Jason Momoa to play Aquaman in Batman V Superman

News Simon Brew 16 Jun 2014 - 06:27

Zack Snyder's Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice will see the big screen debut for Aquaman, with Jason Momoa set to play the role...

For some time now, Jason Momoa - he of the Conan reboot and early Game Of Thrones - has been linked with the role of Aquaman in Warner Bros' DC movie universe. Momoa recently said that he was "tired" of being asked whether he was taking the role on or not. But that might just be because he is indeed going to be the big screen's first Aquaman.

Hitfix has confirmed the news, reporting that "[director] Zack Snyder has already finalised his designs for the character so shooting can take place soon". Aquaman's appearance is reportedly going to come as a consequence of actions that took place in Man Of Steel.

Aquaman is set to have a relatively small role in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, but the idea is to tee the character up for a return in the planned Justice League movie. Aquaman may get a standalone film after that.

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice is due in cinemas in May 2016.


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Huh? Are they going to bleach his hair? Sounds a bit Sue Storm to me

I'm alreay bored of this movie. All I wanted was a decent Superman sequel which featured Batman in confrontation. I have a sneaky feeling this was originially how it would have been but the money men stepped in and forced this Justice League garbage onto it. You know, because money.

I've said it before and i'll say it again. The more I learn about this movie, the less interested I am.

Jason Momoa always looks angry. No matter what role he's playing. I guess if you want an angry Aquaman, it's a good casting.

"In the Underwater Kingdom, there is no word for 'Collatoral Damage'."

This movie is going to be hilarious.

Drogo's cool.
Dearly wish DC/WB had the balls to do their own thing though. I read something recently that said the problem with DC is, and always has been, that they want to be Marvel. That's bang on.

Aqua Man! hahaha
is he a bit like Billy The Fish but fights crime instead of saving shots on goal?

I was looking forward to Man of Steel 2, not some Justice League prequel.

.I'm down JLA. Let's do it.Stupid America.Canadians are excited!!!

^ Haven't seen one still of the movie. Says he's tired of it. LMAO.

I'm on board with this bit of casting, if it turns out to be true. Maoam is decent and I get the idea of what 'look' they will hope to achieve with Aqua Man. The 'Scooter of the Muppet Babies' just got a lot more interesting IMO.

Well, there's certainly seems to be no correct spelling of it anyway. 'COLLATERAL'....... (Sorry, couldn't resist)

Busted. :D I'm not going to change it either. ^^

But, you know, just underlines how dumb Aquaman really is.

I quite like the idea that the finale of MoS is the central event that causes the JLA members-to-be to get involved. I likes it when events in Superhero films have further consequences.

And so you shouldn't. Don't change for anybody. Not for me, not for them. Change only for yourself and nobody else you crazy illiterate maverick you!

The word I used was "bored". At least read my comment properly before you have a go at it. I'm bored of it because all I hear is the "Justice League" aspect of it. The Batman and Superman aspect has been completely lost on me now. It's not the movie I wanted or hoped it would be but rather the movie of a committee of investors and managers.


Apparently MOS 2 is coming in 2018 after the Justice League movie. This is a Batman film (he has top billing) as far as I'm concerned.

I'm assuming this will be a dark and gritty version of Aquaman who occasionally executes sharks to stop them hurting other sea life.

You're so bored you are clicking and commenting on articles about it? Maybe have a wee break from reading about it and you might stop being bored of it. Before it's out. Or has a trailer. Or a confirmed plot.
Almost all big budget film will be made by a committee of investors and managers. That's what producers do. If you stump up the cash you should probably get a say. Especially if the alternative is giving Snyder free rein.
Oh and it's a Batman film anyway IMO not a Superman sequel as Batman has top billing.

****Que 'Wind beneath my wings' by Bette Midler****

Good of you to provide assurance for us all so we'll all agree with you, shall we? In a matter of two important people, places, items, etc it's genuinely written with the first item (here Batman) being first as it's alphabetically first. It's not a Batman sequel, it's not a Superman sequel, it's a Batman vs Superman film.

You don't have to agree. You can call it an Aquaman film for all I care. I just said it's not MOS 2 (which is I believe is true as apparently that is still to come) and that in my opinion it's a Batman movie (although I was being slightly tongue in cheek and merely pointing out that we can no longer be disappointed it's not a Superman centric film).
But thanks for the reminder Jingo that B is for Batman and S is for Superman.

That would be "cue" ;o)

I suppose the bit which is perhaps worth considering is that there isn't any particular reason to imagine the focus the coverage on casting equates to the focus of the film itself.

Even if the other characters turn out to be in only 1% of the film, with the remaining 99% Batman, Superman and Luthor, we would still be seeing the same level of casting coverage (partly because there isn't anything else to cover at the moment!) Indeed we might note that this article specifically states that Aquaman will be a small role.

