Latest Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice villain rumours

News Simon Brew 4 Jul 2014 - 07:26

If the latest reports are to be believed, then the villains are piling up for Zack Snyder's Man Of Steel follow-up...

We're in speculation territory here, so as always, we recommend a little bit of salt. Yet intriguing rumours have come through that suggest Zack Snyder's now-filming Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice will have numerous villains to go with its numerous heroes.

Before we get to the detail, we suspect that if we do get multiple villains, it may be introducing some for reappearance in Justice League and beyond. Yet Latino Review is now suggesting that on top of Lex Luthor, Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice will find room for serial killer Victor Zsazs, Lex Luthor's spokesman Morgan Edge, fiftysomething assassin David Cain, and Senator Amanda Waller.

Amanda Waller was a character who appeared in Green Lantern incidentally, and was played by Angela Bassett there. If Waller does reappear, we'd assume the role is recast. Waller is a powerful nemesis of Superman, seeing the Man Of Steel as a sizeable threat.

As you might expect, The Joker is not on the apparent roster for the new film, and it may yet be that most of the above is debunked. Still, we can't help but feel that Snyder's new movie will be one busy film...

Latino Review

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"we can't help but feel that Snyder's new movie will be one busy film..."

I can't help but feel it will be one s**t film....

Would put an end to the speculation of merging the TV universe with it as Waller in Arrow is not a senator.

Spider-man 3 springs to mind for some reason... Hollywood will never learn

Zsazs was in Batman Begins

Does Snyder think he is going to get the sack? Is this why he is shoving ALL of DC into one film? I'm looking forward to this film more out of genuine morbid curiosity than excitment now!

I'll go and see it, but I'll be expecting a train wreck.

"We just can't wait! Here's everything! Take it all! OH GOD PLEASE WORK!"

I heard the kitchen sink was in it too..

Latino Review keeps coming up in these rumour articles and I know they are supposed to have all the inside gossip, but I wonder if its just the main source of rumours for DoG or if they are actually reputable. I would be interested to see the success rate for their "exclusive gossip".

Tim Booth (of the most underrated Band in Britain- James) played Zsazs in brilliant to see him return!

Why not bring back Sinestro too and call it "Green Lantern 2: Batman vs Superman - Dawn of Justice"

I'm getting the impression more and more that we're going to learn very little about a lot of characters. I'd far rather it was the other way around.

Always thought that Victor Zsazs would have been a perfect fit for Nolan's Batman trilogy (beyond the cameo). He's creepy and larger than life enough to be a good Batman villain but also realistic enough to fit in with the rest of the trilogy.

I really want to enjoy this film, but if ASM2 or SM3 (along with other films) are anything to go by then it will be a cluttered and messy film that I will try and convince myself for ages that was awesome (even if I leave there feeling underwhelmed).

All they really have to do to make an outrageously successful film is just add doesn't even have to make sense because people just want to see them together on screen.

I don;t trust anything they say.

Oh dear, it gets less and less Super with every bit of news...

This movie should have 5 hours, but it won't...

I know it's at this point people usually mention Spider-man 3 as to why more than one comic book villain doesn't work but Spider-man 3 wasn't bad because there were too many baddies. It was bad because each and every villain was handled dreadfully, emo Peter Parker, Saturday Night Fever homage and it just generally stank the theatre out as a movie.

We have no idea how this will be handled. Zsazs could be beaten down in 5 minutes by Batman (and he's done it in the comics before anyone says that would ruin a 'classic' villain). Don't get me wrong, I'm no Snyder fan boy. But I'll wait until I've actually got something concrete to moan about before I go off on one.

It might be done in a small cameo, nod to the geeks kind of way rather than full blown parts for the characters. In some respects I like that comic books don't have to overexplain every character these days, let the cinema going public work it out or look it up on the internet. It's a fascinating conundrum in some respects because if the character does what's required to move the story along and some people don't know the character in their 'comic' incarnation it can still work whilst us geeks can have a sly chuckle. I like the fact that following any marvel film a few people come an ask me who was this, who was that...REVENGE OF THE NERDS!!!!!!!!

exactly, in the Knightfall run he took up about 10 pages of comics and had his you know what handed to him by Batman. Supplimental comic book characters don't need fully fleshed out back stories to work these days and that's been proven over and over again, I agree with your comments about Spiderman 3...shame really but my son likes it so what do I know :)

Now it's renamed 'Batman V Superman' should it not be renamed 'Batman, Superman & Wonder Woman et al V Lex Luthor, Victor Zsazs, Morgan Edge, David Cain & Amanda Waller'?

And I was hoping for it to be Lobo. :(

Why not just add Gorilla Grodd and call it "Green Lantern 2: Batman vs Superman - Dawn of Justice: Goin' Ape!"

I think executives are too stupidly overconfident to say that. They would say "It can't NOT work!" Followed by "Is there ANY way we can get Iron Man in here.. huh? No? Maybe uh... Thor? Can we put Thor in? No? Ok just get that Wonder Woman chick as naked as possible and make it a love story between all three of 'em."

