Batman Vs Superman latest news round-up

News Simon Brew 30 Oct 2013 - 06:49

Costume rumours, the new Batmobile chatter, production design and David S Goyer, all in our latest Batman Vs Superman round-up...

The first shots are in the proverbial can for Zack Snyder's 2015 Batman Vs Superman movie, with some early footage taken the weekend before last of an American Football game. That's to be used in a match-up in the film between the Gotham City University and Metropolis State University teams.

The full shoot isn't set until 2014, though, but that hasn't stopped bits and bobs of news rolling in.

Firstly, Production Weekly has confirmed that the movie now has a production office, at Raleigh Michigan Studios in Pontiac. More interestingly, though, it's also revealed that Patrick Tatopoulos has signed on as Production Designer for the movie. He's previously served as Production Designer on the likes of Independence Day, Dark City, the Total Recall remake and, most recently, 300: Rise Of An Empire.

Next up? The suit that Batman wears, and the equipment he uses, is getting a redesign for Batman Vs Superman, to establish that this is a different take on the character than the one we got in Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy. As such, Batman On Film reports for a start that the Batmobile is going to be different this time around, and not a military vehicle, a la the Tumbler. It's being designed and built at General Motors in Hollywood right now, and the site speculates that it'll be an 'old Cadillac' concept car style.

Comic Book Movie, meanwhile, reckons that Batman's look in the new film will take inspiration from the 2011 graphic novel, Batman: Noel. Here's how he looked in that...

Finally, David S Goyer, who's penning the screenplay for Batman Vs Superman (based on a story he's sharpening with Zack Snyder) has now signed a three year first look deal with Warner Bros. Given that Goyer is Warner's go-to man at the moment for DC properties, this may be significant, although the first fruits of the deal are an unrelated sci-fi thriller.

Batman Vs Superman is set to land in July 2015.

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Batman On Film.
Comic Book Movie.

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Hey, do think batman will join the avengers? I hope so cause I think superman had cameo in thor or something.

Erm... is there any news on actual Superman, seeing as this is actually a Superman movie and not a Batman movie?

Still think this is a stupid idea and a damn shame (that Supes didn't get to get at least one more movie to himself first).

Awesome news! Still not happy about the title, but m'eh. Now what I'd really like is if they throw a curve ball and have Wonder Woman making a brief appearance too foreshadowing her own big budget, solo movie.

This would be a good idea, if it wasn't so soon. Ben Aflfleck or not, if they planned on using Batman so soon after Dark Knight trilogy, it would've been awesome to relate to it as if it's the same Bruce Wayne, but more 'seasoned', as they've described, because the Chris Nolan trilogy had been completely ended in his eyes, so why not use that character in a different way in this film. As for the changing the Batmobile, I'm worried because if they make that, and other things a bit too cheesy, it could end up taking a lot away from the new Superman reboot.

Yes, both of those things will/did happen

So I'ts Ben Affleck in leather suit again? This can't be good.

Sure thing, pal.

Errr guys, who picked that picture? Illusrating how the suit will look by picking a massive close up on the face isn't exactly helpful.

Is it just me, or does Batman tend to look the same whatever he is wearing!?

It's a guy dressing up as a giant bat!!!

Unless they give him nipples again, you can't really go wrong.

*Please sense the sarcasm in my opening line...*

ha ha

Just stick him in a batman tshirt and be done with it

I agree, there should've been a Superman trilogy first, an establishment of at least 2 main Superman villains (one per sequel), and THEN a crossover.

Second problem is the Batman side of things. Too soon for any kind of reboot.

Same problem as The Amazing Spiderman... The previous version was still too fresh in our minds to take the new one seriously.

Wow, I love that artwork, but it's utterly useless in the context of this article.

I want far less crummy CGI action sequences in this than Man of Steel. And I really hope the actual name isn't 'Batman Vs Superman', because that is horrendously cheesy.

HaHa - I was just trollin', wondered what reaction I wud get lol

Funny enough I actually designed and sculpted the cowl in question back in 2005-2006. I dubbed it the "etched" cowl design because i created it for a fan film I never actually shot.

Lee Bermejo contacted in 2007 about it and I gave him a copy to use a photo/design reference for his batman in the (at that time) up coming joker book. He also mentioned a batman book he was pitching dc (which ended up being Noel).

I was and still am a big fan of his work and we have met on a few occasions. A lot of people in the batman costuming community know this as my design and in fact Jim lee himself also has a copy.

I recently did a resculpt of the cowl but made it a neckless version

Are you satisfied with the reaction? It was obvious you were being silly

I really hope this new Batman is something on the lines of the Arkham Batman. That one is awesome!

I don't see how Batman has a chance against Superman unless Kryptonite is introduced into the story line. No amount of technology is going to help Batman unless he can neutralize Superman's powers....

Yeah, he's in it.

As much as I loved the tumbler, I'm glad they're changing it for this film.

I dont get it. Can someone explain? I have never read the Superman vs Batman graphic novel. Why are they fighting? They are supposed to be on the same side. Catching bad people right? So why fight?

And what is Batman going to be able to do against Superman who can fly, invulnerable etc? Wave Krypton around?

To me Batman is Christian Bale and the Tumbler. Its too soon to see him again. There should be a proper Superman 2 first.

I actually found myself liking the new Superman film, because it was action heavy and lots of fighting, flying and kicking the seven bells out of stuff, which is what you would expect to see Superman do. I hate all the goody goody two shoes Clark Kent comedy rubbish, which is why I always like Batman better, and the dark take on Batman is the best.

An old style cadilac design after the tumbler? NOOOOOOOOooooooo!
They did something like that in Batman and Robin. A convertible batmobile is just a stupid idea. Anyone with a gun could just shoot Bats in the head.

don't watch it then guys. problem solved.

You simply succeeded in people thinking you're a tool, like all trolls.

Batman and Superman don't get along because they have different ideas about how to do their job. For instance: Batman is pro-active, whereas Superman is merely reactive (in the comics, anyway.) I'm pretty sure there isn't any particular Superman vs Batman graphic novel, but there are heaps of stories featuring the two.

There are heaps of comic book heroes that fight amongst each other also. The Green Lanterns hardly ever got along, it seems... Also check out the wikipedia entry for JLA: Tower of Babel. Batman doesn't trust ANYONE with super-powers.

Usually, the idea is that Batman can outsmart Superman, since he obviously can't rely on brute strength to take him on. Kryptonite could be involved, yes, but hopefully the the script is cleverer than that. Also take into account that in this film, Bats will be the veteran, and Superman the young 'un; that gives the former the advantage.

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