Batman Vs Superman has its Wonder Woman

News Ryan Lambie 4 Dec 2013 - 19:35

Fast & Furious actress Gal Gadot has been cast as Wonder Woman in the forthcoming Batman Vs Superman, it's been announced...

There's been some speculation as to whether Wonder Woman would appear in the forthcoming Batman Vs Superman, but it's now confirmed: Israeli actress Gal Gadot has officially been cast as the superheroine, who'll appear alongside Henry Cavill's Superman and Ben Affleck's Batman in the forthcoming Man Of Steel sequel.

Gadot's most recently appeared in the past three Fast & Furious films, with earlier roles including Date Night and Knight And Day. It's said that Gadot won the part over other actresses, who included Olga Kurylenko and Elodie Yung.

Of the casting, director Zack Snyder said, "Not only is Gal an amazing actress, but she also has that magical quality that makes her perfect for the role. We look forward to audiences discovering Gal in the first feature film incarnation of this beloved character."

Batman Vs Superman, now with added Wonder Woman, will be out in 2015. More on this as it comes in.


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Why is Wonder Woman in a Batman Vs Superman movie? Hopefully its just for a cameo at the end to tease Justice League - as I really don't want the rumors of her being a second love interest to be true.

This also means the Darkseid cameo will likely happen also.

Wow she looks just like her! Inside her invisible jet and everything!

Pics, DoG, Pics.

I have a feeling the rumors for the flash might come true which means they might be trying to make mos3 dc attempt at the avengers.

This film is looking like it's going to be a complete clusterf**k

Yay! Another Den of Geek article about a casting announcement where they don't put up a picture of the named actor! Lazy lazy lazy

So a short, skinny woman with no muscle tone is going to play an Amazon. Hooray for Hollywood!

I'm a little confused. I thought someone more athletic like Gina Carano would have been ideal, whereas Gal is fairly slender.

As for Wonder Woman's inclusion in the first place: I'm starting to think that this film is getting WAY too crowded. Granted, Avengers has far more characters, but they were developed fully in prior movies. Here, we have a Superman that was barely developed in his own film, and we have a new iteration of Batman with his own quirks and characteristics yet to be established. If Wonder Woman is to be included, I hope it is as a cameo only, and solely as a prelude to the upcoming Justice League film.

I hate to say it, but I really don't have a lot of faith in this project's success.

This is obviously just going to be a cameo, to bring people to a her own film when and if it happens. It's an introduction only, I should think.

There are these exciting new developments called "training" and "exercise" that they can use to make actors look more or less muscly than they actually are - I have a hunch they may use these developments.

And 5 foot 9 is short? Damn. That must mean I'm really short :(

I'm trying to remain positive really. C'mon, its got Batman AND Superman in it. How hard can it be to make a good movie....?

Coming up next - Justin Bieber as Aquaman!

Ok, now the jet!

I've only seen 5 and 6 and trailers of others but judging from them I think I agree with How Did This Get Made? and it's clear all the women in Fast and Furious look identical (apart from the evil blonde woman in 6).

And unlike in sports where there is blood testing, in Hollywood steroids seem to be positively encouraged.

I think of it like this:

Good crowded (Avengers, X-Men, X2, X-Men First Class)

And bad crowded (Batman Forever, Batman & Robin, X-Men the Last Stand, Wolverine Origins)

I think of numbers or establishedness (if you will) as inconsequential. Direction, plot, acting, those make or break a film.

Don't worry, it's a joke. They actually cast Chyna.

She's not Katy Perry.

I love Sam Raimi, and I think he did a great job of Spider-man. But even die-hard fans have to admit that Spider-man 3 was a little crowded. Of course the attributes you mention are important to the quality of a film, but I don't think Zak Snyder has a consistent good standard in his work. Man of Steel was okay, but it was no Dark Knight (films rarely are, but I had high hopes for MoS). Unfortunately, I felt very little connection nor empathy with any of the film's characters. And while 300 was fantastic, Watchmen was merely decent. It looked incredible, but it dragged a little. And again, I didn't feel very connected to the characters. And that's speaking as a fan of the comic, and someone who wanted so much to love it.

I hope I'm wrong about Superman vs. Batman, World's Finest, or whatever it's going to be called. But my expectations are low, and this casting news does little to change that. Then again, I had little hope for Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America, but I ended up absolutely loving all three movies.