From what I can gather, it's very hit and miss. A year or so back for example, they said with 100% confidence that Christian Bale would be returning as Batman, linking the Dark Knight trilogy with the new Superman continuity, and Nolan was now essentially DC's answer to Marvel's Kevin Fiege. As we now know, that was cack.
But they've predicted plenty of other stuff and have been proven right or at least partially right before. I just think they have a bad habit of going 'This is totally 100% happening you guys', before it being revealed as rubbish.

Lex Luthor: Why are you here?
Victor Zsazs: I know what I'm here for...

So all human villains? What? Did Mr David High-and-Mighty-Martian-Manhunter-Is-Stoopid Goyer think that audiences don't want Metallo or Lobo or Deathstroke in "their" universe?

Wait, I'm sorry, David S. Goyer said that Martian Manhunter is stupid? The second greatest character in the Justice League save only Batman?

He also said She-Hulk is a "giant green porn star" but it's a long story (just look up David Goyer on She Hulk) but he went on to say,

“How many people in the audience have heard of Martian Manhunter?” After hearing some light applause and cheers, he added, “How many people that raised their hands have ever been laid?”

After this, Goyer explained his take on the hero,

“Well, he hasn’t been rebooted but he’s a mainstay in the Justice League. He can’t be f***ing called the Martian Manhunter because that’s goofy. He can be called Manhunter… The whole deal with Martian Manhunter is he’s an alien living amongst us… So he comes down to Earth and decides, unlike Superman who already exists in the world now, that he’s just going to be a homicide detective… So instead of using super-powers and mind-reading and like, oh, I could figure out if the President’s lying or whatever, he just decides to disguise himself as a human homicide detective. Dare to dream!”

I'm not sure if he was "trying" to be funny, but... yeah, one of the men who holds the keys to the DC movie universe kingdom uses outdated stereotypes on his core audience and thinks the Martian Manhunter is "goofy". Because who'd believe an alien (a Martian) living among us? Oh, wait...

Not only that, they technically had four villains in that film! It can be done without overloading the narrative, but it's difficult.

Great! Lot's of villains always works! Hooray!

Why is it so f@*king hard for you people to just assume that only batman and superman will not fight but save lives separate in their own city while knowing about each other and when a big threat arrives till at the end of the movie then you see them together, while Victor stone play football game in a scene and then another scene where he has a father-son moment and then gets in and accident to turn into cyborg, Dian will just be in the movie just to show her face and observe the world of man and then when the big villain arrives then she helps bats and sups , aquaman will them arrive at the end of the movie with the big villain not to help the land people but he assumes that when the villain is done he or she will go after his people if Barry Allen comes in he will just be a csi agent in one scene but will play one vital role at the end as the flash, if hal Jordan comes in the movie he will not be in it until the end as a pilot to stop the villain and in a post credit scene then he finds that alien and turns into a latern, done was that so hard?

I hate superhero films where there are no supervillians with SUPERPOWERS Why bother with Lex and a serial killer? ffs

I might be wrong and if I am please correct me. From what I remember, the animosity between Superman and Batman was always about Batman's belief that the end justifies the means, even if it meant taking a life. Whereas Superman believed that taking a life is not an option. After the first movie I don't see how this can be a point of contention.

very true--it could be as simple as Bats giving Zsazs a beatdown and tossing him in Arkham as a shot to establish that he is a serious bad ass, despite being a 40-ish & semi-retired Batman

Im guessing that we have YET to hear WHO the super powered villain that will be in the film is

Agreed--I suggested something similar--that we have a scene with Batman and Alfred in the Batcave standing at the computer & monitor station & they are seeing news reports from around the country about the "emergence of/going public of super powered beings since Superman has appeared. THAT is ALL that is needed to establish their existence & then at the end--Diana(maybe a UN delegate?) finally appears as WW to help Supes & Bats defeat whoever the main villain is & then----a cliffhanger ending as Boom Tubes begin to open all over the planet & in the one that opens in Metropolis(or wherever Bats, Supes & WW are), Darkseid steps out--next up--Justice League

I'm just waiting for James Corden to show up now.

He's gonna be in this film, definitely.

Yes but it worked well in Superman 1 and to a lesser extent 3. It does not really matter if they have superpowers, what matters is they have CHARACTER. Which Zod did not in MOS. I would take human Luthor over character-less Zod any day.

How dare you!


Lex is awful. Superpowers are ESSENTIAL

I honestly cannot believe I did not know until your comment that was him!!!!

What an amazing spot.

This has made my day.

It's amazing how much you know about this film already.

I feel that had they lost part of the title (namely Batman V Superman) and just called it Dawn of Justice, people may not have moaned so much.

The title obviously is going to make people think it is just a Batman and Superman film, when really, it seems to be a lot more.

Either way, I cannot wait for this one. I've been waiting 32 yrs to see Batman and Superman in the same film.

I think the movie should have a WWE like tag team scene with Bats, Wonder Woman and Superman in one corner and Zsazs, Lex, Amanda Wallis & (insert DC villain name here) in the other...then we could get a couple of hours of over the top action .... in fact dump Zack and get Michael Bay to direct it....It would suck ass but make a Billion guaranteed :)

Joker needs to be left out of this film - his reveal should be in the inevitable Benman franchise relaunch after MoS.

I'm not going to judge until l know whether or not it's combining with the Arrowverse

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