer is running short on ideas now seeing as he is Hollywoods go to man.

The fact they are 're-writting' does not bold well for this film however.

It really does feel like they have thrown in all these ideas (Batman, Wonder Woman...) but have no idea where to go with it.

I'm sure they do and the re-writting is minimal... fingers crossed he has just been brought in to dot the i's and cross the t's.

I think Joaquin would make a good Joker. If he cranks his Commodus from Gladiator up to the nth degree he could pull it off.

Phoenix might make a great Batman, if you think about it. Saw 'I'm Still Here' the other day and had that thought.

It's not done yet??

Can this movie hurry up and die and fade away already, FFS!

Oh, I've upset some fanboys. This movie will blow.

Let's hope that like Argo, Terrio changes it so they only pretend to make this film...

nope you upset mankind by being immature and posting your pointless thoughts on the internet! if you dont like what this movie is turning out to be, then maybe use the english language to translate your fustration into a meaningful sentance?

Interesting casting I love his villianous turn in Gladator

Both bits of news are decent... also about Bryan Cranston - instead of Lex Luthor I'd rather have him play the Joker after his redhood moment in 'Crawl Space' for BB. Older Bruce means could be an older Clown Prince of Crime...

Cranston was talked about for about 2 minutes as it was Breaking Bads final season and he happens to be bald.

Joaqin Phoenix would absolutely smash this role. Failing that, they should go for Sharlto Copley.

Here's the big problem; this writer is going to have to work under a microscope of the talking heads at WB, who are going to keep telling him "Make sure you give this character more screen time, make sure you give that character more screen time", so they can use the movie as a focus group to see which character gets the strongest response. It's really going to be written by committee with a screen writer signing it.

I'm pretty sure he's just revising the script. After all Goyer is a good plotter and ideas man. I honestly feel like all the people who are complaining just don't like the fact that DC/WB could change the superhero movie as they did with Batman Begins and The Dark Knight under Nolan. After all they invented the superhero movie didn't they? Superman the movie...

well--he's dong "rewrite work", which I would presume means that the broad strokes that sets will have already been built for(or are under construction) will all still figure into the film. Dont worry--scripts are constantly revised even during shooting and WB has FAR too much riding on this flick to eff it up. ( I say with fingers crossed LOL)

Well, it's true that Joaquin Phoenix turns down big budget movies quite a lot, but with Ben Affleck in the movie, there's a chance he would take it if he's offered, I guess.

Films are constantly re-written during production. It's not unknown for writers to be on the set the day of filming, offering alternate lines.

Order of excitement:
1) Guardians of the Galaxy
1a) Avengers 2: Age of Ultron
2) Ant-Man
3) The Amazing Spiderman 2
4) X-Men: Days of Future Past
5) Batman vs Superman

Add a new number 3, but everything down 1: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

The Guardians of the Galaxy?? I think a talking raccoon is just one step too far. Sounds ridiculous. Superhero movies are fast running out of steam for me. Unless someone breathes some fresh life into the genre, the sameyness and rigid formula of these films is going to wear thin very quickly. Then again, maybe a talking raccoon is the answer.

Exactly. The next step is taking it off Earth and combining superheros with Star Wars.
These big superhero movies are the only thing worth paying for in the theater. Everything else can be viewed for a $1 at home on a decent TV and be enjoyed.

Judging by the makeshift committee pleasing hero line up, this film will only be as strong as it's villain. He's a very good actor and it's a different direction so there is a chance this redeems the whole thing. Part of me still thinks the story is playing second fiddle to the strategy/commerciality.

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