So if the goal is "a decent Superman sequel which featured Batman in confrontation", I haven't seen anything which rules this out - it could be 99% this or 10% this. We just don't really know at this stage.

For clarity, I should say I wasn't a fan of the recent Superman film and just make this point as outside pair of eyes.

****Jim Carey in Ace Ventura voice***
Well...... seems i'm a little...... outta my league here. Wizzbang.... good work. ;)

Hopefully we'll get the answer to that age old question that has forever plagued us devoted DC comic book fans.... "Where does Aqua-man poop and, if he does poop, where does the poop go?"

Say hello to another long Batman hiatus after this movie.

Aquaman is often called a pussy among superheroes (in The Big Bang Theory for example). Anyone who has seen Stargate: Atlantis, Game of Thrones Season 1 and/or Conan and Bullet to the Head will agree that with Jason Momoa in the role Aquaman will be instantly be someone you don't want to f*** with.

I think the point I'm trying to make about the "managers and investors" is this: At no point did fans call for or want this movie to be a JL gateway movie. It's been forced onto us by money men. I'm not saying don't make a JL movie, but why hijack the Superman sequel for this purpose? DC is clearly in a panic because of the Marvel studios method of success and is fast-tracking to a catch-up point. After the Nolan Dark Knight trilogy, this can only be inferior because of the involvement of the execs who are forcing it into a wide franchise arena for what looks like very cynical reasons. Just look at the new Star Wars that Disney are making. The fan reaction to the prequel trilogy was so strong that this new movie is being made with those complaints being addressed (most notably the use of "practical" sets instead of CGI as well as other matters). DC execs have just drawn a bar graph projecting profits if they include this character which opens the door to this extra movie, and not actually given a monkey's about the fans. I still remember all those cheers when the Comic Con teased a quote from Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns. Doesn't feel ANYTHING like that movie any more, does it? It's now feeling like a Saturday morning cartoon. It's being treated as a business opportunity rather than a real movie. And please do NOT tell me that this is how all movies are produced because the Dark Knight trilogy was a massive hit without prostituting itself to a wider franchise purpose. Those were real movies. I fully appreciate that details are still very limited on this film but just the very fact that they shoe-horned extra characters in (Wonder Woman and the completely dull Aquaman) instantly dilutes it's appeal. And I know I am no alone in feeling this way.

Are you really done with it? Or do you want (mo) moa?

I'm getting quite excited now about this film. Yes, there are LOTS of characters set to appear, but we've never seen some of them before so I am intrigued. I have only ONE question...

Where the heck were all of these Super Hero's when Aliens were attacking the whole planet in Man of Steel?!

Just sitting back hoping Supes would deal with it all?

Which begs the question, does this DC universe even need all these Super Hero's to help out?

If you're going off who's alphabetically first then its surely an Aqua-Man film! A before B and S! Aqua-Man wins! Glub glub!

Why not call it Justice League and be done with it?

Unless you're Denise Huxtable, who very much enjoys f***ing with him.

You are very well informed! Touché!

Hey I agree with a lot of your points which are well made. But the Nolan films really are exceptional in every way; few other big blockbuster superhero movies are going to be given that much control by their studios. And it's not really for us fans to say what film we want-they just want to make a film that they think will make the max money possible and have decent enough reviews to spin off sequels. Because let's be honest-I moan about what i didn't like about MOS but I will be buying a ticket for this regardless of what decisions they make. And you may well too.
I would love this new film to not be overcrowded and have a Superman more like the one I want. But I'm not in control (sadly for me). I just try and cling on to the fact that for most of my youth the best superhero movie was Burton's Batman and there was very little competition. I'm now spoiled for choice as a comic book geek.

I make a point of keeping up to date with the ongoing lives of all the Huxtable children. Mostly from a distance of no closer than 2000 yards though.

Why don't you go back to Marvel then if you are going to moan so much. It's fairly obvious Aquaman will have a small part in the movie. Like it or not the other members of the Justice League played parts in Batman and Superman comics. The Joker calls them Bats family ffs.

Because for some reason they don't believe people will go see a Justice League film without having first seen most of the characters make a cameo in another film. Think of this film as a 2 hour trailer for the next one. (I'm with you though btw; at this point it's like Diet Justice League-all of the heroes, but none of the screen time).

Hey calm down. Most of the comments on sites like this are going to be people airing gripes. And to be fair a very common criticism of superhero sequels is there were too many characters with not enough screen time (I've seen it said of: Spider-man 3, Amazing Spider-man 2, Iron Man 2, X-men 3, Wolverine Origins, Batman and Robin and many, many more).

"How dare you attack the Great Barrier Reef! You're causing coral-toral damage!"

Where do you get the time?

Can you imagine the look on Exxon's face when Momoa storms out of the ocean demanding they right their wrongs re: Valdez? Movie practically writes itself.