They must have heard you and quickly shopped her in to the picture above!

It's probably going to be three hours long. We'll look back at the The Dark Knight films as mere animated shorts in comparison. :D

Definitely agree about Raimi. Had he introduced Eddie Brock earlier and left Sandman and Harry Osborne alone, we'd probably be talking about Spider-Man 5 right now. Still, he didn't do well with what he had. He fumbled. Ensembles are a juggling act.

Snyder can't juggle one thing.

Bad casting. She's too waif like to be convincing as an Amazonian super hero, and her acting isn't exactly noteworthy in the Fast and Furious films. She must have friends in high places.

I honestly don't remember her.

hell no
first class was a waste of time


I'm resigning myself to sitting back and laughing at how terrible this will get. The very briefly introduced Sups is now the continuity pin for a brand new Bats 'everyone' dislikes already, and, a first time WW no one has had the balls to try and put on the big screen before.
Forget character development getting squeezed in, or a decent WW origin story for her first outing, or a decent story at all as these random faces appear together under some contrived, time eating set of circumstances that also somehow prevented helping Sups out in MOS. What committee forgot the money to be made from each of the individual characters origin movies all pointing/hinting to something huge. The Avengers coped because they could just BE, because we already knew who they were. But they had to pretty much start a new story. DC could try a more obvious build up to a multi-hero but take its time about it while developing characters. This is a dogs dinner unless its too long. An action figure and accessories advert.

Flash is actually about to get some love on the TV series Arrow. That's another conversation to be had about Justice League: Flash and Green Arrow. Steven Amell has made a decent case for himself as Green Arrow with this series. It should be interesting to see what they do with Flash.

well, as they have decided to use Man of Steel as the "launching pad" for both the new Batman movies and they hope--a JL movie, they have to at least introduce some of the other characters in cameos, and from what I have read elsewhere that will likely be what WW gets--a cameo appearance. You could easily intro others, like GL & the Flash by just having Bruce or Clark or both watching news reports Re: the appearance of other costumed heroes--they dont have to have a role in the story, other than establishing they "exist"

I don't read much DC, but my kids got me watching Go Teen Titans! I wanna see Cyborg in JL.

Black Widow and Hawkeye didn't have any character developement before the Avengers. I still remain optimistic.

I liked it. I didn't quite understand the red Nightcrawler... but he was still awesome.

Be thankful it's not Nicki Minaj either

Besides Iron Man 2 and Thor, I agree. But Avengers wasn't based around those two characters alone. And they're spies/spec-ops, needing little explanation. A warrior princess of the Amazons that flies an invisible jet and whose primary weapon is a lasso of 'truth' needs a little more backstory to be deemed credible. I know this genre isn't defined by its gritty realism, but the audience can't be expected to just accept a new superhero with little or no build-up. And the same goes for a new incarnation of Batman, and a barely developed Superman. This all seems too rushed.

No offense to to WB and DC's "enthusiasm" but this is sounding less and less like a Man of Steel sequel and more like a Justice League prequel.

I think you're right. Even if they were just sitting at the pub discussing what a pain in the ass being a superhero is for two hours, it would be fun. We'll get explosions, some fights and Wonder Woman now too. It'll be fun.

Maybe there are different body types for Amazons. Affleck is going to play and old and tired Batman, so why can't we have a young, petite Wonder Woman?

an Israeli jet? Eeeep!

I, for one, would love to see him at the bottom of the ocean. Good call!


Now that you put it that way...


Dude you're on a roll

True - but with the main focus now being Batman Vs Superman rather than a Superman movie (Lets face it 'Man Of Steel' was more a Clark Kent becomes Superman storyline) I'm beginning to worry that this is starting to become more its own movie rather than a sequel to 'Man Of Steel'

We barely had enough Lois and Clark development in Man Of Steel and honestly this film is going to have to do so much its worrying;

- Introduce a new Batman
- Explain Batman's origin
- Explain why Batman is in Metropolis
- Explain who is protecting Gotham when he is away
- Introduce Wonder Woman
- Explain Wonder Woman's origin
- Explain why she is in Metropolis
- Introduce a main villain who warrants at least three heroes battling them
- Introduce Lex Luthor
- Explain Lex's role in this film series
- Introduce Darkseid
- Explain villains origin
- Continue love story between Clark and Lois
- Continue military distrusting superman aspect established in first movie
- Explain the effects the first movie had on the population

I suppose they can give cameos to other heroes - but the way we are getting the casting information right now feels like she will have a larger role.

