Jason Momoa signing up for Batman Vs Superman

News Simon Brew
10 Dec 2013 - 06:26

The star of the Conan reboot, Jason Momoa, is on the radar for Zack Snyder's Batman Vs Superman project...

The cast of Zack Snyder's upcoming Batman Vs Superman movie looks like it's got another body on board, as it's being reported that Jason Momoa is now in talks about joining the film.

Momoa, whose highest profile roles thus far have seen him headline the Conan remake, and also appear in Game Of Thrones, is apparently set to play either Doomsday or the Martian Manhunter in the movie. The exact role remains guarded, but those are the two possibles that are being widely mooted.

Momoa joins a cast that also includes Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Gil Gadot, Amy Adams and Laurence Fishburne. The movie itself is released on July 17th 2015.

The Hollywood Reporter.

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