Amy Adams on a possible Batman Vs Superman love triangle

News Simon Brew 9 Dec 2013 - 06:21

Is a Superman, Wonder Woman and Lois Lane love triangle on the cards in Batman Vs Superman? Amy Adams isn't keen...

Speculation has been rife since Gal Gadot was cast as Wonder Woman in the Batman Vs Superman movie that the narrative may pick up one of the threads from the land of comic books. Namely, a relationship between Superman and Wonder Woman that sets up a love triangle.

Lois Lane would be the other point of that triangle of course, and she was played by Amy Adams in Man Of Steel earlier this year. Adams is committed to return for the next movie as well, and whilst promoting her latest, American Hustle, she was asked whether a love triangle storyline was one she'd be interested in.

"Am I interested?", she answered. "I don't know. I mean, we'll see. I hope that I can involved with a woman on screen where we're not in a love triangle. That would be fun. Maybe where we team up together and we work as teammates instead of adversaries", she told Superhero Hype. We like Amy Adams.

Whether that happens or not remains to be seen. We do know that full production on Batman Vs Superman takes place next year, and that the movie is due in cinemas in July 2015. We'll keep you posted on it.

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Keep Wonder Woman's role to a minimum pleeeeaaaseee


What a cluster-f*ck this could very well turn out to be, by the sound sof it. Pit the two alpha-females against each other for the affections of a dude. *sigh*

The response to this suggestion in the article seems to highlight the paucity of ideas since DC went new 52 for me.Not good.

I actually agree with her. It'd be refreshing to see two female characters (both seen in relation to a male protagonist) not pitted against each other, maybe even have them get along or establish a friendly relationship between the two women, and then give a fracture to that with a possible love triangle in a later film.

massive speculation there - however if it does turn out to be the case then I whole heartedly agree with you

We need to stop jumping to conclusions as we haven't even had a summary - they story atm is anyones guess - I personally would have left WW out for now seen as we have Batman but there you go


DC owns two of the most famous female icons in the world---the greatest female superhero and the just iconic civilian/career woman figure in comics---and the only thing they can think to do is put a man in-between them. Lois and Clark should be left alone. They were created together for each other. Wonder Woman deserves her own story, own love interest and her own narrative. Both actressss and icons deserve better.

There is zero need for a love triangle period. Ever. It's insulting to both women and frankly it's insulting to Superman. People have waited years to see the fully realized Lois/Clark from the last 25 years of comics where Lois is fully in the know to be in a film. People have waited years for WW to appear on the screen again. There is no triangle here and every time bad writers try to force one they insult the story and send terrible messages all around.

That is what I was saying, however I passingly suggested the triangle for a later film because - these being comic book story-adapted films - it would bear some resemblance to the source text.

I agree, there is no need to pit woman against woman.
That's why I said that.

This thing just keeps getting worse and worse......

I think maybe its time for everyone involved in the production of this film to take two steps back and breath for a bit, cant see the wood for the trees springs to mind

I am OK with this idea if Diana flirts with Kal, but I don't think he should acknowledge it or feed into it. I also hope they don't call her Wonder Woman in the movie, that would just sound weird. It works when they call her Diana.

How about a superhero movie where there is NO romantic, love interest at all!?! Wouldn't that be original? …nah, never going to happen.

I watched man of steel yesterday and was astounded how bad
it was, iffy acting terrible cgi and a choppy pointless plot. I didn’t have
great expectations for it but didn’t quite expect the mess it was. I have been thinking about it today and
realised what the problem was, it’s the same as that in the comics. I have
never been big on superman comics/graphic novels but the ones I have enjoyed
have had a very strong set of supporting characters that have made up for superman’s
lack of character. The film was almost all superman/Clark; everyone else was
kind of sketched in.

I don't think it'll happen. And have any of you seen the film stop making judgements.

I've never read the comics so I know nothing of Wonder Woman's love life, but I do think it would be fantastic to see her introduced in a movie minus a love story. Women rarely get that. They rarely get to exist minus romantic plotline, it seems to be something of a subconcious necessity in the minds of many writers, and it irks me. If this is to be the first time we see Wonder Woman in a movie - and it's not even really Her Movie, she'll probably play second-fiddle to Batman and Superman (which I can understand the logic of, best to get her on screen in a movie that EVERYONE will see/pay to see, analyze the reactions, and go from there - she could yet have her own movie) as well as have her narrative driven by one or both of them - it would be awesome, and not at all difficult, to let her exist free of romantic entanglements.

I've been concerned from day one with this sequel as being Superman/Batman. We've only had one stand-alone MOS movie, in which not a lot of character development happened, and we've technically had no movie with this version of Batman, so I've felt it would be doing them both a disservice.

Adding Wonder Woman too further dilutes the screen time and development of each of the characters. As a woman and a comic fan, I think this is a terrible idea for WW. It not only means we'll get a weaker interpretation of her, but it also serves to reinforce (yet again), that even in this day and age one of the most famous female icons on pop culture doesn't even deserve her own movie. Yet again, a woman is nothing without a man (or two). I know some might argue that it is a means to an end - get her on screen first and then worry about her own stand-alone possibilities, but that's the argument all women have been hearing for way too long - prove yourself a man's equal before you can be treated as such. I don't know about you, but I already know I'm the equal of a man, I know WW is the equal of a (super)man, and it's a sad state that we are still having to prove this in the 21st century.

I really commend Amy Adam’s point on this. Putting this all together with a potential romance angle is gutting. As mentioned by other posters, women are by and large not allowed roles that don’t involve romance – so even if they are the star their story has to be viewed through a penis shaped lens. It devalues women, and it would be really terrible for this to happen to WW as she is such a strong character. But so too for Lois, another amazing icon (and one of my favourite ever characters) if her role is reduced to nothing more than a side of a triangle.

Do people really think that if the Avengers hadn't existed everyone would be moaning about the prospect of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman in one movie? Of course not! Marvel indeed may have been successful in initially establishing solo movies for its (arguably) less iconic heroes and then developing the Avengers, but this doesn't mean that any movie franchise which attempts to do the opposite needs to be automatically disregarded and ridiculed. I'm sick to death of fan boys claiming that just because DC and Warners Bros isn't following Marvel's framework it is automatically doomed to failure; there are actually other ways of establishing franchises it seems. Watch the movie, and then make a judgement.

Avengers didn't have a love interest, and the Iron Man movies have more of a flirtatious sort-of-there relationship instead of a romantic one. The Dark Knight's romantic relationship was centered around the eventual villain instead of the hero. Chronicle had no romantic love interest; neither did Unbreakable.

It's also the usual cliche that if you have two female characters in a film they have to be in conflict.

Indeed, it would be even further a waste of the characters.

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