I'm just concerned that with all this going on and more that the movie will lose sight of its original plot - which should be to further expand on the Man Of Steel and his journey to becoming a hero for Metropolis (Which will no doubt end with him inspiring the people of Metropolis to fight back against Darkseid or something similar to the animated series)

This is getting worse every week. Whats next? Krypto? Or maybe Supergirl and her cat

does wonder women have the same powers as superman?

and does that mean superman can bang her without his load blowing the back of her skull off?

Is it just a cameo? The combination of Batman, Superman, and Wonder
Woman, along with the Supergirl tease in Man of Steel, is making this
look like an adaptation of the Superman/BAtman: Supergirl storyline
(which was animated as Superman/Batman: Apocalypse).

the comments section on this site should be renamed "the negativity section".

Date night, Knight and day and now Dark Knight movie, I see a pattern here!

I'm sure she's a good actress, but she lacks certain.. equipment to play WW. Casting has gone bust. I also don't really remember her from the Fast and Furious movies, she didn't stay in my mammaries. I just had to get this of my chest.

I'm 12 years old.

But seriously, introducing all these characters isn't bad. Remember that Thor, Hulk (depending on how you look at it), Captain America, Black Widow and Hawkeye all appeared in only one movie before assembling in The Avengers. If they take it as seriously as Man of Steel, it will be legendary.

Ah yes, but you forgot that she has "that magical quality that makes her perfect for the role"! Did you not read the article, jeez. She should put that line on her CV.

This is my concern as well. Avengers worked because all of the major 'heroes' had at least one solo film beforehand to develop the character. The minor characters, like Black Widow had also appeared. Now, if this was just Superman with a Wonder Woman cameo, I'd be all over that. In fact, give me a Wonder Woman movie (which we know won't happen because DC has no faith in its female characters.) But Superman and Batman and Wonder Woman and Krypto. Ok, maybe no Krypto, but you know what I mean. I suspect there's a phrase that has never been uttered at a Hollywood pitch, never heard at a development round-table, and perhaps unknown in all of LA: "Less is more."

Lots of negativity here.....perhaps the film will allow for the fact we already know Batmans & Supermans past, and with the benefit of a minute or two of "what happened previously" clips and some well placed lines, can skip any origin re-telling of any hero.
WW I would imagine would drop in at the end of the film to help with the boss fight. IF the film makers are clever at the end of it she'll nod to both guys, say something like
" Bruce, Clark, see you at the clubhouse next month" they'll reply " sure thing Diana, next month" , and wave her off.
This leaves the chance for a WW movie or TV special to introduce her later in the film series' career.
As for the film with Bats & Supes....IF there is going to be an almighty duke fest between these two, then we already know who wins ( if the fight is based on Frank Millers "Dark Knight",) now we just need the justification. Other reasons for the fight would be for Supes to be mind controlled by Darkseid ( pronounced Darkside ).
The film could be , on the other hand, an adaption of the often fun Bats/supes team up comic that's been going for years. This comic has regular visits from Supergirl.
Movie makers often release little snippets of info and let the fan community run rampant with rumour. It's great publicity.
A film told with maturity and intelligence about spandex wearing heroes in colourful outfits is a tall order, but IS do-able. You don't have to go into detail about every single character and thing in a film to explain it's presence. In the case of the Batman & Superman movie, less will definitely be more.
WW needs a properly made movie of her origins and mythos. Her Amazonian roots have more in line with greek myth & tragedy and would make a very mature & dark film. Something along the lines of the 300 and the Immortals would sum her up well.
On a side note, I'm trying to think who Wonder Womans opposite in the marvel universe is. Superman is Cap America, Batman is Daredevil, Sub Mariner is Aquaman, Green Arrow is Hawkeye, Wonderwoman is....
Thor ...I think.

WTFFFFF is going on, I have so much faith in what they can produce but everyday it seems more and more like they have sat down and gone ´´OK lets copy Marvel and quick!´´

superman would definitely smash her back doors in, unless she had some kind of kryptonite rubber on his willy.

wonder woman from the comics has special bracelets that are indestructible and give her super human strength, so she could probably give him a tug

She's gonna fight for our rights in her satin tights ;) She looks a bit like Linda Carter I reckon. Probably the reason why they chose her coz she aint amazon looking. Super hot though. She can lasso of truth me anytime.

