Batman Vs Superman casting latest

News Simon Brew 5 Dec 2013 - 06:37

As Batman Vs Superman starts to feel more and more like a Justice League movie, one or two more rumours have sprung up...

Yesterday, it was confirmed that Gal Gadot was being cast as Wonder Woman in Zack Snyder's upcoming Batman Vs Superman movie. Once upon a time, this was the project billed as the sequel to Man Of Steel. With the addition of Ben Affleck's Batman as well to the movie, Henry Cavill's Superman sounds like he's going to have quite a job to get a look in.

For it seems more and more as if the movie is becoming a Justice League film, or if not, a very obvious precursor to one. Obviously we've not read the script or anything, so it's just guesswork. But there are reportedly more DC characters set to appear yet. For instance, Variety is reporting that The Flash is indeed set to turn up in Batman Vs Superman too, although as of yet, it's unclear whether this will be in a cameo role, or something more substantive.

Rumours also suggest that Doomsday is set to take a part in the movie.

And in terms of a lead villain for Batman Vs Superman, Callan Mulvey has been revealed as someone that Warner Bros is "eyeing to play the role [of the villain]". That's a long way from "playing the role", but Mulvey - who has credits in Zero Dark Thirty and 300: Rise Of An Empire - appears to be on the shortlist.

More news on Batman Vs Superman/Justice League/Man Of Steel 2/Expendables Of DC Characters when we hear it.


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I don't know what to think about this at the moment. It's clear from re-watching Man of Steel and it's supporting Blu-Ray materials (on the US disc mind, thank you Warner UK!) that Warners/DC/Snyder had a larger universe in mind. However, it remains to be seen if cramming every character under the sun into the next film is the way to go. Do the general public care enough about NIghtwing, The Flash, Wonder Woman etc to watch solo movies first? Probably not, which is maybe why they are launching them in a Batman/Superman film. However, the general public probably didn't know about Iron Man, Captain America and Thor, but Marvel gambled on a slow build up rather starting with Avengers. A gamble that worked, but it was a huge gamble. I guess my point in this rather rambling post is that DC don't seem to have a clue what to do. Do they copy Marvel or try something different? Seems like they are trying something different. Time will tell if it comes off.....

I'm really looking forward to seeing who they cast as Lobo and Bananaman.

I hear Joseph Gordon Levitt will be doing both

But wait, wasn't The Flash (the Wally West version, apparently) gonna pop up in Arrow as well? Same actor? Different character? Oh, DC, you're just making it up as you go, huh?

Its a good job Superman is in it. Batman vs Doomsday would be a very short film

Not ready for a Wonder woman film? They are still running the Lynda Carter TV series on a couple of digital channels. As for the Flash, thanks to Sheldon Cooper, he has quite a high profile amongst Big Bang Theory fans!

So, what started as a very promising mortal vs god conflict movie with our two favourite superheroes is now becoming a free-for-all carnival Avengers wannabe. Great. I actually don't care if this film turns out good or bad any more, I've lost interest. DC are screwing this up. Everybody cheered at the Comic Con announcement because of that quote from The Dark Knight Returns, an intimate moment between Batman and Superman as the mere mortal won the battle. Not because it was going to feature "all your favourite DC heroes in one movie". Kids film? Fine, I'm sure my kids will love it. But after the more mature Dark Knight trilogy and the somewhat moody Man of Steel, this is starting to feel like a huge mis-step under the stewardship of a committee of suits and investors who want a piece of Marvel pie.

I really could not give a s**t about a DC Universe.

All I want is a MAN OF STEEL sequel. With Superman!

I don't want all these other poxy characters running about the place.

Surely if Wonder Woman exists in this world (with super powers), then the whole basis of the first film (the World not being ready, and Superman letting his dad die) was completely pointless?

How on Earth are they going to introduce Batman, Wonder Woman AND The Flash into one film?

It did not work for Spider Man 3 (an established franchise that was sure 'not' to fail), how is it going to work for Man of Steel 2 when we still have not seen Clark Kent just being Clarke Kent for a bit?