Actually, the more I think of it, the more it makes sense. Aquaman's hard to take seriously, so how to portray him on screen? Absolutely terrifying, that's how...

Day release is usually between 1 and 4pm!

You'll get what you're given and you'll bloody well like it as well, you hear me young man? Good!

Yes. Yes it does. Be quiet now theres a good lad ;)

You mean like how Quicksilver was created to cash in on the Flash's popularity?

I'm just playing. The DC/Marvel comic thing is endless; you could argue all day. It is clear that DC are playing catch-up in the movie realm, however...

But the ecosystem NEEDS apex predators to survive! Why oh why didn't you study marine ecology, Aquaman?!

(SPOILERS for a movie with a giant radioactive lizard.)

Presumably the destruction is what brings the other powers out of hiding? Much like Godzilla, I guess...

I agree, we might get an extended cut of MoS soon with Alfred and Bruce Wayne watching this on the news and Alfred asking " Are you going to to do anything about this?"
Bruce replies "No".
we cut back to MoS levelling Metropolis.
Cut back to Bruce Wayne gawping at the telly, Alfred looking at him and shaking his head.
Bruce says "Ok, my bad"
*all of Afflecks dialogue to be done in Bales Batman Growl.

Bat-Man Haitus starring...... Mexican Bat-Man!

Dont forget the scenes of Wonder Woman and Aquaman and The Flash sitting around a table playing poker putting bets on whether Superman will win or not.

Haha. That's my fav reply.

I hope so.

Otherwise Pappa Kent literally let himself die for no reason.

Pappa Kent: The World is not ready son..."
Clark: "What about that Wonder Woman lady? Or the fish guy? Or the guy who runs really fast? Surely if the World has accepted those freaks, they will accept me? At least I dont smell like a tin of mackeral".

Denis will be playing his trusty Sea Horse

Denise...aggg, it wasn't even funny.

Hey hey hey, so is we! We stupid AND we excited! Besides, these are englush mun, take it up with THEM!

(De Niro in Copland) "You had your chance. You had your chance and you BLEW IT!!!!!!!!! :)

I don't understand why he turned down the chance to play Drax the Destroyer, and then goes for this. After seeing him as Ronan Dex, he would have been amazing as Drax.

Does anyone actually like Aquaman?

A fishy pussy ... Hmmm not inspiring confidence. Or hygiene.

Well, I thought that the Batman vs Superman movie was going to be two successful franchises jumping the shark - seems they'll be jumping over Jason Momoa instead.

62 comments.... Nobody cares about this film. At all..

I am just hoping that this not like TDKR where barman is like a guest star in his own film

Should be batman not barman but hey oh no end to Bruce Wayne's talents ha ha

Strange about these so-called heroes. If what occured in Man of Steel has caused these, apparently, already super-powered individuals to step out of the shadows, why didn't they come out to actually help Supes instead of waiting for him to wreck a city fighting Zod? Would've made sense if they showed up at the end of that movie.

No arguments here :)
Personally... I've always thought Marvel's main characters make awesome posters, but the main DC characters would make better statues. Don't ask me to qualify that though...
I think DC should go at it that way instead of playing 'me too!'. -Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman are toweringly iconic, and DC should have the courage to let them stand apart and do their own thing, at their own pace.

Hope there's an Anchorman style ensemble brawl at the end.

I get your point, I do. But it's easy to think about it this way: Batman is rarely outside of Gotham, whilst Aqua Man and Wonder Woman presumably haven't left the ocean and Themyscira respectively. It's the actions of Superman that bring them out of hiding. It COULD work...

Long time reader, first time commenter. I was looking forward to this thread when the news of Aquaman broke over the weekend. You guys did not disappoint. By far, the best. thread. ever. Cheers.

EDIT: Scratch that...I guess I have commented here before

I said it above, but presumably this brings the likes of WW and Aquaman out of hiding. Not that hard to believe, since their origins are hidden to begin with.

Yes, but Superman/Batman takes place in the aftermath of Man of Steel- these characters origins may be hidden but it suggests that in Man of Steel they all decided to watch things unfold on tv rather than pitching in. Unless these people got powers in between the times the movies are set which sounds iffy.
But I'm sure Zack will explain it and it'll make perfect sense.

Good choice.

Seems a bit of a stretch. In MoS you have this dark realistic real world "it-could-happen" type of vibe, then in the follow up you've got Amazonian women causing a ruckus and people that live in the sea popping up complaining about the noise!

I'm all for comic book reality but make your mind up - can we really keep a straight face when all these people from around the universe are taking everything so seriously standing around in tight fitting costumes with stern looks on their faces?!

I too like to judge films before they come out. It makes sense to do so. Based on every little tidbit of info that filters through websites such as these, it is easy to surmise what the execs are up to :P

There's only ever gonna be one aquaman....... Vinnie Chase

Do they have TV on Themyscira? Or under the sea?

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