When I first read this I thought they meant Carano who would have been ideal. Ah well. Anyone know why its Batman vs Superman?

She is stunning though, and with a good costume and a training routine I can easily picture her as a goddess.

Black Widow was built up in IM2 but Hawkeyes appearance in Thor told the audience nothing about him.

I'm assuming MoS2 will be about everyone reacting to events of MoS;

Superman - he is 'out', he has killed, can he be a hero?
The Public - do they trust SM?

Batman - an ageing vigilante, can he help/work with SM - or defeat him if he needs to?
Lex - doesn't trust SM, wants to turn the public against him for his own benefit
Wonder Woman - will make herself known to SM and/or BM due to events in MoS2.

That was Nightcrawler's father.

- Everyone knows the deal with Batman, just need to show he's established and been around a long time. He's in Metropolis due to an alien fight destroying a lot of it.

- Wonder Woman may not be much more than a cameo, setting up a solo film that can explain her origin etc

Nah man, she's too butch. They need to find a happy medium.

Yes, but as I said, they are far more ordinary characters and need far less exposition than an Amazon goddess/princess with weird magic bracelets, an invisible plane, superhuman strength, and the ability to fly. Some more backstory on a soldier with good eyesight and a talent for archery would have been nice, but Wonder Woman is a different thing entirely.

Yeah I found that out later, it just seems like a throwaway. I saw no indication of any attraction between mystique and Azazel. And Nightcrawler ain't in DOFP that I know of.

"Explain Batman's origin"? Please, god, no. If they do that again, I will...

Okay, I will continue watching the movie, but I won't be happy about it.

Gal Gadot spent two years in the Israel Military sports-training badasses. I think she knows a thing or two herself about buffing up and gaining muscle tone.

She also probably knows 20 different ways to murder you with a paperclip and a comb, so I think the character is in good hands.

You guys know Gina Carano was dubbed entirely by Laura San Giacomo in HAYWIRE, right? Ever wondered why?

Or just rewatch FURIOUS SIX to find out why.

A small, thin , rectangle-shaped goddess yes

True, but MoS2 may just be the film that gives the audience a little bit of WW - before she gets her own solo film or a larger role in Justice League.

I'm assuming the film is still focussed on SM vs BM, with WW a cameo.

Best X-Men film yet

That relationship is only in the comics remember.

No doubt, so yeah, I won't think of movie azazel as Mystique's baby daddy

I'm very excited for DOFP. Maybe Wolverine can convince Macavoy/Prof X to keep the X-Men in costume. So we can replace Jackman with Karl Urban.

Yeah they need to call this movie Knoght Dark and be done with it.

I've not seen Haywire but I had no idea they felt it necessary to voice dub her. I must admit I can barely remember much of her performance in F&F 6. My favourite part was Vin's flying headbutt.

She does have a considerable screen presence (which makes HAYWIRE all the better), but it's when she opens her mouth that it all goes down the drain. Hopefully she takes some acting lessons soon, because we need more genuine female action stars like her.

Oh, and it's officially BATMAN Vs SUPERMAN (even if the title's provisional) because the former has a bigger name recognition -read: bigger BO numbers- than the latter. Incredibly sad when you realise this is supposed to be the sequel to MAN OF STEEL.

I'm going to start avoiding news articles on this as the bloating cast only makes me get concerned and I'd rather not spend the next 18 months fretting and see what happens.

However, I do think some of the comments about Gal Gadot are a touch unfair. I like the fact that she's not someone you could consider an A-Lister, but to call her forgettable in the Fast franchise is definitely unfair. I've only started enjoying the franchise with Fast Five and Furious Six, and have to say she quickly became my favourite character in both.

Cool I was just wondering if there was supposed to be a beef between an 'aging' Bats and Supes as all the interviews seem to imply that Bats is more of a mentor than an antagonist.

I wonder as well if this is just a movie to introduce us to the justice league characters, if so I'm totally jumping on the Neil Patrick Harris as the flash bandwagon.

WHY WOULD THEY REVEAL THIS RIGHT NOW? If they're going about this the right way, this would have been an insane surprise cameo. They should have just said that Gal Gadot had been cast with a part for Bvs.S, and then keep it quiet. And I know Ms. Gadot has talent and still needs to prove herself, but hearing that Olga Kurylenko was turned down shocks me. She would have been great, I'd think.