Snyder, I hope you have thought this through and not just bent over and taken one from the studio!

an unpowered Barry Allen turned up in today's Arrow, wasn't Wally West

Ah, OK, got my names mixed up somehow, sorry.

Well, that then...

"Rumours also suggest that Doomsday is set to take a part in the movie"...

Surely, SURELY, they ought to save that for part 3 or beyond? This whole thing gets stupider and stupider.

Avengers built up to their first joint adventure over Five feature length films (and a couple of short films) - this is feeling decidedly crowded awfully early. I hope they don't do what they did in the Justice League Origins three parter (which I just watched on Netflix the other day):

A threat bigger than any one hero turns up so loads of heroes team up. Then at the end they basically say the equivalent of "We should hang out more often" to which they all reply with something like "Yeah OK" except Batman who says "Call me when you need me - I don't do people."

I think you over estimate their appeal outside of the "geek world". Average-Joe moviegoer has no clue who they are. Unfortunately for Warners, Average-Joe moviegoer buys the most cinema tickets.

Give them a chance! I thought Man Of Steel was a pretty decent superhero movie (at least as good as Iron Man 1) and certainly went to darker places than any Marvel movie to date and Goyer has proven to be an excellent writer PLUS Affleck (a notable filmmaker in his own right lest we forget) seems genuinely excited and surprised by the direction Snyder is taking the DC Universe in. It's early days for this DC movie franchise but it seems everyone wants them to follow the path of Marvel without actually giving the filmakers a chance to show us what they have come up one knows what role Wonder Woman will play in this story or how she will be introduced, we have no idea who the villain(s) are, we don't know the extent to which any other elements of the DCU will be introduced and we sure as hell haven't seen what Affleck is planning to do with the role of Batman/Bruce Wayne....let's hold off until we actually have a few more details, yeah?

Yes exactly this! Doomsday is a truck-load of death that has to have a massive ending. Squeezing him into this doesn't feel right for me. He has to lay waste to most of the justice league before supes takes him on surely!?!

Talking about Spiderman 3, anyone seen the new Trailer for The Amazing Spiderman 2?

Someone in Hollywood has not learned from past mistakes.

More does not always = better

Unless it's the film 'Aliens'.

Im pretty sure most people didn't know a thing about iron man other than Black Sabbath had a song about him!

You think non-geek world was au fait with Thor? Pre-the movie, I'd lay money that average-joe would be able to pick out Wonder Woman from a line up, but not Thor. Indeed, Iron Man was hardly up there on people's top ten list of Superheroes before the RDJ movie came out.

Which is a point I made in my original post. Marvel gambled and it paid off. DC appear to be coming from a safer direction, launching these characters from a film starring 2 very well known heroes.

If this goes wrong we could well end up in the same position with Batman as we were after the 1997 movie... starting to look more and more likely.

But even if that applies in the UK, we are a tiny market. WW and Flash are big in the States, and WB will assess the American sales potential, not ours.

I kind of think they have. That is why these characters are being shoe-horned into a Batman/Superman film and not being given their own films straight away.

Love how people are dismissing this as a stupid movie without actually seeing a single frame of film from it, at least DC are trying something different if they did all the characters in solo films and brought them together they would be accused of copying Marvel, why not go a different way? I cant wait to see what they come up with!

disagree the first was far superior imo ;)

Just wondering that you do know Wonder Woman lives on an island in the middle of nowhere that no man has set foot on or woman has left and batman in this world could be actually good at staying off the local news so would be a myth.
I do agree with you in that they are trying a lot in the one movie but saying that just because Wonder Woman and batman are in the movie it renders the first movie pointless is just incredibly stupid.
No offense just think, this isn't the first time they have made another world to suit their storyline

Yes, it would be a very short film, otherwise Batman will have easily defeated Doomsday with no interruptions at all.
A good night's worth of work. ;)

"As" or "Since" and not "Otherwise"

A voice of calm reason. How refreshing.

