Kevin Smith on Batman V Superman fake script rumours

News Simon Brew
9 Jul 2014 - 06:54

Rumours that Kevin Smith has written a fake script for Zack Snyder's Batman V Superman movie? They're just that.

A strange rumour has been doing the rounds for a few days now, that suggested that Kevin Smith had been hired by Warner Bros to pen a fake script for Zack Snyder's upcoming Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. The plan, according to the original report, was for Smith to write a screenplay, that Warner Bros would then deliberately leak to movie websites and bloggers. Said movie websites and bloggers would then write about it, and thus take the focus away from the real script, and real spoilers.

It's a potentially fascinating story. The problem, as you might expect, is that it's not true.

Writing on his own website, Smith has now directly addressed the rumour, talking about how he's penned five screenplays in the last year. "However, none of those has been a fake BATS v SUPES script", he wrote.

"C’mon, kids… No major studio would let a guy like me near their franchises – even if it was for a dummy script meant solely to fool the news sites". He added that anything he's said about Batman V Superman so far "was based on an image Zack showed me while hosting a Man Of Steel online event at Yahoo many months back. The little I know of the flick beyond that I learned from some cats involved (though never BatFleck himself; as I’ve said a few times now on the Babble-On podcast, beyond email, I haven’t spoken to Ben in years). Fun story, though".

The full post is here, which includes a few details on Smith's assortment of upcoming projects.


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