Unfortunately Wonder Woman is not a goddess (demigod doesn't really count if you're working with current retcon). How are you going to convince the audience that someone with stick arms has super human strength?

Yes - everyone knows the deal with Batman. Except we know the deal with the Nolan Batman whose backstory was last explained in Batman Begins and not brought up later in the Nolan-Verse. The point being however brief they need to establish his backstory.

The reason for him being in Metropolis also will need to be explained more than a thruway line - especially when he's leaving Gotham for what will likely be at least a month period. Easiest option is that he (As Bruce) is going to support the football game we saw being filmed earlier.

As for Wonder Woman - that might be true however there are no plans for a Wonder Woman film at the moment. There are plans for a Flash film however though - but DC tend to avoid female superhero movies.

They'll explain it again briefly - likely during a scene where Clark and Bruce bond over their shared pain and suffering in the past.

Agreed - and even Avengers had its flaws as a film with a weakened script and almost constant battles throughout.

In truth they should have at least the following before Justice League;

Superman Solo film (Man Of Steel)
Batman Solo film
Wonder Woman Solo film
The Trinity - Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman film

Then have a Justice League film introducing us to Flash and Aquaman - with the plot being about the rise of Atlantis. Thus giving us five members of the Justice League and building upon the myths of the universe. It would also allow for Aquaman to be shown as a strong character if he and the members of Atlantis are the main villain of the film.

Justice League will have a lot of problems as DC appears to be rushing it out - likely to compete with Avengers 3 and Thanos. It appears they currently plan to have Darkseid in the first Justice League movie - which is worrying considering they don't really have much that can top Darkseid...

Before Nolan they did five live-action Batman films and hardly touched on his backstory. We've since had a whole film focused on it so everyone knows his basic setup (and it's not like BM is an unknown character).

I'm not sure what your big thing is about him leaving Gotham. Bruce can be helping rebuild Metropolis following MoS and/or Batman has gone to use his dective skills to find out about Superman.

re WW, I don't think either of us know what films are planned.

You'll believe a man can fly...

The Giamaco overdub was a rumour, started on one of those always reputable internet gossip sites by someone speculating that Carano's voice in the movie sounded a bit like Giamaco.

The official line was that Carano's voice was digitally altered to fit her character, as Soderbergh apparently felt her voice was softer than how he envisaged Mallory would sound.

She doesn't have a whole heap of dialogue in the movie, and it's obviously not a movie that was going to live or die on her acting performance either way so I can't imagine the studio would have gone to all the effort to get an additional actress in to redub all of Carano's lines.

And as far as Fast and Furious goes, in her little dialogue in that, she's certainly no worse than any of the other cast members (which granted isn't much competition, considering the presence of Vin Diesel). And Gadot's performances in those movies certainly weren't going to win any awards either.

Doris Stokes?

As much as the casting is pretty uninspiring, for me the bigger issue is that Wonder Woman's movie debut comes, not her in own movie, but instead as a supporting character (at best) in a movie about two male characters who already have 14 movies between them.

Yeah, but Supes is an alien who, when you look at his first flight in Man of Steel, can do something with gravity to make him fly.

Go and re-watch them - each film touched on his backstory. The first live action batman movie even mixed 'The Joker' into his backstory "Have you ever danced with the Devil in the pale moonlight"

If they explain Bruce leaving Gotham for the many months it would take to rebuild Metropolis - then they need to explain who is protecting Gotham.

A similar situation if he is going to investigate Superman - who is protecting Gotham in the meantime?

In the Superman animated series when this happened they had to establish Robin, Nightwing and Batgirl as protecting Gotham in his absence.

With any research done you can find out what films are planned - its utter laziness if you cannot do that alone. In truth their has been a Wonder Woman film planned since 2001 - with Joss Whedon doing the script at one point - however because she's being introduced in Man Of Steel 2 they have effectively scrapped her solo film.

That's exactly what I'm saying!

I don't think Gotham will fall apart if Bruce/Batman leaves for a few days/weeks. It really isn't something to worry about and won't even need to be addressed in the film. Confused as to your obsession with it.
re what films are planned your comments prove my point. If a WW film has been talked about since 2001 and her first appearance will be in a Superman sequel we can't really predict what films will happen in the future. It's fun to guess but neither of us really know.

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