The CW network TV shows are not part of the DC Movie universe (they've said so themselves). It would be a studio nightmare.

man of steel was a loud false overlong annoying film. not in the same universe as iron man 1 - which was smart, witty, thrilling and heartfelt.

when I read that i started to mentally check out - that just means they aren't doing really "clever" things with the franchise - they're just dumping a truck of content and characters on it. at this rate its going to make spiderman 3 look like a lean masterpiece.

Iron Man 1 starts off brilliantly - probably the best depiction of an origin story in the MCU with a funny and sharp take on the character of Tony Stark but tails off in the last third with a dull CGI fest of two big metal men fighting. MoS starts off brilliantly with a beautiful and thoughtful depiction of an outsider trying to find his place in the world but tails off in the last third with an overlong CGI fest of two alien men fighting.... both have the pros and cons, both are very different...
It's not really the point of my post though...for many MoS was a pretty solid film (not a masterpiece but aside from Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy what comic book movies are?) and too many are putting a downer on Batman Vs Superman (or whatever it will be called) without any really justification. The fact that Affleck is so keen to do it despite knowing how much backlash he would get from the shortsighted ubernerds suggests to me that there is something really special on the cards and I for one can't wait to see it....

The problem with DC BigDunc is Warner Bros should have been on the bandwagon from day 1 when Iron Man 1 was in production.
Marvel did the best thing getting their characters in singular movie's first, developing them and grounding their stories into the audience and then developing them into the Avengers.

My biggest concern now with this Batman VS Superman movie is that putting too many characters in this film. Some of them have never been on the big screen before.

I can remember the disaster that was Mortal Kombat Annihilation, where the filmmakers, wanted to get in as many characters from the games in one movie. So many great storylines were removed or ignored from the characters, because it would have been impossible to ground their stories in a 2 hour movie.

This shouldn't have had any other Superheroes except Superman, with perhaps Batman in the shadows at the end of the film.

Look on the bright side, a film containing a dozen DC heroes will provide great opportunities for McDonalds to add variety to their kiddy meal boxes.

Uhh I think Spiderman 3's problem was not the amount of villains,its the villain's characteristic and quality.They were just bland.Plus,SpiderMan has always been about the villains.How is it that they cannot have more when Spidey himself would have to fight Sinister Six.So as long as it fits in the storyline,I think they can add few more characters to expand the movie's universe.

DC can get away with a team-up movie especially with Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman involved because people know who they are. And shouldn't you be happy that DC/WB have the guts to do this?! And just because Marvel did it one way does not mean that DC should do it that way. Each to their own.

News just in, Warwick Davis has just signed on to play BANE.

Agree about Sups dad. What a waste that was. MoS was a festering boil on the buttocks of humanity.

This just in guys, Superman is no longer in the Superman sequel due to overcrowding.

I'm trying not to be critical about this (I actually enjoyed MoS) but I don't like how we're getting a super-dump. Leave Wonder Woman and the Flash for the third film, let Bats and Supes punch it out a bit then have an awesome Justice League reveal at the end.

No-one seemed to mind the long list of characters in Marvel's highly overrated Avengers movie.

The Avengers are about a team and the members were established in their own film(s) first. My worry is that because Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman are iconic characters, we're going to get a 'you know who these characters are- here they are' approach. The relationship between Clark and Lois in Man of Steel was pretty much sketched over as was the character of Clark Kent. Can't see that stuff improving in the sequel but I'm hoping to be proved wrong.

*What 'Thedoctorrr' said...

It worked in The Avengers because we had already seen each character in films of their own and they had all cleverly linked them into the Avengers in the post credit scenes as well.

DC are trying to play catch up and they seem to be going about it the wrong way.

I'd actually love to see a new stand alone Batman where we see this ageing Batman, and I would also love a stand alone Wonder Woman film to introduce to the character.

I really just want to see more of just Clark Kent and Lois and how he becomes the Superman we all know and love. We have only seen a glimpse of 'Clarke Kent' at the Daily Planet.


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