Sony orders a Barbie movie

News Simon Brew
24 Apr 2014 - 07:13

We've had The LEGO Movie, we're getting Minecraft. And now? It's time for the Barbie film...

It would be fair to say that the success of The LEGO Movie, and the Toy Story trilogy before that, has had some ramifications in Hollywood. Right now, films are in the works based on Trolls and Minecraft for a start. And now we hear that Sony has picked up the rights to make a movie based on Barbie dolls.

With an eye firmly on a big movie franchise, the studio has already hired Jenny Bicks (Sex And The City, The Big C) to pen a script for the first Barbie film. The plan will be to get the movie into production before the end of 2014. It'd be lovely to think that Barbie, and Ken, are treated in the same witty way as they were in Toy Story 3, but we suspect Sony may play this one straighter.

It's the second tie-up between Sony and toymaker Mattel that's got moving in the last few months. The pair are also teaming up for a new Masters Of The Universe film.

Let's speculate then on which childhood toys will be getting the movie treatment next. Subbuteo: The Movie, anyone?


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